On June 25, 2015 Speed51.com began a bold new venture to provide race fans with more access to the world of Short Track Racing than ever before with the launch of the Speed51 Network. On Sunday, the increasingly popular network blew out a candle and celebrated its first birthday.


S 51 TV Network redWhen the Speed51 Network was born the aim was simple: provide a place where fans could get access to hundreds of racing videos from across the land. Asphalt to dirt, Late Models to Modifieds, premier touring divisions to weekly track divisions and everything in between. That goal has been accomplished with an on-demand library that now contains hundreds of videos that can be accessed at any time.


Those videos include footage obtained by the Speed51.com and many loyal contributors throughout the country, as well as original programing on many short track topics. Popular features like the Short Track Presidential Debate, At the Shop and 51 War Room have kept subscribers to the Network entertained beyond the on-track action.


As the Speed51 Network enters its second year, be sure to be on the lookout for even more exciting racing highlights and programing as Speed51.com continues to extend its eyes to even more tracks and facilities across the United States and Canada.


If you are looking to renew your subscription or get in on the action for the first time, Speed51 Network subscriptions are available for $7.99 monthly or $59.99 yearly.   Annual network subscribers also receive a 10% discount off the purchase of any future pay-per-view broadcasts.


To renew your subscription or to sign up today, click here.

Speed51 Network Blows Out Candle, Turns One Year Old