With just four days remaining until Christmas Day, the Speed51.com staff has put together a list of what they would like to see under their Christmas tree.


Bob Dillner, Executive Editor – I want more positivity for short track racing.  I wish everyone was able to understand what negativity means to the sport that we all love so much.  The negativity towards the people that make it happen, the promoters and track/series operators is out of hand.  Sometimes people need to step into other’s shoes before putting the thought into a story or social media post.


And speaking of social media, it can be a positive or negative in short track racing, depending on how people handle themselves.  The same can be said for how subjects are reported on.  Report that facts and don’t inflict opinions; that’s not journalism.  As my Mom always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.


Brandon Paul, Editor – In a perfect world, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would be sitting jobless under my Christmas tree on Sunday morning. The transcript of that conversation would read like a Stephen Nasse post-Winchester 400 crash interview.


But really, Roger Goodell isn’t worth anyone’s time on Christmas. This time of the year is all about spending time with family and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. I just want to be able to enjoy that time before getting ready for what should be another exciting short track racing season in 2017.


Connor Sullivan, Regional Editor (CT, MA, Long Island) – For racing, I wish for the gift of cooperation or in a lot of cases, continued cooperation between the owners/promoters of both race tracks and touring series. It’s a tough world nowadays for race teams for many reasons, but open dialogue on common rules and of course non-conflicting scheduling can go a long way to helping teams ease costs as well as taking the stress of both teams and race fans to choosing between two different events.


300x250-51-network-2017Me personally, I wish for the time in between working and covering racing with all my friends and colleagues at Speed51.com, to be able to spend time and in some cases, reconnect with many more friends I’ve met over the years. Definitely wishing for great health for myself and everyone else (especially this time of year). I also wish for that same good health for the New York Football Giants so they may bring the gift of a fifth Super Bowl and of course my UConn Huskies across all sports. After all, just one championship in a season isn’t enough!


Mark Keeler, Operations Manager – More Red Bull and the wings that come with it. Another ring for Tom Brady would be good way to start off 2017. NFL MVP honors would be a nice touch also. I am definitely looking forward to the 2017 short track racing season and some of the exciting new events that have been added to the schedule. Being fortunate enough to travel to and witness some of the most prestigious racing events in the country throughout the year from coast to coast leaves me pretty content this time of year and full of excitement and anticipation for the season to come.


Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – I want a new head coach and general manager for the New York Islanders, my favorite hockey team. Why? Because we suck again. That’s why.  But if I’m being serious, I just want my all of my family and friends to be happy and healthy and to enjoy life.  Some days it may seem like it can’t get any worse, but any day we get to be alive in America is a great day. However, it’ll be an even better day when my hockey team has a new head coach and general manager. Just saying.


Tom Ryan, Digital Manager – I would like a new dependable MacBook Pro, because I bought a lemon and returned it. (Editor’s Note: Hey Santa, all of the awesome videos you watch on Speed51.com don’t get edited magically. Hook this guy up, please.)


Aaron Creed, Regional Editor (Central NY & PA) – I would wish for everyone not to be so quick to judge new or reinvented ideas that track and series promoters and management are attempting in order to improve their product’s success in this ever-changing world.  Sometimes things don’t initially go entirely to plan or unpredictable factors are introduced, and lessons are learned.  Although a business for some, this is a hobby for most, in which we are not necessarily entitled to a set result.  Remember, we are all in this together, and without every single person’s support and investment into the passion that is short track racing, the risk for a part of what we enjoy as a whole to go away for good increases.


On the home front, the years have passed where I wish for anything material.  I simply wish for continued health and a positive quality of life for my closest family, friends, and colleagues.  Personally, the opportunity to be fortunate enough to take in the experiences across the country at racing facilities and other sights, making memories and meeting lifelong companions along the way, is a goal I wish to work toward continuing.


Allick Jorgensen, Southeast Correspondent – I’d settle for a GoPro drone, a new lens for my camera, a mouse for my laptop, and Dragon Diction (Google it) for all those late nights recapping the races in an empty Press Box after a race.


Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent – I want high car counts for all tracks. I want short track heroes to stick with racing like Bubba Pollard, Derek Thorn and Ty Majeski.  We need a fan base and these guys are the foundation.  I want the art of promotion to return.  Gone are the days of finding crafty ways to get butts in the seats.  Track owners and operators simply open the doors and sell tires which is safe, but not rewarding at the end of the day.  It’s product and they need to help it grow like a plant with water and sunlight just like promotion and advertising.


Jeremy Anders, West Coast Correspondent – I would love to see the Truck series return back to some of the smaller tracks they raced at in the 90’s and 2000’s.


Kevin Peters, West Coast Correspondent – I wish that each and every one of our readers and sponsors would have a Merry and Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  And I guess if I really had to choose something more personal, I’d have to say either a trip to the Snowball Derby, or to the August NASCAR weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.  For a West Coast guy, those would be dream trips for me.


Patrick Hahe – Regional Editor (MI, OH, IN) – I’d love for every race fan to bring one fan to one show his year, and ask that friend to bring one friend to a show later that year.  Pay for their ticket, and ask for them to pay for their friend’s ticket.  The racing bug bites people that attend races.  Ask the Speed 51 crew…the best shots are the ones you see for yourself.


Ryan McCollough, Deep South Correspondent – For all of racing, I want the gift of pavement racing in Georgia. Crisp Motorsports Park does a great job with SpeedFest, but it is a crying shame the World Crown, Lanier and Gresham are no more. The Peach State is home to some of racing’s best, and needs more pavement short tracks in operation.


For me personally, I want a want an official Red Ryder carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle! (I promise not to shoot my eye out.)


Tim Quievryn, 51’s Third Turn – I want someone to find the rundown to the 1968 Snowball Derby. If not available, I will accept a combination of the 1969 Snowball Derby rundown and the Holy Grail.


-Text by Speed51.com staff

Speed51.com Staff Creates Their Christmas Wish List