Speed51TV Now Available on Your Favorite Devices

Watching live and on-demand short track racing videos on your television will be easier than ever before with the launch of Speed51.TV on four major platforms.  This week, Speed51.TV released all-new apps on four of the most popular viewing platforms – Apple iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire.


Links: Apple iOS | Android | Roku | Amazon Fire TV


The launch of these new apps will allow motorsports enthusiasts to watch live short track racing and more than 5,000 on-demand videos on their favorite devices.


“In recent years, one of the most popular requests we have received was to have our video content available on additional devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire devices,” said Speed51 President Bob Dillner.  “We listened to feedback from our viewers, and we made it a priority to have these apps when we launched the all-new Speed51.TV.”


Speed51.TV’s apps on these devices are very user friendly.  Those who already have a current monthly or yearly subscription will be able to go through a quick activation process on the apps to begin watching live broadcasts and on-demand videos.


Viewers are still encouraged to sign up for premium subscriptions through the Speed51.TV website; however, there will be an option to become a subscriber through the apps.


Pay-per-view broadcasts for major events throughout North America will also be available for viewing on all platforms.  Viewers will need to purchase their pay-per-view package on a web browser, but once they purchase their video ticket they will be able to watch on their favorite devices.


While the launch of Speed51.TV on Apple iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire is exciting, it’s not the last step that will be taken by Speed51 to improve the viewing experience.  Additional ways to watch short track racing content will be announced in the coming weeks and months.


For more information on Speed51.TV and to become a premium subscriber today, visit www.speed51.tv.

Speed51TV Now Available on Your Favorite Devices