2018 was a great year for many drivers and football teams.  It was also a great year for Speed51’s resident historian and Southeast Corespondent, Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor, who lived up to his nickname.  “Stat Boy” had the privilege of winning the Speed51 staff picks competition, with the best average finish for the 41 short track races picked this season, and the Speed51 Fantasy Football league.


Traylor picked 10 winners during the short track racing season; he also had 20 finishes in the top five and 26 finishes in the top 10.  It was enough to hold the lead over the field heading to the Snowball Derby, where he picked Chandler Smith who finished seventh and Bubba Pollard who ended up second in the Snowflake 100.


“Being consistent was the name of the game,” said Traylor.  “I didn’t start point racing until the end when I saw there was a chance to win the title.  I know some guys had more wins and some had more top 10’s, but it was the average finish that clinched it for me.”


Just a few weeks later, the internal 51 staff football playoffs began and Traylor’s team “No Really, Bob Seger” was the five seed and pulled off several upsets to win the 51 Pigskin League Super Bowl.


“All the planets lined up just right for my team,” Traylor said.  “I had Blake Bortles and Matt Stafford as my QB’s.  My position players stepped up at key points and Alvin Kamara was my team MVP who sealed the deal for me in each of the last two weeks with touchdowns that gave we the lead.”


This was the second time that a Traylor Fantasy Football team had made it to the Super Bowl.  He lost to Matt “Duke” Kentfield back in 2011.


Traylor will enter 2019 looking for tougher competition from his 51 peers, who will likely kick his tail as he looks to defend his titles.


-Text by: Speed51.com Staff

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Speed51’s Stat Boy Lives Up to His Moniker in 2018