For the ninth race of the BioBased.US Midwest Supermodified Association 2014 season, multiple time MSA champions Trent Stephens in the ACME Racing #19 sponsored by REAL Wheels and Dave Shullick Jr in the #95 Enders Racing Engines powered machine put on a show during the 30 lapper on Jaycox/Reed Memorial night. Kyle Edwards set fast time with a lap time of 14.449 seconds. The heat winners were Shullick with a last lap pass for the lead over Danny Shirey in the second ACME Racing entry the #49 to take the first heat win, however point leader Stephens responded with a win by a half a straightaway in the second heat over Jon Henes.

The BioBased.US Midwest Supermodified Association thirty lap feature was paced by the veteran Jon Henes in the #36 Perfection Fabricators sponsored racecar and Danny Shirey in the Kasper Auto Group sponsored #49. Shirey would take the point on the start.Trent Stephens in the #19, also sponsored by Kasper Auto Group, and Kyle Edwards in the #11 BioBased.US car took fourth and fifth respectively on the start as well, due to AJ Lesiecki in the Frank May Garage sponsored #77 lagging behind on the start. The caution flag however would fly with 2 laps in the books with veteran Denny Fisher stopped high in turn 4, out for the night. The top five in the restart order would be Shirey, Henes, Jim Paller, Stephens, and Edwards. On the restart, DJ Shullick would pass Kyle Edwards for 5th, and a few laps later, Stephens would pass Paller in the #64 Precision Welding hotrod and Henes in the #36 to take the runnerup spot on track behind teammate Danny Shirey. Shullick and Kyle Edwards would do the same on lap 10, passing both Henes and Paller to take third and fourth positions respectively behind the ACME Racing powerhouse.

Trent Stephens would not idle behind Danny Shirey for long however as he took the lead on lap 14 with a beautifully executed crossover going into turn 3. DJ Shullick would pass Shirey in the “Shoe Groove” as the outermost lane of racetrack is becoming to be known and as such earned him a second place running spot. Shullick would try everything to get around Stephens and nearly did, as during the final five laps, the duo’s blistering pace was impeded by lap traffic. However Stephens would hold out by a nose over Shullick, Kyle Edwards, Shirey, Jon Henes, Jim Paller, AJ Lesiecki, Kevin Feeney in the #63 car, Charlie Schultz in the Frank May Garage sponsored #7, Mike McVetta in the #22 Perfection Fabricators car, and Denny Fisher in the #81 would round out the field.


1)11-Kyle Edwards 14.449, 2)94-DJ Shullick 14.671, 3)19-Trent Stephens 14.835, 4)77-AJ Lesiecki 14.846, 5)7-Charlie Schultz 14.881, 6)22-Mike McVetta 15.029,
7)64-Jim Paller 15.084, 8)49-Danny Shirey 15.181, 9)36-Jon Henes 15.242, 10)63-Kevin Feeney 15.824, 11)81-Denny Fisher 15.965

First Heat

1)94-DJ Shullick, 2)49-Danny Shirey, 3)77-AJ Lesiecki, 4)22-Mike McVetta, 5)63-Kevin Feeney, 6)81-Denny Fisher

Second Heat

1)19-Trent Stephens, 2)36-Jon Henes, 3)64-Jim Paller, 4)11-Kyle Edwards, 5)7-Charlie Schultz


1)19-Trent Stephens, 2)94-DJ Shullick, 3)11-Kyle Edwards, 4)49-Danny Shirey, 5)36-Jon Henes, 6)64-Jim Paller, 7)77-AJ Lesiecki, 8)63-Kevin Feeney, 9)7-Charlie Schultz, 10)22-Mike McVetta, 11)81-Denny Fisher​

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