StopTech Social Media Star of the Month for May

In today’s racing world, becoming a star takes more than just on-track performance. Just like the high component braking systems and components offered by StopTech, it takes the full package. Part of that package involves a driver’s presence, creativity and ability to interact with fans on social media.


With that in mind, Speed51 has teamed up with StopTech to recognize a “Social Star” each month during the 2020 racing season.


The country has been in turmoil in recent weeks over the death of George Floyd, with protests springing up nationwide and rioting taking place in major cities across the United States. A father of two, Georgia racer Bubba Pollard tweeted his thoughts on the state of the country.


The tweet garnered much attention from short track fans and drivers alike, offering their opinions on current events.  It was a passionate, yet largely respectful conversation started by Pollard, who is typically reserved on social media.


For his tweet on the current state of affairs on the United States, Bubba Pollard has been named the StopTech Social Star of the Month for May 2020.


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-Story by: Speed51 Staff

-Photo credit: Speed51

StopTech Social Media Star of the Month for May