Storer Joins Successful PLM Team for Governor’s Cup

The 54th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup 200 looms this weekend at New Smyrna Speedway. As drivers and teams flock in from across the country to test their mettle before the season closes out, 2019 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Late Model Stock driver Brooke Storer surprised many by staying close to home and joining Race Car Solutions for the Pro Late Model feature.


“I just always noticed that they were really successful wherever they went,” Storer told Speed51. “Whether it was New Smyrna or when they’ve traveled to other Late Model races across the Southeast. I figured that I’ve been wanting to drive a Pro Late Model since I’ve started racing. I just thought they would really fit me and my driving style really well. So pretty much when it came about I just gave them a call to see if we could work something out for Governor’s Cup.”


For Storer it’s not the first time she’s teamed up with Jaime Skinner and the crew, as she entered a 25-lap race earlier this month to make sure it was the right fit.


“We teamed up with them last month, and the heat races went really well, the feature went really well, and they were great people to work with,” Storer continued. They listen to all my feedback and try to help me as a driver as well as making a car that fits all my needs as a driver as well. I think they’re a great team and I really look forward to working with them this weekend.”


Pro Late Model racing seems to be the next natural step in the progression of things for the 21 year old. After proving herself as one of the toughest Sportsman drivers in the Wheel Man Sportsman Series for multiple years and stepping into Rev Racing’s Late Model Stock this year, she hopes to learn a lot with her new team.


“Hopefully next year we can run a lot more with Race Car Solutions,” Storer said. “We’ve been looking into Speedweeks and some other races throughout the year. I plan on running a lot more at New Smyrna come next season.”


As for this weekend, she’s all focus as the field competes in the 50-lap dash on the high banks.


“Those tires and those cars aren’t going to fade away in 50 laps,” Storer said. “I think the faster you get to the front the better shape you’re going to be in because New Smyrna is very hard to pass at. When we were there a few weeks ago the top five cars were so close that it made it really difficult to pass without getting into each other and having to move someone up out of the way. So starting position is going to be huge. Hopefully we can start out front and stay out front so we can cross the line first.”


– Story by: Allick Jorgensen, Speed51 National Correspondent

– Photo Credit: Speed51

Storer Joins Successful PLM Team for Governor’s Cup