Some of our most ardent followers may have noticed a new daily newsletter appearing in their email inboxes from We are now proud to officially announce the debut of the “51 Daily Flyer” presented by AP Brakes.


“We see the importance of being on,” said Brian Hoppe, outside sales manager at AP Brakes. “It’s a great place for AP Brakes to be, and we feel that the 51 Daily Flyer newsletter is the perfect avenue to get our name in front of the racers and fans.”

300x250 51 Daily Flyer

The 51 Daily Flyer presented by AP Brakes will feature the latest news from the day, top videos, and the “Fast Laps,” which are quick links to stories and releases from the day.


“The 51 Daily Flyer is something that we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time,” said Brandon Paul, Editor of “With support from the folks at AP Brakes, we’re now able to deliver the latest short track racing news to the inboxes of race fans all over the world.”


The 51 Daily Flyer will appear in your inbox by the end of the work day to give you a quick look at all of the day’s short track racing news just as you’re getting home from the office.


The 51 Daily Flyer is free for all subscribers of To subscribe to, click here.


-51 Sports Press Release.

Speed51 Debuts “51 Daily Flyer” Newsletter Presented by AP Brakes