Stay on Track With Madlock Trailer Locks

If you own a trailer of any kind, chances are the property inside that trailer is incredibly valuable to you, almost irreplaceable.  Maybe it’s a classic car, lawn care equipment, a prized motorcycle or even a race car.   After their own experience with trailer theft, Madco Machine, Inc. gave birth to Madlock to prevent a repeat episode while also helping fellow trailer owners avoid their plight.

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Madco Machine, Inc. is a precision machine shop in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada tackling a wide range of projects and products designed with quality and innovation.  They were also proud owners of a race car, competing on short tracks.  However, the team’s valuable race car hauler was stolen shortly after a racing trip to Las Vegas, Nevada – and just before the COVID-19 pandemic brought any potential racing activity to a standstill.


With motivation from their own run-in with trailer theft and day-to-day operations at Madco Machine, Inc. slowing due to the impacts of the pandemic, the team went to work on a new project.  Their goal was to design a lock that would make trailer owners feel safe and secure, a lock that would surpass the quality of other trailer locks on the market.


Thus, Madlock Trailer Security (patent pending) was born, and is now available for customer to protect their prized belongings.  The lock is both built for the task of protecting your trailer and investment and user-friendly.


Most current “stamped steel” trailer couplers: travel RV, boat, snowmobile, ATV, cargo & industrial applications will benefit from the added security and peace of mind offered only through Madlock.  Madlock is built in house at the Madco Machine manufacturing facility where they guarantee top quality & assure its longevity.


Madlock’s trailer coupler locks are available to fit both 2” and 2-5/16” trailer balls. For more information and to order your Madlock today, visit


Don’t let trailer theft result in the loss of your valued possessions or keep you from hitting the track, the lake, or wherever you want to go.  Take advantage of Madlock Trailer Security today.


-Text by Speed51 Staff

-Photo credit: Jay Munoz of Caption Photography Media

Stay on Track With Madlock Trailer Locks