In today’s racing world, becoming a star takes more than just on-track performance. Just like the high component braking systems and components offered by StopTech, it takes the full package. Part of that package involves a driver’s presence, creativity and ability to interact with fans on social media.


With that in mind, has teamed up with StopTech to recognize a “Social Star” each month during the 2019 racing season.


The month of March saw one of the most popular drivers take to Instagram to give his take on the current state of asphalt Super Late Model racing.


For his bold opinion and call to action for change within the sport, Casey Roderick has been named the StopTech Social Star of the Month for March 2019.


Less than a week ago on March 29, Roderick posted a video on Instagram (caseyroderick18) the morning of race day at Five Flags Speedway (FL) ahead of that evening’s Blizzard Series event. The video showing the teams that were in attendance for that night.


Beside the video, Roderick laid out his statement. Since then it has garnered much discussion across the industry. Here it is in full.


caseyroderick18 Race day for Blizzard race #1. You know you have a problem on your hands when the infield looks like this one at the home racetrack of the #SnowballDerby. A lot of issues goin on in short track racing right now and it’s a shame. It’s time to act on this issue. Starts with being ruled to death and the new rules for 2019 suck. It’s clear in this video we have a problem for the first race of 2019 for five flags speedway we have maybe 17 cars. Trying to save racers money in the wrong places. How about one day shows, lower cost on these terrible tires we’re on/ different tires, less practice, and tech needs a lot of work as well.These teams in video have been here since 10am and all we’ve accomplished is tech. Time for some serious cleanup. #Change for the future of our sport in short track racing. It’s no fun as a racer we’re here to put show on for the fans. #NoCarsNoFans


With so much uncertainty in the sport both in recent times and now going forward, Roderick’s message may have ruffled some feathers, but it also serves as a reminder that change can not happen by just sitting around and doing nothing.


For his tough love of Super Late Model racing, Casey Roderick is your StopTech Social Star for March 2019.


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-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

StopTech Social Star of the Month for March 2019