What do you want under the Christmas tree?  That is the question we asked our great group of Speed51.com staff members this week. The responses certainly varied, but one thing we all could agree on is that we wish everyone in the short track racing community a safe and happy holiday season.


Aaron Creed, Regional Editor (Central NY & PA)

I think 2017 was one of the more positive seasons in recent years when it comes to tracks and sanctioning bodies cooperating with each other as well as inventive ideas in this modernized day and age.  As a result, my wish for 2018 is for ongoing progress in those directions so that after another season flies by (because it will) we can all look back and see what advances short track racing has made.


For me, I simply wish for continued opportunities to travel and see this great country (and maybe across the border), whether it’s at a race track or some other scenic landmark, and perhaps gain more friendships in the most unconventional ways.


Bob Dillner, Executive Editor

My Grandfather always asked for peace and happiness at Christmas. I never understood it, until recently. In this day and age of worldly problems, peace and happiness would be the best gift anyone could imagine. And if racing is a bit of peace and happiness for some, to get them away from the strains of life for a while, I wish that the sport we love so much can bring them that and plenty of joy.


We are all part of a racing family. We all have unity in some strange way. I hope that racing can also harmonize its effort instead of having all of the infighting it does. This would help further short track racing from all walks of its existence instead of squashing it.


Brandon Paul, Editor

I may be asking for a lot here, but I want a dirt track in New England that has the ability to host big events like the Super DIRTcar Series, Short Track Super Series, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and World of Outlaws Sprint Cars. I know the chances of this happening are slim because of the logistics involved; however, this is the holiday season so I’m wishing bigly.


Connor Sullivan, Regional Editor (CT, MA & Long Island)

For short track racing, I continue to wish for the sport to get even more exposure in the top levels of racing so that more hard-working drivers will get shots at the top, while bringing even more new fans to the Friday and Saturday night programs. Me, I want to continue enjoying the opportunity explore short track racing both at home and across the land, but of course taking the time to see those who are close to me. Also, a new laptop would be nice, but I digress. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and see you all in the New Year.


Duane Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

I’d like to see the Race of Champions 250 at Lake Erie Speedway draw over 50 Modifieds. It was a great event in 2018, but it sure would be nice to see names like Preece, Coby, and Bonsignore in the starting lineup.


Under the tree, I sure would like to find a new camera and a couple of lenses. Something tells me it’s a tall order, but I’m hoping.


Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

I wish for 20 cars per Late Model class at short track throughout North America.  Some already have 20-plus cars, but there are far too many tracks rolling out features with less than 20 cars.  The fun we had growing up was watching touring series stars come to town to try and beat the local shoes at their own track. While we are wishing, we also need tracks to have one Late Model class on the card.  Don’t run three classes that look the same.


Evan Canfield, Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

This year, I would love for a schedule that allows me to make it to more short tracks across the country. I want to visit new tracks and new events that I have yet to make it to. Working with Speed51.com has given me an opportunity to follow the best in short track racing and I am hoping that the upcoming season can bring even more races and memories my way. Also, a new camera to cover those events with would be an added bonus.


Kendra Adams, Southeast Correspondent

My Christmas wish list includes being home to see my grandfather before Christmas as he’s very sick. I also wish for a successful racing season in 2018 up here in Canada for myself and my team. I hope for Christmas I will receive a happy and healthy holiday season for everyone around me.


Koty Geyer, Midwest Correspondent

 I would like to be able to relax and spend time with family. With going to school full time and working and all that, it would be nice to be able to unwind a little at the end of the year, then get ready for a great year of racing in 2018. And the latest Eric Church album would also be cool.


Patrick Hahe, Speed51.com Regional Editor (IN, MI, OH)

I am hoping Santa brings me a few new Go Pro cameras. I felt I was really good this year and would love to get the new Go Pro Fusion 360-degree video camera. Of course, an HTC Vive to watch those videos in would be even better! Though it would have the side benefit of letting me use iRacing in virtual reality.


Rob Blount, Southeast Editor

Last year I asked for a new head coach and general manager for my favorite hockey team, the New York Islanders. Well, we got the new coach. This year we found out we’re getting a new arena. But the general manager is still the same. I guess I can live with that. Truthfully, all I want this year is for my family and friends to be safe and be healthy. I have wonderful parents, an awesome brother, an incredible girlfriend with two incredible parents, and a great job. I’m not sure what else I could ask for. Except maybe that general manager.


Ryan McCollough, Deep South Correspondent

Christian Yelich standing in right field on opening day for the 2018 Atlanta Braves would be at the top of the list. But since that isn’t going to happen, I’ll settle for continued patience as my fiance continues to come up with wedding ideas. (Don’t @ me!)


Tom Ryan, Digital Manager

I would like Santa to bring me a nice new 4K monitor to make the best short track racing videos for the Speed51 Network, which is the world’s finest short track vessel for digital video from short track races throughout North America.

Speed51.com Staff Creates Their Christmas Wish List