Super DIRTcar Series Modifieds at Volusia 2/19/16

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What Won the Race: Laubach led wire-to-wire, but it was a split of two lapped cars in the closing laps that earned him the Friday night DIRTcar Nationals win.


The Finish:

1 7 Rick Laubach
2 9s Matt Sheppard
3 14J Alan Johnson
4 25R Erick Rudolph
5 44 Stewart Friesen
6 1 Billy Pauch
7 1T Tyler Dippel
8 27J Danny Johnson
9 54 Steve Bernard
10 74 J.R. Heffner
11 49 Billy Dunn
12 32c Vic Coffey
13 99L Larry Wight
14 21a Pete Britten
15 30 Jamie Mills
16 1G Darwin Green
17 19m Jessey Mueller
18 0Bs Jeremy Markle
19 323 Neal Williams
20 20 Brett Hearn
21 6m Mat Williamson
22 5* Tyler Siri
23 28p Eldon Payne
24 19 Tim Fuller
25 07 Tim Kerr
26 83 Brian Swartzlander


The Skinny: One night after watching a win slip away, Rick Laubach kept his foot to the pedal while working lapped traffic in the final laps to score the victory.  After starting from the outside of the front row, Laubach jumped out to an early lead and fended off Matt Sheppard on a handful of restarts.  The win is Laubach’s third at the DIRTcar Nationals in the last four years, and all three have come on Friday night.

Winning Quote
: “I’m like deja-vu, I just can’t let this happen again.  I was cautious last night and tonight I kind of forced the issue and moved some people out of the way.  I just didn’t want it to happen again and that’s what it takes to win.”




Notebook: The Big-Block Modifieds are turning their fastest laps of the week so far at the DIRTcar Nationals. Billy Pauch’s 17.433 second lap during hot laps was the fastest of the week.


Qualifying heat races went off relatively clean with only a handful of single-car incidents.


“The Doctor” Danny Johnson scored the win in the first of two B-Main features to secure his start in the A-Main feature.  Darwin Green finished second to also lock himself into the main event.  Eldon Payne, Jr. came out on top of an intense battle with Jessey Mueller and Brian Swartzlander to win the second B-Main.  Mueller made his way by Swartzlander to secure the final transfer spot.





Rick Laubach jumps out to the early lead over Tyler Dippel and sets the pace up front.  The first caution flag waves on lap 3 as Vic Coffey comes to a stop at the top of turn two after going up on two wheels. Larry Wight heads to pit road with a flat right rear tire. He entered the event second in DIRTcar Nationals points.


Laubach continues to lead Dippel, Sheppard and Friesen five laps into the race.  Brett “The Jet” Hearn comes to a stop with a flat right rear tire on lap 9 to bring out the caution.


Mueller spins off of turn two and Fuller makes contact with him on lap 12. Both drivers pull away with minimal damage.


Sheppard takes over second from Dippel on the restart and begins closing the gap on Lawbach. Lawbach leads Sheppard, Johnson, Dippel and Rudoph with 15 laps down and 15 laps to go.


Eldon Payne, Jr. comes to a stop near the guardrail at the top of turn one with 16 laps complete.


Laubach pulls away from Sheppard on the restart and leads the way with 10 laps to go.  He continues to pull away from Sheppard with five laps to go. All that stands in Laubach’s way is lapped traffic. Laubach gets pinned in traffic with five laps to go. Sheppard is closing in.


Laubach splits a pair of lapped cars in the closing laps and holds off a fierce charge from Sheppard to win.





Car Count: 35 Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds are in the pit area at Volusia Speedway Park.


Title Fight: Matt Sheppard leads the way over Rick Laubach by 20 markers heading into Saturday night’s finale.


Winning Chassis: Teo Race Cars

Winning Engine: Boardwick Racing Engines

Winning Shocks: Bilstein Shocks


Starting Line-Up:

1 1T Tyler Dippel
2 7 Rick Laubach
3 1 Billy Pauch
4 44 Stewart Friesen
5 54 Steve Bernard
6 9s Matt Sheppard
7 74 J.R. Heffner
8 25R Erick Rudolph
9 20 Brett Hearn
10 14J Alan Johnson
11 49 Billy Dunn
12 30 Jamie Mills
13 323 Neal Williams
14 21a Pete Britten
15 19 Tim Fuller
16 6m Mat Williamson
17 0Bs Jeremy Markle
18 07 Tim Kerr
19 99L Larry Wight
20 5* Tyler Siri
21 27J Danny Johnson
22 28p Eldon Payne
23 1G Darwin Green
24 19m Jessey Mueller
25 32c Vic Coffey
26 83 Brian Swartzlander



Heat Race Results:

Heat 1

1 44 Stewart Friesen
2 54 Steve Bernard
3 20 Brett Hearn
4 323 Neal Williams
5 0Bs Jeremy Markle
6 1G Darwin Green
7 85 H.J. Bunting
8 21k Randy Chrysler
9 29e Erik Martin

Heat 2

1 7 Rick Laubach
2 9s Matt Sheppard
3 14j Alan Johnson
4 21a Pete Britten
5 07 Tim Kerr
6 27J Danny Johnson
7 32c Vic Coffey
8 48T Dave Rauscher
9 64 Daniel Nadeau

Heat 3

1 1T Tyler Dippel
2 25T Erick Rudolph
3 49 Billy Dunn
4 19 Tim Fuller
5 99L Larry Wight
6 14 C.G. Morey
7 28p Eldon Payne
8 8 Rich Scagliotta
9 5 Billy VanInwegen

Heat 4

1 1 Billy Pauch
2 74 J.R. Heffner
3 30 Jamie Mills
4 6m Mat Williamson
5 5* Tyler Siri
6 83 Brian Swartzlander
7 29J Chris Ostrowsky
8 19 Jessey Mueller



Qualifying Events: The Big Block Modifieds will have timed hot laps/group qualifying to set the grid for four qualifying heat races. Each qualifying heat race will be eight laps with the top-five finishers advancing.  There will also be two B-Features with the top two advancing from each.  That will set the field for a 26-car A-Main feature that will be 30 laps in distance.


Practice Results: Drivers hit the track for hot laps by groups according to their heat races, which will be held later in the program.


Heat 1

1 44 Stewart Friesen 17.495
2 323 Neal Williams 17.871
3 0Bs Jeremy Markle 17.976
4 20 Brett Hearn 18.138
5 54 Steve Bernard 18.266
6 85 H.J. Bunting 18.298
7 1G Darwin Green 18.352
8 21k Randy Chrysler 18.505
9 29e Erik Martin 19.939

Heat 2

1 7 Rick Laubach 17.435
2 21a Pete Britten 17.535
3 14J Alan Johnson 17.809
4 9s Matt Sheppard 17.916
5 27J Danny Johnson 18.131
6 07 Tim Kerr 18.200
7 32c Vic Coffey 18.302
8 48T Dave Rauscher 18.545
9 64 Daniel Nadeau 18.813

Heat 3

1 1T Tyler Dippel 17.793
2 49 Billy Dunn 17.851
3 19 Tim Fuller 17.926
4 99L Larry Wight 17.962
5 25R Erick Rudolph 17.989
6 28p Eldon Payne 18.129
7 14 C.G. Morey 18.254
8 8 Rich Scagliotta 18.725
9 5 Billy VanInwegen 18.798

Heat 4

1 1 Billy Pauch 17.433
2 74 J.R. Heffner 17.776
3 5* Tyler Siri 17.909
4 6m Mat Williamson 18.028
5 83 Brian Swartzlander 18.367
6 30 Jamie Mills 18.421
7 29J Chris Ostrowsky 18.533
8 19m Jessey Mueller 18.714








Event Schedule: Hot laps and group qualifying for the Super DIRTcar Series begin at 6:30 p.m. ET.  Opening ceremonies are scheduled for 7:20 with qualifying heat races beginning at 7:30.  There will be four qualifying heat races and a B-Feature before the 30-lap feature at the end of the night.


Who To Watch For: Defending series champion Matt Sheppard scored the win one night ago, proving that he’s still going to be tough to beat in Super DIRTcar Series action despite switching teams.  Back-to-back wins would put an exclamation point on that notion if he were to wind up in victory lane again on Friday night.




Entry List:

0Bs Jeremy Markle Port Jarvis, NY
X Ed Kitchell South Kinston, RI
1 Billy Pauch Frenchtown, NJ
1g Darwin Greene Susquehanna, PA
1T Tyler Dippel Wallkill, NY
5 Billy VanInwegen Sparowbush, NY
5* Tyler Siri Corning, NY
6m Mat Williamson St. Catherines, ONT
7 Rick Laubach Quakertown, PA
07 Tim Kerr Picton, ONT
8 Rich Scagliotta Bound Brock, ONT
9s Matt Sheppard Waterloo, NY
14 C.G. Morey Rutland, VT
14J Alan Johnson Middlesex, NY
19 Tim Fuller Edwards, NY
19m Jessey Mueller Oldmstedville, NY
20 Brett Hearn Sussex, NY
21a Peter Britten Brisbane, AUS
21K Randy Chrysler Lewiston, NY
T21 Roger Chrysler Lewiston, NY
25R Erick Rudolph Ransomville, NY
27J Danny Johnson Rochester, NY
28p Eldon Payne Canandaigua, NY
29e Erik Martin Zelienople, PA
29J Chris Ostrowsky Conklin, NY
30 Jamie Mills Milford, DE
32c Vic Coffey Leister, NY
44 Stewart Friesen Niagara-on-the-Lake, ONT
48too Dave Rauscher Waterloo, NY
49 Billy Dunn Watertown, NY
54 Steve Bernard Granby, QUE
64 Daniel Nadeau Montreal, QUE
74 J.R. Heffner Kinderhook, NY
83 Brian Swartzlander Lernerville, PA
85j H.J. Bunting III Milford, DE
99L Larry Wight Phoenix, NY
323 Neil Williams Pittsgrove, NJ




The Track: Volusia Speedway Park is a half-mile dirt oval.  The track opened as a 1/4 mile dirt oval in 1968, operating through 1969.  It expanded to 3/8 mile (still dirt) in August of 1969, operating through 1971.  It expanded again to 1/2 mile in February 1972, operating through 1989, when it was paved. It operated as a paved oval until 1997, when it was converted back to dirt.


The 3/8 mile dirt oval opened behind turn 4 of the original oval, operating from 1993 until it was paved in 1998, In late 2004 the paved surface was torn up and as of 2015 only the slight footprint of the 3/8 mile paved oval remains. A 1/8 mile dirt karting track is located inside the former 3/8 mile course. (From Wikipedia)


Weather: As hot laps approach, temperatures are in the low 50s with bright blue skies above the race track.  Temperatures are expected to slowly decrease throughout the night, but there’s no precipitation in the forecast.


Thursday Night’s Results (30 Laps)

1 Matt Sheppard
2 Larry Wight
3 Rick Laubach
4 Stewart Friesen
5 Erick Rudolph
6 Billy Dunn
7 Tim Fuller
8 Billy Pauch
9 Brett Hearn
10 Tyler Dippel
11 Tim Kerr
12 Vic Coffey
13 Pete Britten
14 Steve Bernard
15 Alan Johnson
16 JR Heffner
17 Danny Johnson
18 Tyler Siri
19 Brian Swartzlander
20 Darwin Green
21 Mat Williamson
22 Neal Williams
23 HJ Bunting
24 Dave Rauscher
25 Eldon Payne
26 Billy VanInwegen


Wednesday Night’s Results (30 Laps)

1 Tim Fuller
2 Billy Dunn
3 Billy Pauch
4 Larry Wight
5 Matt Sheppard
6 Stewart Friesen
7 Vic Coffey
8 Brett Hearn
9 Erick Rudolph
10 Pete Britten
11 JR Heffner
12 Danny Johnson
13 Steve Bernard
14 Rick Laubach
15 Alan Johnson
16 Brian Swartzlan
17 Tim Kerr
18 Mat Williamson
19 Neal Williams
20 Darwin Green
21 HJ Bunting
22 Jamie Mills
23 Billy VanInwegen
24 Tyler Siri
25 Eldon Payne
26 Tyler Dippel


Next Series Race: Tomorrow night, Saturday February 20

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Speed Central: Super DIRTcar Series Friday at Volusia