“Because of a recent announcement, some speculation has come about in regards to Lancaster National Speedway’s Modified dates on the 2016 schedule. After talking to numerous people and much thought, Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway is going forward with our four scheduled dates with the Ferris Mowers Race of Champions Modified Series.


“We have spent the last several months getting ready for this season communicating to our fans, partners and race teams what we’re going to do and the Modified dates at Lancaster are ones that get circled on calendars.


“I am not in agreement with announcing a new series five weeks before we start our season that could possibly divide tracks, teams and fans. The financial and business transaction involving the sale of the Race of Champions should not place other people in a bad position this time of year.


“Personally, I can’t be expected to make any decision having not seen rules, purse or operating procedures to review in regards a new series. What if we moved our dates to them and it failed? Then we would have to go back and attempt to get back those four dates we’ve worked so hard to obtain and promote through the years.


“Lancaster owes it to our people on all sides to stick with what we’ve known for more than 20 years. We look forward to working with the Race of Champions for those four popular events. And, to all our race fans – get ready for our first Modified race on Sunday, April 17.”


-Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway Press Release

-Photo Credit: Joe Grabianowski/STRN

Statement from Lancaster President Tim Packman on Modified Racing in 2016