With Christmas drawing ever so closer, the race is on to find the ideal gift for friends and family. If you’re looking for a gift to give to the short track racing fan in your life, you shouldn’t have to look any further than the Speed51 Network for that perfect gift.


A yearly membership to the Speed51 Network provides racing fans with the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.


tv-51-network-300x250-red-carsS 51 TV Network redWith a 51 Network subscription, race fans have access to race highlights, exclusive interviews, in-car cameras and more from short track racing events throughout North America. By subscribing to the Network, race fans will also have full access to an on-demand library containing hundreds of videos that that have been posted since the launch of the network.


All you need to do in order to gift a 51 Network subscription is sign up for a membership with a unique username and password.  Write that username and password down on a piece of paper, put it in a gift bag (or wrap it up with a bow on top) and put it underneath the Christmas tree.


Yearly memberships are available for $59.99, which works out to be less than $5 per month and equivalent to the cost of a value meal at your local fast food restaurant.


In addition to the many videos on the Speed51 Network, yearly subscribers also receive 10% off on the purchase of future pay-per-view broadcasts, including a few events that we will be announcing in the coming weeks.


So don’t leave your home hoping to find that perfect gift, just click here to order a Speed51 Network subscription today.


-Text by 51 Staff

Speed51 Network Subscription a Great Last-Minute Christmas Gift