Picking the winners of big short track races throughout the country is a tradition that our staff at Speed51.com has enjoyed for many years. With the biggest Outlaw Kart event in the country being held at Millbridge Speedway Wednesday night, we decided to challenge our staff once again.


This week we asked members of our Speed51.com team, “Who are you picking to win the QRC Speed51 Open?”


The answers we received varied, but when all the votes were tallied it was Kyle Larson (seven votes) who was named the favorite to win the big race.  Overall, nine different drivers received votes from our panel of 20 experts.


Check out our full list of staff picks for the Speed51 Open at Millbridge Speedway below.


Aaron Creed, Speed51.com National Correspondent 

Pick: Kyle Larson

Admittedly, Outlaw Karts are a realm that I need to research and learn more about. With that, I’ll go with the perhaps obvious choice of Kyle Larson. He has continuously proven that he can get the job done no matter what discipline of racing is competing in.


Adam Mackey, Speed51.com Announcer

Pick: Kyle Larson

I will take Kyle Larson for the Speed51 Open. There are definitely some great names on the list but Larson is fast in anything he drives. He has to be the favorite.


Allick Jorgensen, Speed51.com Florida State Editor

Pick: Karsyn Elledge

She’s hot off her first premiere win at Millbridge on April 18 in the Open division and was near the top of the charts during Tuesday’s qualifying. Look for Elledge to take the No. 3 to the winner’s circle in the Speed51 Open.


Bob Dillner, Speed51.com Executive Editor

Pick: Logan Seavey

He’s kickin’ butt and taken names in USAC this year and he wants this one bad. I think that desire will put him in victory lane. This kid is gonna go places.


Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor

Pick: Tyler Seavey

As the Editor, I get to watch everyone else make their picks before I make mine.  As the picks came in, I noticed that nobody picked the driver who recorded the overall fast time in Tuesday’s qualifying.  So since nobody else picked him, I’m going to pick Tyler Seavey.  He has proven he can get it done in an Outlaw Kart all over the country, and a win in the Speed51 Open would be one of the biggest of his career.


Casey LaJoie, Speed51.com Pit Reporter

Pick: Kyle Larson

There’s really no need for an explanation anytime you pick Larson. Nevertheless, he’s got one win under his belt this year at Millbridge, and not to mention he won this race back in 2016. Larson will park it between the “Twirly Ferns” in Millbridge victory lane.


Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com Northeast Editor

Pick: Holly Shelton

There’s a reason that Keith Kunz brought Shelton onto the team, she can drive the wheels off a race car. It’s all due to her great performances on the West Coast in the Outlaw Karts. From what we saw Tuesday, she’s going to be a major threat Wednesday.


Dakota Geyer, Speed51.com State Editor (IN & MI)

Pick: Kyle Larson

Normally I don’t like going with the odds on favorite, but I’m making an exception this time around. Kyle Larson is one of the baddest wheelmen on the planet, and he’ll become the first two-time Speed51 Open winner.


Daryl Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

Pick: Nick Hoffman

I will take the favorite here and go with one of my #51Draft guys, last year’s winner Nick Hoffman.


Duane Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

Pick: Nick Hoffman

I’ve gotta go with Nick Hoffman. He’s a threat every time he straps in and he’s the defending winner.


Elgin Traylor, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

Pick: Kyle Larson

It’s a skill level thing. Larson is perhaps the most talented driver in the NASCAR Cup Series with a team that is not a powerhouse. Larson shines at Millbridge and then goes to win the 600 at the big track.


Evan Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

Pick: Carson Kvapil

Kvapil had a great season last year at Millbridge. I expect him to beat the best in the Speed51 Open.


Jeremy Anders, Speed51.com West Coast Editor

Pick: Nick Hoffman

I’m going with Nick Hoffman for the win. He’s been good at Millbridge and has momentum on his side. Hoffman will be $,5151 richer at the end of the day.


Patrick Hahe, Speed51.com Great Lakes Editor

Pick: Kyle Larson

Okay, I know it’s the obvious pick, but he has won the Speed51 Open before and had a strong qualifying performance. The only way I see this pick going awry is if he gets an opportunity to take the Back Row Bonus for the chance at $25,000 and has an issue coming back through the field.


Madison Mabry, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

Pick: Logan Seavey

Seavey is on the uphill climb of being one of the best Dirt Midget drivers in the nation. He also cut his teeth and made a name for himself in Outlaw Karts, so he knows the ropes to be able to park it in victory lane at Millbridge Speedway.


Mark Keeler, Speed51.com Operations Manager

Pick: Holly Shelton

I’m picking Holly Shelton. She was second quick in her qualifying group, less than a half-tenth behind Kyle Larson, and topped the other big names in her group including Logan Seavey, Tom Hubert and perennial favorite Nick Hoffman.


Melissa Strahley, Speed51.com Gulf Coast Editor

Pick: Kyle Larson

This NASCAR driver is an easy pick in the sphere of asphalt racing, but Kyle Larson has proven he’s still in touch with his dirt roots and isn’t afraid to play in the clay at Millbridge Speedway.


Rob Blount, Speed51.com Associate Editor

Pick: Nick Hoffman

There’s nobody better at Millbridge than Nick Hoffman. He’ll make it two in a row.


Ryan McCollough, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

Pick: Tom Hubert

Hubert has been a mainstay at the top of the heap at Millbridge for years. While the kids come and go year after year, Hubert is always the measuring stick. I think “High Side” will ride the cushion all the way to victory lane in the Speed51 Open.


Tom Ryan, Speed51.com Digital Manager

Pick: Colby Copeland

After a very good weekend for me at Bristol, picking two of the three Late Model winners correctly, I will be taking the No. 2C of Colby Copeland. “Double C” in the 2C will stun the Outlaw Kart world and get me the win in an upset fashion over favorites Tyler Seavy, Nick Hoffman, and Cup driver “Yung Money” Kyle Larson.


-Text by Speed51.com Staff

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Speed51.com Staff Picks for Speed51 Open at Millbridge