Start Your Career in Racing With Fab Force Training

For over 30 years, Bobby Newling has worked in the fabrication industry developing tricks of the trade.  Working with teams at NASCAR’s highest levels, the North Carolina native has earned a reputation as one of the top fabricators in Race City USA.


Now, the veteran fabricator is ready to share his knowledge and help students gain important skills that will lead them to a career in motorsports.


This November, Newling will be launching “Fab Force Training,” a hands-on training program located in Mooresville, North Carolina that will teach students both basic and advanced fabrication methods. The program will provide apprentice fabricators with the tools, knowledge and real-life experience to land a career on a NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, NASCAR Truck Series or ARCA team.


Through his close relationship with race teams, Newling has identified the need for quality fabricators in the race shops.  By opening his notebook and letting students get their hands dirty, he believes his program will provide a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a career in the industry.


“It really comes out of the frustration of not being able to find good fabricators,” Newling said.  “As the years have gone on, I’ve realized that times are different now.  When I was a kid, I was in the body shop at five years old painting cars with my dad and doing metal work for him.  I think that there’s a lot less of that now.  There’s not a lot of places for students to learn the trade.  I feel like I need to start giving back because I’m reaching the top of my career.  I want to start stepping back and helping the young generations.”


When Newling says that he will be opening his notebook, he’s not just using a figure of speech.  Beginning roughly 15 years ago, he began writing down notes that included techniques he learned and tricks he could teach his future students.


“Every time I learned something hanging a body or building a chassis I wrote it down because I wanted to teach it in a school,” he explained. “The fabrication industry entails a lot.  It’s not just showing students how to build brackets here or there.  It’s all of these tricks and techniques that have taken me 30 years to learn.”


Fab Force Training will be open to students of all experience levels, from those just entering the industry to students who already have basic knowledge in the industry.  Regardless of their previous experience, Newling’s goal is to provide each student with the tools to begin a successful career.


“It depends on what they know.  I’m preparing for students to come in and see where they’re at,” he stated.  “Some students have a dream but they can’t read a tape measure.  It’s not that bad, but some really can’t. I know how important it is to have a program for every student that has a dream, like I did, There’s going to be fabrication classes starting out at the bottom teaching students how to run the machinery, how to adjust the machines, the ethics of what goes on at a race shop, all the way up to the top with the guys who know how to weld, know how to fabricate and are trying to get a job on the teams.”


At the end of each training course, Newling hopes to provide knowledge and hands-on experience that will allow each student to be satisfied with what they’ve learned.


“I want my fabricators to know what they’re doing well. I want them to be able to know what they’re doing when they go to a team or decide to do their own business. When they graduate, they will be able to go to a team and say I have this experience. That is what the race teams are telling me they want. They don’t have time to train fabricators.”


Throughout his time in the industry, Newling has gained the respect of many racers and teams.  One of those racers who has put his stamp of approval on Newling’s work is five-time Snowball Derby champion Rich Bickle, Jr.


“Most guys are good at one type of fabrication but Bob is unreal at all of it,” Bickle said.  “But the best part is he’s a racer at heart and a great teacher period.”


Newling credits his own mentors such as Bickle, Dave Pletcher Sr., Gary Dehart and Robert Hamke as the driving forces behind Fab Force Training.


“My mentors and life influences helped me launch this program. I believe a student’s best chance at success in learning a trade comes down to the people they meet that become your friends and life mentors.”


Courses offered by Fab Force Training will include NASCAR Cup Series Body Hanging, NASCAR Xfinity Series Body Hanging, NASCAR Truck Body Hanging, NASCAR Cup & Xfinity Series Chassis Building, NASCAR Finish Fabrication, NASCAR Suspension & Component Fabrication, as well as NASCAR Fabrication Tricks, Techniques and More.


Each course will be limited to just eight students in order to maximize the support and education each student receives from Newling.


For more information on courses and tuition, call 704-239-0389 or visit

Start Your Career in Racing With Fab Force Training