SRX Cars Will Be Equipped With PFC Brakes in 2021

The buzz surrounding the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) grows more and more as the season opener at Stafford Motor Speedway on June 12 draws nearer.  The star-studded lineup participating in the short track showcase will be in equally prepared cars, and all of those cars will be equipped with PFC Brakes.


While short track enthusiasts are familiar with PFC Brakes, the brand is involved in countless forms of motorsport, whether it’s on dirt or pavement, road courses or ovals.


Those worlds will collide in SRX, as championship-caliber drivers from NASCAR, IndyCar and the Sports Car world such as Tony Stewart, Bill Elliott, Paul Tracy, Helio Castroneves and Willy T. Ribbs will be taking on six short tracks during June and July.


“It’s cool to look at the driver lineup that SRX has, just seeing how many race wins and championships we’ve been involved with across the different types of motorsports,” said PFC NASCAR and Short Track Sales Manager Chris Dilbeck.  “From IndyCar, CART, NASCAR, all the different walks of motorsports these drivers are coming from to SRX, knowing that PFC has played a role in each and every one of their wins or a majority of their wins and championships.


“It’s not out of the norm for me to take a call from an IndyCar customer in the morning, then talk to a dirt racer, an asphalt Super Late Model racer, a Porsche customer, a BMW customer.  It’s not unusual to take all of those calls over the course of a day.”


While PFC is part of some of the biggest racing events in North America, Dilbeck’s heart is in short track racing.  A Late Model racer in his own right when his busy schedule allows, he is excited to see the spotlight shine on short track racing through SRX.


“I think that’s extra motivation for me in my role at PFC.  It’s bringing short track racing to the national spotlight again.  We always like to promote short track racing and give back to short track racers.  I have a real passion for short tracks across the country and wanting them to succeed and have that spotlight.


“When we saw the opportunity to contribute and be a part of the SRX program and the attention it’s going to bring to short track racing and some of the marquee short tracks across the country, from Knoxville, Iowa to Nashville Fairgrounds, one of my favorite race tracks, it was a perfect fit for us.”


He compares how SRX will bring together the short track world with the national acclaim of NASCAR, IndyCar and more to how the technology perfected in those professional motorsports series is translated to the product PFC provides to grassroots racers around the country.


“PFC is a company that bridges that gap from professional motorsports to grassroots motorsports every day by providing products that are developed and built on the professional motorsports side and translating that to the grassroots side, providing that technology to the customers who can benefit from it at the grassroots level.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Superstar Racing Experience Twitter



SRX Cars Will Be Equipped With PFC Brakes in 2021