TUNDRA Super LM at Dells Raceway Park (WI) – 6/4/16

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9:25pm – Dennis Prunty holds off Casey Johnson and Dalton Zehr for the win.


9:00pm – Green flag will be out in a few laps. 12 laps were complete before the raindrops fell over Dells Raceway Park.


8:55pm – Track drying is complete and drivers are strapping into their cars.


7:30pm –  12 laps are complete in the 75-lap feature when the skies opened up for a passing shower.  Officials are optimistic to get the completion of the race in tonight.


6:55pm – With weather heading towards the track, TUNDRA officials have called for the Super Late Models to line up for their feature race.


6:40pm – Kevin Kneuse and Ken Calhoun won the Midwest Truck Series heats.


Tonight is round two for the Wisconsin based Super Late Model Series.  Round one was last month at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, Wisconsin with Ty Majeski taking the win over Casey Johnson and Steve Apel.  Only Johnson is in attendance tonight among the top three finishers in the first race.


Alex Prunty is a scratch tonight.  “Car won’t run, just kept missing from the start. tired changing everything we could at the track. Taking car home to tear everything apart.” Per his Twitter account.


Car Count:  28 Super Late Models are on hand for tonight’s 75-lap feature event.  The Midwest Truck Series, Sportsman and Vintage cars are also competing tonight.


Title Fight: With one event in the books for the 2016 season, along with the two of the podium finishers not at tonight’s race, expect drivers like Dalton Zehr and Johnson try to get a big gain tonight.


Winning Chassis: Pathfinder Chassis


On the Move: Dalton Zehr spun early and came back to finish third.


Biggest Loser: After leading a majority of the race, Mike Lichtfeld fell back to finish 18th.


Qualifying Results:

1 47 Casey Johnson 13.345
2 11 Bobby Kendall 13.406
3 119 Dalton Zehr 13.42
4 42 Dennis Prunty 13.424
5 12 Terry Schoppenhorst 13.486
6 89 Ryan Farrell 13.494
7 31 Nick Barstad 13.524
8 42 Brian Hakala 13.55
9 44 Mike Lichtfeld 13.569
10 35 Travis Dassow 13.578
11 98 Brandon Selle 13.598
12 78 Wyatt Blashe 13.6
13 2 Jordan Thiel 13.622
14 12 Brad Kossow 13.652
15 4 Rob Maynor 13.657
16 18 Jordan Ives 13.667
17 00 Darek Gress 13.684
18 31 Corey Jankowski 13.692
19 33 Wyatt Brooks 13.713
20 81 Bryan Syer-Keske 13.735
21 2 Darren Jackson 13.756
22 9 Braison Bennett 13.762
23 88 Rick Corso 13.79
24 32 Steve Lichtfeld 13.806
25 17 Scott Hoffman 14.023
26 38 Toby Rott 14.032


Event Schedule:

Qualifying at 5:00pm

Racing 6:30pm


Who To Watch For: Johnson and Zehr are on the top of everyone’s list.  Other drivers to watch for tonight include: Dennis Prunty, Robert Kendall, and local favorite Mike Lichtfeld.


Entry List:

Car Number Driver Name Hometown
00 Darek Gress Neillsville, WI
2 Darren Jackson Wisconsin Rapids, WI
2 Jordan Thiel Appleton, WI
4 Rob Maynor Hartland, WI
9 Braison Bennett Neenah, WI
11 Bobby Kendall Montello, WI
11 Alex Prunty Lomira, WI
12 Brad Kossow Union Grove, WI
12 Terry Schoppenhorst Berlin, WI
17 Scott Hoffman Menominee MI
17 Eric Connell
18 Jordan Ives Gladstone, MI
31 Corey Jankowski Tomah, WI
31 Nick Barstad Prior Lake, MN
33 Wyatt Brooks Amherst, WI
35 Travis Dassow West Bend, WI
38 Toby Rott Mukwonago WI
42 Dennis Prunty Knowles, WI
42 Brian Hakala Wisconsin Dells, WI
44 Mike Lichtfeld Portage, WI
47 Casey Johnson Edgerton, WI
78 Wyatt Blashe Clintonville, WI
81 Bryan Syer-Keske Lakeville, MN
88 Rick Corso McHenry, IL
89 Ryan Farrell East Troy, WI
98 Brandon Selle Dale, WI
119 Dalton Zehr Daytona Beach, FL


The Track: Dells Raceway Park is a 1/3-mile asphalt oval located a few miles north of the “Waterpark Capital of the World,” Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  The track has a rich history with past champions that include Dick Trickle.


Weather: Partly cloudy skies with temps in the mid 70’s.


Next Series Race: Round three on July 1st at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway in West Salem, WI.


What Won the Race: Dennis Prunty took the lead from Mike Lichtfeld with 22 laps to go to grab the win.


The Finish:


1 42 Dennis Prunty
2 47 Casey Johnson
3 119 Dalton Zehr
4 35 Travis Dassow
5 11 Robert Kendall
6 89 Ryan Farrell
7 12 Terry Shoppenhorst
8 2 Jordan Thiel
9 98 Brandon Selle
10 32 Steve Lichtfeld
11 18 Jordan Ives
12 00 Derek Gress
13 9 Braison Bennett
14 81 Bryan Syer-Keske
15 88 Rick Corso
16 33 Wyatt Brooks
17 4 Robert Maynor
18 44 Mike Lichtfeld
19 17 Scott Hoffman
20 31 Cory Jankowski
21 12 Brad Kossow
22 78 Wyatt Blashe
23 2 Darren Jackson
24 38 Toby Rott
25 42 Brian Hakala


The Skinny:  Dennis Prunty went high and low to win the second round of the 2016 TUNDRA Super Late Model Series at Dells Raceway Park.


Winning Quote: “At the opener (here at Dells Raceway Park), we had some problems with the brakes and didn’t finish.  It feels real good to come back and get a win.  It has been a few weeks since I had win and I like winning.”


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