Speed51.com and its partner site for preserving short track racing history, 51’s Third Turn (www.thethirdturn.com), will continue their long-term partnership into the 2015 season and beyond. After formalizing their affiliation early in 2014, both sites have worked hard in the last year to combine their unique angles to the short track racing world for the betterment of the racing community and its fans.


In the last year, readers of Speed51’s popular Trackside Now coverage have seen an improved and consistent presentation of up-to-the-minute race results while Speed51’s staff has been provided with pre-event workbook compiled by 51’s Third Turn staff. In turn, many Speed51 contributors have been in touch with 51’s Third Turn staff to help expand their historical database of racing history. 51’s Third Turn documented the results to over 1,500 major races in the 2014 calendar year.


As a whole, 51’s Third Turn has statistics and information regarding 61,000 drivers, 1,000 tracks, and 25,000 races.


“I’m a traditionalist when it comes to racing, so I love the history side of our sport”, says Bob Dillner, founder and owner of Speed51.com. “What 51’s Third Turn has done to recognize the past of short track racing is amazing. You can go on there and find Chili Bowl stats, Snowball Derby stats, World Series stats, and every other prominent series and events in short track racing today. It’s an honor to be part of such a great website.”


“Auto racing is one of the most wide-ranging and valued American traditions,” adds site founder and chief statistician Tim Quievryn, “But unfortunately on the short track side a lot of the most famous drivers and races of years gone by have faded from documented memory. As a younger race fan who never had the privilege of seeing guys like Richie Evans, Robbie Crouch, Bob Senneker, and Hershel McGriff race, I want fans in the future to be able to know and see just how much these grassroots guys accomplished in their careers and how much they defined this sport.”


“I’m really grateful that Speed51 sees the value of saving racing’s past. Their involvement has really helped 51’s Third Turn grow in the last year. There’s definitely a lot of projects, series, and events we have left to document on our site, but we’re up to the challenge.”


In the next few weeks, Speed51.com readers can look forward to 51’s Third Turn contributing some feature articles about the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing history leading up to the 49th annual running of the World Series, integration of dirt racing information, as well as looking back at some of the big Open Competition races in the history of the west leading up to the richest West Coast race in many years, the Kern County Winter Showdown.


51’s Third Turn is asking Speed51 readers for help in one key area in 2015. 51’s Third Turn would appreciate volunteers who can scan in or otherwise provide information from the following regional trade papers: Late Model Digest (from 1988 to 2003), Midwest Racing News, Southern Auto Racing News, and Wheelspin Racing News. Contact [email protected] if you are able to help in this area.


-By Tim Quievryn, 51’s Third Turn – Twitter: @timmyquivy


Speed51 and 51’s Third Turn Continue Historical Partnership