A lot of people within our society like to live in the past and do their best to “remember the good ol’ days.”  We all have that mother, father, grandmother or grandfather who often has to remind us of the price of a gallon of milk in 1935 or the price to attend a motorsports event in 1950.


Our goal at Speed51.com powered by JEGS is to not only bring you the most in-depth coverage of today’s short track racing action, but also help short track racing fans “remember when.”


The weekly “Throwback Thursday” feature that will air every Thursday on the 51 Network will give fans the opportunity to relive some of the best short track racing from “the good ol’ days.” With several “Throwback Thursday” clips already available on the 51 Network, the segment is already a favorite among subscribers.


But to be able to continue bringing that old footage, we need your help.


Starting now, Speed51.com and the 51 Network are putting out a wanted ad for old racing footage.  Whether it’s a Late Model, Modified, Street Stock or a 4-Cylinder race, if it’s from the past, we want it.  No matter what kind of format or tape the video is on, we’ll figure out a way to bring it out to the masses of short track racing fans.


Those who believe they may have footage that could be used on “Throwback Thursday” are encouraged to contact Speed51.com owner Bob Dillner at [email protected].


For more information and to subscribe to the 51 Network, click here.

Speed51.com Searching for Footage from “Good Ol’ Days”