Speed51 Here to Help Promoters During COVID-19 Pandemic

As our nation, individual states and local communities begin making plans to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, Speed51 wants to make it known that we are here to help short track racing promoters during this time.


As an industry leader in live video streaming, Speed51 wants to work with promoters as regulations change state by state.  While most states are not allowing and/or encouraging spectator events at this time, pay-per-view broadcasts or other means can provide race tracks with an opportunity to potentially open their gates for racers.


“We are all in this together and we understand that this is a very difficult time for many short track racing promoters throughout America,” said Speed51 President Bob Dillner.  “We want to work with race tracks and provide them with options that may allow track operators to open their gates while remaining safe and operating under state regulations.  We know we can help and it’s going to take all of us to bond together to help put everything back together.”


Speed51’s pay-per-view broadcasts operate under a profit-sharing system in which track promoters receive a percentage of the profit from each broadcast.


Promoters interested in discussing options for a pay-per-view broadcast are encouraged to reach out to event coordinator Tiffany Swisher at [email protected].


Stay tuned to Speed51 for news on upcoming race broadcasts, live sim races, on-demand videos and more.


-Speed51 Staff

-Photo credit: Speed51

Speed51 Here to Help Promoters During COVID-19 Pandemic