STEEL-IT Stainless Steel Coatings has been in business since 1974, providing coatings that protect against abrasion, corrosion, and harsh chemicals.  That combination has made it a favorite in several industries, such as architecture and food processing equipment.


STEEL-IT’s footprint is now growing in the motorsports industry.  After growing success in general automotive usage as well as the testing grounds of off-road races such as the Baja 1000, STEEL-IT is now gaining a foothold in dirt track racing on the short tracks of America.


Brian Binkert, CEO of BInk Designs, Inc., describes STEEL-IT Stainless Steel Coatings as an ideal product for short track racing, both for its effectiveness and ease of use.


“STEEL-IT is a 316L Stainless Steel Coating. Unlike powder coat, you’re able to protect your chassis and suspension parts from the corrosive elements involved in dirt track racing,” BInkert told Speed51.  “On top of that, what’s really unique about the product is you’re able to weld directly against the coating after applied so if you have a chassis change or damaged part/crack then simply touch the part back up like nothing ever occurred.


“Short track racing is a prime location for racers and builders that we know would be able to benefit from a product like STEEL-IT,” added BInkert.  “Not just in racing but their own business as well outside of racing.”


STEEL-IT can save teams time and money in the coating process, and teams can trust the product for motorsports usage after years of experience in off-road racing.


“Like desert off-road racing in Baja and the southwest, where STEEL-IT has been heavily tested and proven, STEEL-IT can save you weight, money, and time on prep,” said Binkert.  “Don’t wait on the powder coater any more, you can do it yourself.  If chassis is bare, lose the scotch brite pads! Did I mention you can weld against the product? That saves you even more time to get quickly back out on the track.”


STEEL-IT has already found one high-profile partner in Scott Bloomquist.  Not only is Bloomquist one of the most successful and popular racers in Dirt Late Model racing, he’s also a successful chassis builder with Sweet-Bloomquist Chassis.


“We saw a great fit with Scott Bloomquist,” Binkley said.  “He’s not only the winningest driver in short track racing but also one of the premier chassis builders in the market.  Having Bloomquist on board is the first step on showing what STEEL-IT is capable of in the dirt track market and beyond, and we’re so excited to see the outcome this year on and off the track.”


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-Story by: Zach Evans, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

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STEEL-IT Offers Racers An Alternative to Powder Coating