World of Outlaws Star Stepping Away, Buys Race Track

Tulsa, OK — With the New Year brings new ownership and management to Port City Raceway.  Bixby, Oklahoma native Shane Stewart has acquired the facilities and looks forward to the future of micro racing in Tulsa.


While Stewart has taken ownership, the Ross and Eubanks families will still be heavily involved with the day to day and race day operations to ensure a successful transition for the Stewart Family.


When asked why Port City Raceway, Stewart said “I felt like it was a huge opportunity for a few reasons. One, it was a way for me to give back to racing. Two, it was a way for me to move my family back to Oklahoma and still be a part of the racing scene. Three, Port City is a staple in the micro scene and I feel like I can grow that.”


Stewart has formed a partnership with his former car owner and friend Kevin Rudeen of Spokane, Washington.  Rudeen, a long time supporter of motorsports had this to say about the partnership, “I’m proud to be partners with Shane Stewart.  This is a way I can give back to racing to keep young people in the sport and help the sport grow.”


“Shane is a great fit for the track.  He has the same passion as we do for racing & the racers.” Said Mike Eubanks, he went on to say, “We feel he will take it to the next level.”


With the 2021 schedule being released recently, Stewart had this to say about the upcoming season. “The major thing this year will be learning how things work on a nightly basis. Going from driving to being a promoter is going to be a huge change for me, but one that I am excited to learn. If things work out the way I hope they do I plan on adding a new event here and there to the schedule and see how things go. The track has a strong following now and I hope that Jenn and I can grow that.”


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-Port City Raceway Press Release
-Photo Credit: Mark Funderburk

World of Outlaws Star Stepping Away, Buys Race Track