StopTech Adds Nickel Coating to Calipers for Improved Toughness

Three years ago, StopTech entered the short track racing market hoping to provide racers with high-quality braking components that would help them win races. So far, that goal has been accomplished, and now the company is adding a new feature to their brake calipers in order to improve toughness and serviceability.


Speaking to Speed51 at the recent PRI Show in Indianapolis, StopTech’s Mark Cornwell explained the process of entering the short track market and what the company has accomplished thus far.


“About three years ago, we entered into this market.  We designed parts, it was quite a long journey designing the parts and then internal testing,” Cornwell said.  “Then we did external testing when we were able to get on cars.  At the beginning, it was just proving that the parts were right, and then we really started to focus on getting on cars with drivers and teams that could run up front.  We had successfully been able to do that in year two.  We were able to post up race wins and a couple championships.


“As we entered into year three, we’ve been able to gain more and more quality drivers and teams.  Our brand is becoming known now in the market, and we feel as though we’ve delivered a product and system that is adding to the racer’s tool box.  We’ve been able to show racers that what they had before was good, but it had compromises or they had to compromise their driving.  With the new systems that we’re putting into place, they’re able to use the brakes harder, control the car better, and as a result we’re getting more and more customers that are adding into our program.”


Looking forward to the 2020 season, StopTech hopes to increase their presence in the short track racing market, while also adding a new feature to one of their components.  Cornwell believes the particular feature, nickel-coated calipers, will provide racers with improved toughness and great serviceability.


“Because we’re newer into the market, the whole system is new to a lot of people.  We have our core system that we’ve been working and developing, but this year we have added nickel coating to all the calipers,” he stated.  “We’ve done that for improved toughness in the external part of the calipers, so in dirt racing and asphalt you can clean the caliper and the serviceability is fantastic. And then also complimenting that with all the other parts in the system that help the driver have a firmer brake pedal, better modulation, better reaction time and better chance of capturing checkered flags.”


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-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51 Content Manager – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Speed51

StopTech Adds Nickel Coating to Calipers for Improved Toughness