Speed51 to Offer Unique Lap Tracker Service to Racers

With the assistance of Frankie Kimmel, Speed51 will offer a unique video service for Late Model teams at major events across the country to assist them in taking their racing program to the next level.


Kimmel and Speed51 are partnering to create 51 Lap Tracker, which will provide Dartfish video analysis for teams competing at major Late Model events.  The video overlay software allows teams to compare a driver’s lap with another competitor’s in order to see differences in line or approach around a race track.


It’s a service Kimmel has provided for several years at events such as the Snowball Derby, the All American 400 and the Winchester 400, but will now be able to offer with more frequency and consistency at major Late Model events with the assistance of Speed51.


“Bob [Dillner] and I decided to work together for this year and hopefully beyond to provide Dartfish for bigger short track races across the country,” Kimmel said.  “Obviously, for the past three or four years, we’ve been places like the Derby, Nashville and Winchester, but this should open opportunities for us to go to Berlin, Canada, some of the bigger races I’ve never been able to do.”


With this partnership, Kimmel will be able to provide a more thorough product to Late Model teams, while also decreasing turnaround time on the analysis.


“I’ve put a lot of thought in how to improve the product and speed of delivery,” Kimmel explained.  “I hope to improve speed of delivery and consistency.  Hopefully, people will be able to put Dartfish into their program, not just for a couple of races.”


The Dartfish video technology is incredibly helpful for teams, providing a visual representation of where speed can be gained on the racetrack.


“I always explain that I’ve been a racer.  I’ve come off the race track, talking about what you need to do better.  You hold your breath for two laps during a qualifying run.  You try to nitpick the car.


“This is just visual proof. It will either reassure what you’re feeling in the car or help you better understand your feeling and how it relates to the race track.”


Racers interested in using 51 Lap Tracker should contact Frankie Kimmel by emailing [email protected] or calling (502) 693-2017.


-Text by Speed51 Staff

Speed51 to Offer Unique Lap Tracker Service to Racers