Super LM Triple Crown – Madison Int’l Speedway -7/22/16

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What Won the Race: Jeremy Miller bumped Nick Murgic going into turn three, causing Murgic to go up the banking, Miller goes by for the lead and to the win.


The Finish:

1 5 Jeremy Miller
2 7 Paul Shafer Jr.
3 42 Dennis Prunty
4 47 Casey Johnson
5 14 Austin Nason
6 19 Dan Lensing
7 25 Jeff Storm
8 11 Bobby Kendall
9 12k Brad Kossow
10 12m Nick Murgic
11 99 Bobby Wilberg
12 8 Eddie Hoffman


The Skinny:  Fast qualifier Paul Shafer Jr. chased down Jeremy Miller in the closing laps, but wasn’t able to get by Miller for the win.


Winning Quote: “I didn’t mean to hit Murgic that hard to loosen him up, I will go and apologize to him.  The car was real loose in the middle during the long run.  He (Shafer) was coming in a hurry and that was all I had.  I am glad it was only 50 laps tonight.” – Jeremy Miller in victory lane.


On the Move: Paul Shafer Jr. started eighth and ran out of laps at the finish to get the runner-up spot.


Biggest Loser: Nick Murgic fell off the pace after losing the lead and finished 10th.



7:00pm – Paul Shafer Jr. comes close to breaking the Super Late Model track record with a time of 17.298.  Chris Wimmer has the track record at 17.245.

8:15pm – Former track champions Bobby Wilberg and Jeremy Miller win the heat races.

8:50pm – Dennis Prunty will be starting at the rear of the field for the 50-lap feature.  Prunty punctured a tire in the heat race and will need to start at the rear due to replacing the tire.

9:55pm – Jeremy Miller holds off Paul Shafer Jr. and Dennis Prunty to win round two.


Car Count: 12 cars on hand tonight.


Title Fight: Ty Majeski holds a five point lead over Austin Nason and Casey Johnson after round one.  But Majeski is competing in the ARCA Racing Series event at Lucas Oil Raceway in Clermont, Indiana tonight.  Nason and Johnson will try to jump on this opportunity.


Heat Race Results:

Heat #1 Results

1 99 Bobby Wilberg
2 8 Eddie Hoffman
3 42 Dennis Prunty
4 25 Jeff Storm
5 12m Nick Murgic
6 12k Brad Kossow

Heat #2 Results

1 5 Jeremy Miller
2 47 Casey Johnson
3 14 Austin Nason
4 7 Paul Shafer Jr.
5 19 Dan Lensing
6 11 Bobby Kendall


Qualifying Results:

1 7 Paul Shafer Jr. 17.298
2 47 Casey Johnson 17.327
3 19 Dan Lensing 17.453
4 14 Austin Nason 17.462
5 5 Jeremy Miller 17.497
6 11 Bobby Kendall 17.537
7 25 Jeff Storm 17.551
8 42 Dennis Prunty 17.598
9 12m Nick Murgic 17.654
10 12k Brad Kossow 17.697
11 99 Bobby Wilberg 17.703
12 8 Eddie Hoffman 17.823


Event Schedule: Qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30. Adult tickets are $18.00 / Seniors and Whelen Heroes are $16.00 / Students 12-17 are $10.00. Take advantage of family pricing where two adults and up to four students are admitted for just $40.00 .


Who To Watch For: Austin Nason and Casey Johnson are tied for the point lead with Majeski not competing tonight.  Jeff Storm and Jeremy Miller are not far behind and both could use a big win.


Entry List:

1 5 Jeremy Miller
2 7 Paul Shafer Jr.
3 8 Eddie Hoffman
4 11 Bobby Kendall
5 12k Brad Kossow
6 12m Nick Murgic
7 14 Austin Nason
8 19 Dan Lensing
9 25 Jeff Storm
10 42 Dennis Prunty
11 47 Casey Johnson
12 99 Bobby Wilberg


Starting Lineup:

1 12m Nick Murgic
2 25 Jeff Storm
3 11 Bobby Kendall
4 5 Jeremy Miller
5 14 Austin Nason
6 19 Dan Lensing
7 47 Casey Johnson
8 7 Paul Shafer Jr.
9 12k Brad Kossow
10 99 Bobby Wilberg
11 42 Dennis Prunty


The Track: Madison International Speedway is known as “Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile Oval” and has a great history with past champions that include Matt Kenseth, Travis Kvapil, Dick Trickle, Joe Shear, Johnny Ziegler, Dave Watson and many more.


Weather: Heat advisory is out until 7pm tonight.  Warm and muggy with temps in the low 90’s.


Next Series Race: Friday, August 19th with the Howie Lettow Memorial.




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