Followers on the Speed51 Five Star Race Car Bodies Facebook Feed soared to over 40,000 this week. As continues to be the go-to place for short track racing news, information, videos and live coverage, 51’s Five Star Race Car Bodies Facebook Feed bring up-to-the-minute news and behind-the-scenes updates to fans via the large social media network in a fast and cross-device platform.

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“To get over 40,000 fans of our Five Star Facebook Feed is definitely an accomplishment for us here at 51,” said Speed51 Executive Director Matt Kentfield. “To reach that number of people is pretty awesome and it helps us know the information we put out on is valuable to fans across the globe. Fans are always looking for new ways to connect with us and with each other, and we’re proud to have a great partner in Five Star Race Car Bodies to give them that kind of place.

51’s Five Star Facebook Feed not only brings new stories and information to fans as quickly as it is updated on, but is also gives fans a chance to get involved in the conversation. Fans can engage with each other or the staff of Speed51 through commenting on posts or divulging their opinion on Facebook. The Five Star Facebook also serves as a way for fans to vote for 51’s monthly Short Track Power rankings and make their voice heard.

“We are continually looking for ways to get fans involved in what we do,” said Speed51 Director of Business Jana Wimmer. “Anytime we can hear and engage directly with the fans is a huge plus and we know fans love to boast about their favorite drivers and connect through social media. To reach over 40,000 likes also means a lot to our partners and advertisers, as they are able to expand their reach through the Speed51 Five Star Facebook page as well as”

-Jana Wimmer, Speed51 Director of Business, Twitter: @JWimm22

Speed51 Five Star Facebook Page Reaches 40k Likes