Storer Chasing Wheel Man Wins & Points Lead

Brooke Storer has been setting the Wheel Man Racing Series world on fire to kick off the 2020 racing season, adding to her win total and earning respect in the garage area. But with COVID-19 pushing the series schedule into the summer months, it leaves her feeling cautiously optimistic about her team’s chances of chasing down the overall points lead as the series prepares to go racing this weekend at Citrus County Speedway.

“There has been a little bit of everything this year. It was definitely different having two months off for the COVID-19 thing,” Storer said on The Bullring. “Now racing during July and August, during the rainy season down here we’ve been getting a few rainouts, but we’ve all been pushing forward and looking forward to what the rest of the season holds. We’ve had some unfortunate luck in probably the last two Wheel Man races, but I feel like we can just keep winning races. I think my car and my team are definitely capable of that and the points will definitely be able to catch back up to these guys soon.”

With the Wheel Man Racing Series providing great side-by-side racing week in and week out at tracks like Citrus County Speedway and 4-17 Southern Speedway, Storer is excited for what’s to come this weekend, in particular what it could mean for her team.

“Citrus has really good side-by-side racing,” Storer continued. “You can hold the outside at any point. Same with 4-17 Southern Speedway. Every time we go down there, there’s really good hard side-by-side racing. Citrus I’ve just managed to log a lot of laps around and my team gives me a good car everywhere I go, so luckily we’ve been very competitive this year. We should have had a couple more wins, but we’ll just keep pushing forward like I said and the points deal will take care of itself.”

With so much excitement, it gives a driver room for reflection. Storer has followed the Wheel Man Racing Series since its inception in 2016, giving her a unique perspective into what makes the series so special.

“I started running the series back when it first began in 2016 and it’s crazy to see how the series has grown since then,” Storer said. “You have a lot of Super Late Model drivers that have sold their cars here in Central Florida to go get these Wheel Man cars and that makes it a lot of fun. A lot of these people I grew up watching race Supers and Limiteds, especially growing up watching my dad race and now I get to race against them, so I feel like it teaches me a lot. So whenever we travel to other places I’m already a few steps ahead of the game. I think that’s what makes the series so competitive. You have young guns like me and then you’ve got these veterans that have been doing this for longer than I’ve been alive. So, you have to work hard but it’s definitely worth it when you have one of these trophies to take home.”

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-Story by: Allick Jorgensen, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @AllickJorgensen
-Photo credit: Speed51

Storer Chasing Wheel Man Wins & Points Lead