PFC Brakes recently kicked off a social media campaign coined “Sponsor Me PFC,” aimed at helping out Short Track Racers across the nation.  Thus far, the response from racers has been gigantic.


The Sponsor Me PFC campaign, designed to help short track racers draw more attention as they try to climb the racing ladder, is just one way that PFC Brakes continues to give back to racers throughout the country.


pfc-anim1“We wanted to do a program for a lot of these racers that are not well known as of yet,” Chris Dilbeck of PFC Brakes told  “We saw a little bit of what other companies have done with sponsorship programs and these contests so we decided what better way than to have the racer submit their information and we can figure out who is up-and-coming and who can really use the assistance and put their names in the hat that way.”


Dilbeck said that he couldn’t be any happier with the response the campaign has received, even though now he’s quite busy.


“From a social media side it’s been everyday nonstop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,” Dilbeck told powered by JEGS.  “I think we’ve had over 1,000 entries into the program already.  It’s been huge so it’s been a lot to keep up with.”


The application deadline for the contest is March 18, which is now just one week out.  Dilbeck said the 10 winners will be announced on April 4.  Each winner will receive $1,500 in product credit, as well as a PFC hat and jacket, and they’ll also be included in any PFC Brakes press releases.


In between the deadline date and the announcement date, the determination process will take place, which is something that Dilbeck will be a part of.


“Between myself and our marketing department and a couple of other people in our motorsports department we’re just going to sit down and basically go through each and every application and base it off of the amount of social media attention they’ve gained and obviously their success on the race track and factor that all together and narrow it down to 10 people,” said Dilbeck.  “It’s going to be a long, tedious process, but I can’t wait to see who our 10 drivers will be.”


Regardless of what 10 drivers get picked for the program, Dilbeck is already happy that they’ll be a part of the PFC family, and that so many want to become a part of the PFC family.


“We’re glad that we have gotten this response and it’s really been great how many people are that interested in PFC products,” Dilbeck said.  “And our performance speaks for itself.  We’ve won every major short track event across the country in the past few years.  It’s great that the racers know that and are that interested in PFC Brakes.”


Racers can sign up for the program by clicking here. Also, be sure to use #SponsorMePFC on your Twitter and Facebook accounts to qualify for your entry.


Questions? Let PFC Brakes know. Contact Randy Keene at 803.415.5393 or shoot him him an e-mail [email protected]


Go ahead-get sponsored NOW by saying “#SponsorMePFC “!


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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‘Sponsor Me PFC’ Campaign Deadline Just One Week Away