Super DIRTcar Series/Five Mile Point Speedway (NY) – 6/11/17

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Dirt Mods - Five Mile Point _ Matt Sheppard - Winner

Matt Sheppard saved just enough right rear tire to claim victory in the Super DIRTcar Modified 67 at Five Mile Point Speedway. ( Photos)




Finishing Order for the Super DIRTcar Modified 67:

1 9s  Matt Sheppard
2 20  Brett Hearn
3 98h  Jimmy Phelps
4 6h  Max McLaughlin
5 43  Keith Flach
6 7m  Michael Maresca
7 84  Gary Tomkins
8 42p  Pat Ward
9 35  Frank Cozze
10 99L  Larry Wight
11 19  Tim Fuller
12 8  Rich Scagliotta
13 77x  Mike Mahaney
14 44  Stewart Friesen
15 21a  Peter Britten
16 91  Billy Decker
17 109  Billy Whittaker
18 76  Bobby Varin
19 34   Rusty Smith
20 5*  Tyler Siri
21 22  Brandon Walters
22 14w  Ryan Watt
23 15  Brett Tonkin
24 16x  Dan Creeden
25 30r  Jeff Crambo
26 49  Billy Dunn
27 14j  Alan Johnson
28 35b  Alan Barker
29 44r  Russell Morseman III
30 14z  Brad Szulewski


What Won the Race:

An early drive to the front of the field and just enough right rear tire conservation to make it to lap 67 helped Matt Sheppard take home the victory.


The Skinny: 

Brett Hearn and Tyler Siri led the charge of 30 cars to the green flag for the Super DIRTcar Modified 67 at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Siri took the top spot early with Hearn keeping right on the bumper of the 5*. It did not take long for the lead group to encounter lap traffic and Super DIRTcar Modified point leader Matt Sheppard would overtake the top position.  Hearn seemed to have a better car on a longer run, but just enough caution flags flew to where he could never post a serious challenge for the lead. Sheppard conserved just enough rubber for 67 laps and pulled into victory lane on a bald right rear tire.  Hearn came home second with Jimmy Phelps, Max McLaughlin, and Keith Flach rounding out the top 5 finishers.


Winning Quote:

“We were a little off early in the night but we made a couple changes to the car before the feature and we got lucky. I think we nailed it. Right from the drop of the green, I could drive this thing straight around the racetrack and was able to roll up on those guys and get the lead. We knew tires would be a little bit of an issue tonight so we just tried to keep it straight for 67 laps. I didn’t really like seeing all the cautions at the end, they seem to eat tires up. The car was good enough and we had just enough tread to get to the end.” (Matt Sheppard after winning the Super DIRTcar Modified 67)


Winning Crew Chief:

Randy Kisacky


Winning Chassis: 

Bicknell Racing Products Chassis


Winning Shocks: 

Integra Racing Shocks


Winning Engine: 

C.C. Performance Racing Engines


On the Move:

Pat Ward was the “Man on the Move” climbing 15 positions from the 23rd starting spot to come home in the 8th position.


Biggest Loser:

Tyler Siri ended up the “Biggest Loser” of the race after running in the top 5 for much of the event, Siri got a flat right rear tire relegating him to a 20th place finish after starting on the outside pole, a loss of 18 positions.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

  • Max McLaughlin, Mike Mahaney, Billy Decker, and Larry Wight set quick time in their respective qualifying sessions.
  • Stewart Friesen is struggling to get up to speed so far today at Five Mile Point.
  • Max McLaughlin, Tim Fuller, Billy Decker, and Larry Wight claim heat race victories.
  • Brett “The Jet” Hearn draws the pole postion for tonight’s 67-Lap Super DIRTcar Modified 67
  • 30 cars will start the Super DIRTcar Modified 67.
  • This is the 3rd race of the Super DIRTcar Series for 2017 and the 3rd consecutive year for this event at Five Mile Point Speedway.


Starting Lineup for the Super DIRTcar Modified 67:

1st 20  Brett Hearn
2nd 5*  Tyler Siri
3rd 44  Stewart Friesen
4th 91  Billy Decker
5th 99L  Larry Wight
6th 9s  Matt Sheppard
7th 21a  Peter Britten
8th 77x  Mike Mahaney
9th 35  Frank Cozze
10th 19  Tim Fuller
11th 8  Rich Scagliotta
12th 6h  Max McLaughlin
13th 35b  Alan Barker
14th 14w  Ryan Watt
15th 43  Keith Flach
16th 98h  Jimmy Phelps
17th 22  Brandon Walters
18th 7m  Michael Maresca
19th 84  Gary Tomkins
20th 15  Brett Tonkin
21st 49  Billy Dunn
22nd 14j  Alan Johnson
23rd 42p  Pat Ward
24th 16x  Dan Creeden
25th 34   Rusty Smith
26th 109  Billy Whittaker
27th 14z  Brad Szulewski
28th 30r  Jeff Crambo
29th 44r  Russell Morseman III
30th 76  Bobby Varin

Heat Race Results:

Heat Race #1 Results:

1st 6h Max McLaughlin
2nd 9s  Matt Sheppard
3rd 35  Frank Cozze
4th 35b  Alan Barker
5th 22  Brandon Walters
6th 14j  Alan Johnson
7th 109  Billy Whittaker
8th 30r Jeff Crambo

Heat Race #2 Results:

1st 19 Tim Fuller
2nd 77x Mike Mahaney
3rd 14w  Ryan Watt
4th 44  Stewart Friesen
5th 7m  Michael Maresca
6th 49  Billy Dunn
7th 34   Rusty Smith
8th 72 Cass Bennett

Heat Race #3 Results:

1st 91 Billy Decker
2nd 20  Brett Hearn
3rd 8  Rich Scagliotta
4th 43  Keith Flach
5th 84  Gary Tomkins
6th 16x  Dan Creeden
7th 14z  Brad Szulewski
8th 44r Russell Morseman

 Heat Race #4 Results:

1st 99L Larry Wight
2nd 21a Mike Mahaney
3rd 5*  Tyler Siri
4th 98h  Jimmy Phelps
5th 15  Brett Tonkin
6th 76  Bobby Varin
7th 42p  Pat Ward


Heat Race Starting Lineups:

Heat Race #1 Starting Lineup:

1st 6h Max McLaughlin
2nd 35  Frank Cozze
3rd 9s  Matt Sheppard
4th 35b  Alan Barker
5th 14j  Alan Johnson
6th 22  Brandon Walters
7th 109  Billy Whittaker
8th 30r  Jeff Crambo

Heat Race #2 Starting Lineup:

1st 77x Mike Mahaney
2nd 19  Tim Fuller
3rd 49  Billy Dunn
4th 14w  Ryan Watt
5th 7m  Michael Maresca
6th 44  Stewart Friesen
7th 34   Rusty Smith
8th 72  Cass Bennett

Heat Race #3 Starting Lineup:

1st 91 Billy Decker
2nd 20  Brett Hearn
3rd 8  Rich Scagliotta
4th 43  Keith Flach
5th 84  Gary Tomkins
6th 16x  Dan Creeden
7th 14z  Brad Szulewski
8th 44r  Russell Morseman III

Heat Race #4 Starting Lineup:

1st 99L Larry Wight
2nd 21a  Peter Britten
3rd 5*  Tyler Siri
4th 98h  Jimmy Phelps
5th 15  Brett Tonkin
6th 76  Bobby Varin
7th 42p  Pat Ward

Time Trial Results: 

Group 1 Time Trial Results:

1st 6h Max McLaughlin 15.315
2nd 35  Frank Cozze 15.554
3rd 9s  Matt Sheppard 15.580
4th 35b  Alan Barker 15.665
5th 14j  Alan Johnson 15.674
6th 22  Brandon Walters 15.738
7th 109  Billy Whittaker 15.921
8th 30r  Jeff Crambo 16.172

Group 2 Time Trial Results:

1st 77x Mike Mahaney 15.389
2nd 19  Tim Fuller 15.565
3rd 49  Billy Dunn 15.575
4th 14w  Ryan Watt 15.640
5th 7m  Michael Maresca 15.654
6th 44  Stewart Friesen 15.757
7th 34   Rusty Smith 16.030
8th 72  Cass Bennett 16.827

Group 3 Time Trial Results:

1st 91 Billy Decker 15.566
2nd 20  Brett Hearn 15.582
3rd 8  Rich Scagliotta 15.718
4th 43  Keith Flach 15.822
5th 84  Gary Tomkins 15.823
6th 16x  Dan Creeden 15.849
7th 14z  Brad Szulewski 16.286
8th 44r  Russell Morseman III 16.306

Group 4 Time Trial Results:

1st 99L Larry Wight 15.449
2nd 21a  Peter Britten 15.549
3rd 5*  Tyler Siri 15.586
4th 98h  Jimmy Phelps 15.684
5th 15  Brett Tonkin 15.834
6th 76  Bobby Varin 15.916
7th 42p  Pat Ward 15.929

Consolation Race Results:

1st 49  Billy Dunn
2nd 14j  Alan Johnson
3rd 42p  Pat Ward
4th 16x  Dan Creeden
5th 34   Rusty Smith
6th 109  Billy Whittaker
7th 14z  Brad Szulewski
8th 30r  Jeff Crambo
9th 44r  Russell Morseman III
10th 76  Bobby Varin
11th 72  Cass Bennett


Consolation Race Lineups:

1st 14j  Alan Johnson
2nd 49  Billy Dunn
3rd 16x  Dan Creeden
4th 76  Bobby Varin
5th 109  Billy Whittaker
6th 34   Rusty Smith
7th 14z  Brad Szulewski
8th 42p  Pat Ward
9th 30r  Jeff Crambo
10th 72  Cass Bennett
11th 44r  Russell Morseman III


Car Count: 

31 Super DIRTcar Modifieds are signed in to compete here at Five Mile Point Speedway for race #3 on the series schedule.


Entry List: 

5*  Tyler Siri
6h  Max McLaughlin
7m  Michael Maresca
8  Rich Scagliotta
9s  Matt Sheppard
14j  Alan Johnson
14w  Ryan Watt
14z  Brad Szulewski
15  Brett Tonkin
16x  Dan Creeden
19  Tim Fuller
20  Brett Hearn
21a  Peter Britten
22  Brandon Walters
30r  Jeff Crambo
34   Rusty Smith
35  Frank Cozze
35b  Alan Barker
42p  Pat Ward
43  Keith Flach
44  Stewart Friesen
44r  Russell Morseman III
49  Billy Dunn
72  Cass Bennett
76  Bobby Varin
77  Mike Mahaney
84  Gary Tomkins
91  Billy Decker
98h  Jimmy Phelps
99L  Larry Wight
109  Billy Whittaker


Qualifying Format: 

Timed Hot Laps will set the fields for 4 qualifying races followed by 1 consolation event and then the 67-Lap Modified Feature.


Event Schedule: 

Sunday, June 11th –  Order of Events

Pit Gates Open:  3:30 p.m.

Grandstand Gates Open:  4:30 p.m.

5:30 p.m.      DIRTcar Modified Drivers Meeting

6:15 p.m.      Practice in the following order:  GRIT Crate Sportsman, Xcel 600 Modifieds, SDS Modifieds, FWD Four Cylinders

7:00 p.m.      SDS Modified Group Time Trials

–         GRIT Crate Sportsman Heats (8 laps)

–         Xcel 600 Modified Heats (8 laps)

–         SDS Modified Heats (10 laps)

–         FWD Four Cylinder Heats (6 laps)

–         GRIT Crate Sportsman Consolation(s) (tba)

–         SDS Modified Consolation(s) (tba)

–         Modified Driver Re-Draw (on homestretch wall)

–               GRIT Crate Sportsman Feature (30 laps)

–                           Victory lane

–               Xcel 600 Modified Feature (20 laps)

–                           Victory lane

–         SDS Modified Feature (67 laps)

–         FWD Fantastic Five Four Cylinder Feature (20 laps)


Who to Watch For:

Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Pat Ward, and Billy Decker all have plenty of experience and victories here at Five Mile Point Speedway.


Title Fight:

Point Standings Current as of May 17, 2017 following Bridgeport Speedway

No. Driver Total Series Bonus Diff Money Wins Top 5 Top 10 Starts
1 9s Matt Sheppard 182 182 0 0 $5,600 0 2 2 2
2 91 Billy Decker 174 174 0 -8 $6,600 1 1 1 2
3 44 Stewart Friesen 159 159 0 -23 $3,300 0 1 2 2
4 99L Larry Wight 154 154 0 -28 $2,400 0 1 2 2
5 20 Brett Hearn 146 146 0 -36 $2,200 0 1 1 2
6 98h Jimmy Phelps 137 137 0 -45 $2,800 0 1 1 2
7 25R Erick Rudolph 137 137 0 -45 $1,700 0 0 2 2
8 14J Alan Johnson 132 132 0 -50 $1,700 0 0 2 2
9 109 Billy Whittaker 123 123 0 -59 $1,500 0 0 1 2
10 19 Tim Fuller 118 118 0 -64 $900 0 0 0 2


The Track:

Five Mile Point Speedway is a 1/4 mile clay oval located in Kirkwood, NY (Upstate, New York)



Very sunny and hot with temperatures in the low 90’s.


Next Series Race:

The 4th event on the Super DIRTcar Modified Series will be held at the Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, NY on Tuesday June 20th.  Go to for event information. We will have our Photos crew on hand to bring you all of the action.

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