Valenti Modified Racing Series – Claremont Speedway (NH) – 7/8/16

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Todd Szegedy celebrates his first won of the year in victory lane. ( photo)




























What Won the Race: Todd Szegedy held off David Schneider over the final laps to win his first Valenti Modified Racing Series start of 2016. Jon McKennedy finished third after being penalized twice by race officials.


The Finish:

1 52 Todd Szegedy
2 19 Dave Schneider
3 29 Jon McKennedy
4 24 Todd Patnode
5 38 Mike Willis, Jr.
6 04 Brandon Dion
7 14 Dana Smith
8 15ct Chris Pasteryak
9 50 Carl Medieros, Jr.
10 93 George Sherman
11 17 Dylan Rock
12 7nh Scott McMichael
13 16 Colbey Fournier
14 15nh TJ Bleau
15 88 Russ Hersey
16 6 Sammy Rameau
17 33 Rob Richardi, Jr.
18 21 Josh King
19 117 Donnie Lashua


The Skinny: Todd Szegedy took over the lead on lap 16 of the 100-lap feature but hard-charging Jon McKennedy made his way up to second and began challenging for the lead just past the lap 60 mark. McKennedy stuck a nose out in front on a pair of restarts but race control penalized him for jumping the start and sent him to the rear. From there, Szegedy fended off a charge from Dave Schneider late. McKennedy was penalized again for contact with Chris Pasteryak before charging to finish third.


Winning Quote: “I’ve gotta thank Woody (Pitkat). He called a couple weeks ago and asked me if I could drive his car for him. I said, why not?’ It’s my third race of the year and I had an awesome time.” – Todd Szegedy


Bonus Quote: “I felt like it was kind of a sh— call.  What are you going to do, though? Two calls against me, and I think all you guys (the crowd) feel the same way I feel.  We were wheel-to-wheel on the restarts within inches.” – Jon McKennedy


Winning Chassis: Spafco


Winning Engine: Billy the Kid


Winning Crew Chief: Greg Fulton


On the Move: Jon McKennedy started 12th and charged to the front on three different occasions before finishing third, a gain of nine spots.


Biggest Loser: Donnie Lashua started the race third but retired early and finished 19th, a loss of 16 positions.


Notebook: Todd Szegedy is here at the track piloting the No. 52 normally driven by Woody Pitkat, who is at Stafford Motor Speedway for the SK 5K event. This is Szegedy’s third race of the 2016 season.


Matt Mead suffered a problem under the hood of the No. 77 during practice and will not compete in tonight’s race.


Fourteen-year-old Sammy Rameau is making his Valenti Modified Racing Series debut here at Claremont tonight. Rameau only has two Tour-Type Modified starts at Claremont Speedway but says he’s hoping to race “the full package” next season. He’s racing a car that was previously owned by Rob Goodenough.


Russ Hersey made contact with the outside turn three wall near the end of the second practice and was taken back to the pit area on the hook. The team is working on a broken trailing arm in the pit area.


Title Fight: Jon McKennedy leads Woody Pitkat by 18 points in the standings, but Pitkat is not in attendance here tonight.


Starting Lineup:

1 19 Dave Schneider
2 24 Todd Patnode
3 117 Donnie Lashua
4 52 Todd Szegedy
5 50 Carl Medieros, Jr.
6 88 Russ Hersey
7 14 Dana Smith
8 38 Mike Willis, Jr.
9 7nh Scott McMichael
10 21 Josh King
11 6 Sammy Rameau
12 29 Jon McKennedy
13 17 Dylan Rock
14 15ct Chris Pasteryak
15 93 George Sherman
16 15nh TJ Bleau
17 33 Rob Richardi, Jr.
18 16 Colbey Fournier
19 04 Brandon Dion

Qualifying Format:
Two qualifying heat races will set the grid for tonight’s 100-lap feature event. The previous VMRS winner, Jon McKennedy, can start no better than 12th on the grid.

Consolation Race Results:
There will not be a consolation race tonight.

Heat Race Results

Heat #1 

1 19 Dave Schneider
2 117 Donnie Lashua
3 50 Carl Medieros, Jr.
4 14 Dana Smith
5 7nh Scott McMichael
6 29 Jon McKennedy
7 17 Dylan Rock
8 93 George Sherman
9 33 Rob Richardi, Jr.


Heat #2

1 24 Todd Patnode
2 52 Todd Szegedy
3 88 Russ Hersey
4 38 Mike Willis, Jr.
5 21 Josh King
6 6 Sammy Rameau
7 15ct Chris Pasteryak
8 15nh TJ Bleau
9 16 Colbey Fournier
10 04 Brandon Dion


Practice Results: Todd Patnode led the first practice over Jon McKennedy and Todd Szegedy. Patnode also led the second practice over Russ Hersey and Jon McKennedy.


Car Count: Unofficially, there are 19 Modifieds in the pit area.


Entry List:

04 Brandon Dion
6 Sammy Rameau
7NH Scott McMichael
14 Dana Smith
15CT Chris Pasteryak
15NH TJ Bleau
16 Colbey Fournier
17 Dylan Rock
19 Dave Schneider
21 Josh King
24 Todd Patnode
29 Jon McKennedy
33 Rob Richardi, Jr.
38 Mike Willis, Jr.
50 Carl Medieros, Jr.
52 Todd Szegedy
88 Russ Hersey
93 George Sherman
117 Donnie Lashua

Event Schedule
: Qualifying is set to begin at 7:15 p.m. ET tonight. Joining the Valenti Modified Racing Series on the card will be Limited Sportsman, Super Streets and Wildcats. The Valenti Modified Racing Series 100 will be the second feature on the schedule.


Who To Watch For: Todd Szegedy won this race last year but was disqualified by series officials for a carburetor infraction. He also won the race two years ago. He is behind the wheel of the No. 52 normally driving by Woody Pitkat and will be tough to beat tonight.


The Track:  Claremont Speedway is a flat third-mile oval located in Claremont, New Hampshire near the Vermont border.


Weather: Despite a poor forecast earlier this week, the forecast has improved dramatically and it’s shaping up to be a great night of racing in New Hampshire. Temperatures are expected to be in the low 70s by race time.


Next Series Race: Next up is a visit to Lee USA Speedway on Friday, July 22.





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