Speed51.TV Launches With Haney Lifestyle & HMS Motorsport

CONCORD, NC (October 28, 2020) — A new online home for racing fans has arrived with the official launch of Speed51.TV presented by Haney Lifestyle and HMS Motorsport.  Created with the racing fan in mind, the all-new Speed51.TV provides motorsports enthusiasts with an outlet to watch short track racing more conveniently than ever before.


Haney Lifestyle, your online home for wellness, has joined forces with “Your Racing Home” Speed51.TV to help launch the all-new viewing platform.


HMS Motorsport, your one-stop shop for racing and safety auto equipment, will continue their long-standing support of grassroots racing during the launch of Speed51.TV.


Based out of Wilson, Wyoming, Haney Lifestyle is committed to helping you “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.” With a passion for motorsports, company founder Crystal Spring Haney looks forward to leading race fans and competitors to an improved lifestyle.


“Our whole family loves and is involved in the motorsports industry,” Haney said.  “This was a great opportunity for me to reach out to people who are fairly likeminded to my husband, myself, our family and some of our coaches.  This gives us the opportunity to say, ‘Hey, we’re here for you guys, too.’  We’re not just here for the soccer moms and the dads who are sitting behind computer screens and want to get in shape for hunting season.  We’re here to help people who are trying to get in shape, stay in shape and racing/motorsports is a competitive industry because it takes a lot to do that.


“A lot of people think wellness and think a bunch of people on yoga mats. Here, we’re talking about getting your stuff together so that you can have the lifestyle you want.”


As the industry leader in safety equipment, HMS Motorsport has supported safety at the grassroots racing level for many years.  With a wide selection of helmets, harnesses, head restraints, containment seats and more, HMS Motorsport provides racers with the products to stay safe while entertaining fans both at the track and those watching on Speed51.TV.


For the last 20 years, the core focus of HMS has been motorsport safety. Since 2002 HMS have worked extensively with NASCAR and SFI on the testing and development of new harnessbelt specifications for SFI 16.1, 16.5, and 16.6. Currently over 90% of all harnessbelts used in NASCAR Cup and IndyCar are supplied by our Mooresville location. Affiliated with the industry’s leading companies, HMS is the exclusive distributor for Schroth Racing Belts and Frontal Head Restraints, Schuberth Helmets, Walero Base Layers, Fiberworks Seats, Cobra Seats, and RaceSense Tire Monitoring Systems.


“Our partnership with Speed51 and support of local circle tracks helps us to educate and inspire track owners, sanctioning organizations, and racers to improve driver safety,” said Joe Marko, Owner & President of HMS Motorsport.  “Stepping up driver safety is neither difficult or costly – it just takes understanding of the basics and how to use the products correctly. Our goal is to see every racer have a great time racing and be able to return to work the next day feeling great!”


During the launch of the all-new Speed51.TV, subscribers will receive major discounts on many of Haney Lifestyle’s most popular wellness programs including Peak Functional Fitness (physical) and Just 21 Days (mental and emotional).


Speed51 fans can enjoy discounts on Haney Lifestyle programs and products by visiting www.haneylifestyle.com/speed51 and using promo code “Speed51” at checkout.


To bring your safety systems into the 21st century without draining your bank account, visit www.hmsmotorsport.com.


And don’t forget to check out Speed51.TV presented by Haney Lifestyle and HMS Motorsport to enjoy an all-new viewing experience. Speed51.TV is now available on popular apps such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android devices.


About Haney Lifestyle

Haney Lifestyle is an online personal training and wellness branch of Spring Haney, Inc. founded in 2011 by Crystal Spring and Mark Haney. The goal of Haney Lifestyle is to provide access to core wellness products and services to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Haney Lifestyle has dedicated it’s work to helping a small number of clients achieve their whole-person wellness and has chosen to scale to bring their proven products to millions.


If you would like more information, visit www.haneylifestyle.com, contact [email protected], or call (307) 413-7255.


About HMS Motorsports

HMS Motorsport started life 25 years ago as a New England regional center for performance tuning parts for Mustangs and BMWs and has since grown to become the industry’s leading safety equipment supplier to professional, amateur, and beginning drivers. HMS sells only the finest equipment that will fit the end user’s needs, and pride themselves on firsthand experience with the products they sell.


Visit their locations in Mooresville, North Carolina or Danvers, Massachusetts to get the perfect fit for your safety equipment today. You can also find more information by visiting www.hmsmotorsport.com.


About Speed51.TV

Since 2001, Speed51 has been the home for behind-the-scenes stories and short track news throughout North America.  With nearly 20 years of experience, Speed51 continues to raise the bar in race coverage with live broadcasts, on-demand racing videos and news reporting from short tracks across the nation.


Speed51.TV, the live and on-demand broadcasting arm of Speed51, has also offered live multi-camera broadcasts of major events such as the Snowball Derby, Winchester 400, All American 400 and Oxford 250. Visit www.speed51.tv today for the latest live event, on-demand videos and more.

Speed51.TV Launches With Haney Lifestyle & HMS Motorsport