In today’s racing world, becoming a star takes more than just on-track performance.  Just like the high component braking systems and components offered by StopTech, it takes the full package.  Part of that package involves a driver’s presence, creativity and ability to interact with fans on social media.


With that in mind, has teamed up with StopTech to recognize a “Social Star” each month during the 2019 racing season.


During the month of February, the positive and encouraging words from one driver were spread throughout the Twittersphere.


For his ability to always be happy and share his joy with others on social media, Kenny Wallace has been named the StopTech Social Star of the Month for February 2019.


On February 27, Wallace posted a video on his Twitter account (@Kenny_Wallace) encouraging others to take control of their life and be happy.  That video spread like a wildfire through the Twittersphere with 673 retweets, 3,409 likes and 219 replies, all of which were positive.



In the video, Wallace reminded people that “being happy is a lot of work.”  He also stressed to those watching that, “your life won’t change unless you change your life.”


During a time in which social media can be littered with negativity and hostility, Wallace’s video served as a nice reminder that it is okay and it is possible to be happy regardless of outside factors.


For his ability to connect with his fanbase in a positive fashion, “The Herminator” has been named the recipient of the StopTech Social Star of the Month Award for February 2019.


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-Story by: Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

StopTech Social Star of the Month for February 2019