StopTech Social Media Star of the Month for December

In today’s racing world, becoming a star takes more than just on-track performance. Just like the high component braking systems and components offered by StopTech, it takes the full package. Part of that package involves creativity and ability to interact with fans on social media.


With that in mind, has teamed up with StopTech to recognize a “Social Star” each month during the 2019 racing season.


Being able to connect with race fans in a variety of ways has led to some great social media moments in short track racing for over the past decade. While some simple posts off the cuff can garner a lot of attention, there are times when drivers have given their fans a chance to give something back for some very worthwhile causes, with the effort being spearheaded on social media.


Wisconsin driver Andy Monday spearheaded an effort to raise money for 13-year-old Charlie Knuth, a young racing fan from Darboy, Wisconsin born with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.  Monday auctioned the door off one of his race cars on Facebook while challenging other drivers to do the same.


Over 100 drivers took the challenge, including big names like Bubba Pollard, Travis Braden, Eddie MacDonald, and Rich Bickle, auctioned off body work on their cars with all the proceeds going to Knuth.  As of Monday, nearly $50,000 had been raised with 165 teams taking part.


For using social media to raise funds for a great charitable cause and also getting teams across the country involved, Andy Monday is named StopTech Social Media Star of the Month for December 2019.


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, State Editor (IN/MI) – Twitter: @kgeyer3

StopTech Social Media Star of the Month for December