Picking the winners of big short track races throughout the country is a tradition that our staff at Speed51.com has enjoyed for many years. With one of the biggest Pro Late Model races in the country being held at Birch Run Speedway (MI) Friday night, we decided to challenge our staff once again.


This week we asked members of our Speed51.com team, “Who are you picking to win the Masters of the Pros 200?”


The answers we received varied, but when all the votes were tallied it was Bubba Pollard (10 votes) who was named the favorite to win the big race.  Overall, six different drivers received votes from our panel of 16 experts.


Check out our full list of staff picks for the Masters of the Pros at Birch Run Speedway below.


Aaron Creed, Speed51.com National Correspondent 

Pick: Bubba Pollard

He has never competed at Birch Run before, but the Georgia driver always comes loaded for bear in the Pro Late Model. There’s a good chance he may be flying to Anderson Motor Speedway in South Carolina the next day wearing a green jacket.


Adam Mackey, Speed51.com Announcer

Pick: Johnny VanDoorn

Johnny VanDoorn will claim his first green jacket in this year’s Masters Of The Pros. VanDoorn has turned a lot of laps at the track formerly known as “The Dixie” and a good number of them have been successfully turned.


Allick Jorgensen, Speed51.com Florida State Editor

Pick: Jack Dossey III

I talked with Dossey and his team at Bristol, and their lack of performance really frustrated them. They went back to the drawing board and utilized Bristol’s Super Late Model race to test and prepare the car for this weekend. I think that extra track time and preparation will pay off here.


Bob Dillner, Speed51.com Executive Editor

Pick: Carson Hocevar

It was hard for me not to pick Brian Campbell for this one, but I believe this is the win that could cement Hocevar’s position as a future superstar. He won three times on CRA’s Pro Late Model circuit last year so he definitely has a knack for that style of racing.


Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor

Pick: Brian Campbell

With names like Pollard and Choquette entered, the local driver from Battle Creek, Michigan may fly in under the radar. That’s when Brian Campbell performs best. He’s a two-time winner at Birch Run Speedway, including the most recent JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour winner at the track earlier this year. Not to mention, he also has a darn good record in CRA Pro Late Model competition. He’s entered eight races with the touring series and has won six of those starts.


Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com Northeast Editor

Pick: Bubba Pollard

He might not run the Pro Late Model on a regular basis, and he has yet to see Birch Run Speedway, but I just don’t think there is anything that can stop Pollard and this particular race car.


Dakota Geyer, Speed51.com State Editor (IN & MI)

Pick: Bubba Pollard

It’ll be Pollard’s first time competing at the Birch Run Speedway, but he has not lost a race since building his Pro Late Model. Expect him to start off a busy weekend with a win Friday night.


Daryl Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

Pick: Jeff Choquette

This guy is a threat to win every time he hits the track. I’m still impressed with the performance he gave at the 2017 Snowball Derby, therefore I will take Choquette to win this Friday night.


Elgin Traylor, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

Pick: Bubba Pollard

Birch Run is a Bubba Pollard kind of track, and his Pro Late Model program has been pretty strong since last Fall. Pollard has won all the big Pro Late Models races including the Snowflake 100, the Baby Rattler and SpeedFest. It’s time for another Georgia driver to dawn the green jacket.


Evan Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

Pick: Bubba Pollard

Bubba has been on a roll so far this season and winning the Masters of the Pros would only help to continue that momentum. He should be a threat to win, like he is in almost every race he enters.


Patrick Hahe, Speed51.com Great Lakes Editor

Pick: Brian Campbell

Campbell qualified poorly earlier this season in the Masters of the Pros warm-up, but went on to dominate the field. That was not a clean race, and he was able to “survive and advance” through the field en route to the win. I expect the practice made perfect, and for Campbell to don the green jacket.


Madison Mabry, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

Pick: Bubba Pollard

With a busy weekend on tap, Pollard is going to kick it off with a dub. Every time he’s strapped into his current Pro Late Model, he’s parked it in victory lane at the end of the night. Pollard will continue his streak and pick up the win at Birch Run.


Mark Keeler, Speed51.com Operations Manager

Pick: Bubba Pollard

Combining the 2017 Florida Governor’s Cup PLM portion and last year’s Snowflake 100, along with the Speedfest PLM win to start 2018, Pollard is the definition of dominance in his Pro Late Model. It’s hard to pick anyone to beat him in that car since, up until now, nobody has. I’m sure he has plenty of space in his closet for that green “Masters” jacket.


Rob Blount, Speed51.com Associate Editor

Pick: Bubba Pollard

Even though Pollard has never raced at Birch Run Speedway, Pollard is just too dominant in Pro Late Models. The car he’s racing? It’s undefeated. And it’s won some big races like the Snowflake 100, CRA SpeedFest and more. Pollard will get it done on Friday.


Ryan McCollough, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

Pick: Bubba Pollard

I’ll jump on the Bubba Pollard bandwagon for this one. That PLM machine of Bubba’s is just head-and-shoulders above the rest right now. There is a long-standing narrative that Pollard won’t race in the Midwest because he can’t win up there. After this weekend, the story will change because the leader of the Peach State Posse is taking the trophy back to the Deep South.


Tom Ryan, Speed51.com Digital Manager

Pick: Bubba Pollard

Pollard will play the role of bus driver and take all of the kids to school at Birch Run.


-Text by Speed51.com Staff

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Speed51.com Staff Picks for Masters of the Pros 200