Stephen Nasse Making Oxford 250 Debut This Weekend

The Oxford 250 is about to get “Classy.”


Stephen Nasse announced on Speed51’s “The Bullring” that he will make his Oxford 250 debut this weekend.  His first trip to the Northeast will be in the region’s biggest race at Oxford Plains Speedway.

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The race has been one that’s been on Nasse’s wish list for several years, thanks in part to seeing drivers from the Northeast coming to his region to compete in the Snowball Derby.  Returning the favor and making the trip to the Northeast played a big role in his decision to make 2021 the year he goes to the Oxford 250 for the first time.


“I really liked to make the trip, a lot of those guys have come down to the Derby and other big races so I’d like to return the favor and go up to their home tracks,” Nasse said.  “It’s very hard, we run a tight schedule over here ourselves but I love a challenge, I love a new place and seeing new people.  All of it’s a lot of fun.”


The trip just to get to Maine for the Oxford 250 was nearly derailed before it ever begun after losing a motor during a test at his hometown Showtime Speedway.  However, he was able to find a motor just in time to start making the 1,500 mile trek north.


“It’s tough on me but we were able to find one last-minute.  We were able to make about 60 laps on it so thankfully we made it that long.  We’ll see what happens, it’s definitely unfortunate given the circumstances.”


Nasse also hopes to quiet critics who say he and other drivers from the South will not be able to compete with the Northeast’s finest in the unique Oxford 250 format.


“It’s not really my style of racetrack but you have a lot of people challenging me saying I won’t go up there and do it.  Hopefully we can go up there and prove them wrong.  I’m definitely not scared of doing anything, just with the motor situation it doesn’t make it easy to go all the way up that way not knowing what’s going to happen.  But the racer in me would not give it up.  I definitely wasn’t going to say. ‘Let’s just go up there next year.’  Instead, we got everything ready and sent the hauler up that way this morning.”


The event has historically been one of the most difficult races to win anywhere in the country, let alone in a driver’s first attempt.   Nasse says that unknown is what his biggest hurdle will be come Sunday afternoon.


“The unknown is always difficult and not knowing about the motor and their tire, then not knowing the racetrack are big things that are weighing in on me.  Hopefully we can overcome the challenge and do well.”


Always known as a driver who will do anything to win, Nasse has kept the challenge in mind as he sets his expectations in mind for his first Oxford 250 appearance.


“I’m really looking forward to this trip.  I’m hoping it brings good things but honestly I’d be lying if I said I’m going up there with the intention of winning the race.  I want to as a racer but I also like to keep myself down here on planet earth and it’s not going to be an easy task going that far away and doing it on my first attempt.”


Speed51.TV will be live from the 48th Annual Oxford 250 all weekend.  Click here to purchase your three-day PPV pass.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo Credit: Speed51/Ryan Nuttleman

Stephen Nasse Making Oxford 250 Debut This Weekend