Super DIRTcar Series – Five Mile Point Speedway – 7/12/16

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Matt Sheppard started in the 8th position and gradually worked his way to the front to claim a Super DIRTcar Series victory at the Five Mile Point Speedway. (Speed51/MoJo Photos)



  • Erick Rudolph was fastest in group 1 practice with a lap time of 15.300 seconds
  • “Lightning” Larry Wight cycled the Five Mile Point Speedway fastest in group 2 practice with a lap of 15.053 seconds
  • Max McLaughlin set fast time in group 3 practice with a lap time of 15.691 seconds
  • Matt Sheppard paced group 4 practice with a lap time of 14.871 seconds
  • 31 Big Block Modifieds have entered tonight’s event at the Five Mile Point Speedway
  • A handful of locals are going to try to steal the show from the stars of the Super DIRTcar Tour
  • Peter Britten set fast time in group time trial session #1 with a lap time of 15.487 seconds
  • Mike Mahaney group 2 time trial and overall quick time for tonight with a lap time of 15.320 seconds
  • Group 3 time trial fastest time went to the 91 of Billy Decker with a time of 15.559 seconds
  • Frank Cozze set fast time in group 4 time trials with a best lap of 15.437 seconds
  • Peter Britten continues to have a solid night winning heat race #1.
  • “Quick-time” Mike Mahaney took home the win in heat race #2.
  • “The Doctor” Danny Johnson was victorious in heat race #3
  • “Super” Matt Sheppard took the victory in heat race #4
  • 30 Big Block Dirt Modifieds will start tonight’s 66 lap Super DIRTcar event at the Five Mile Point Speedway.
  • Brett “The Jet” Hearn will start from the pole position with Billy Decker to his outside in position #2.
  • Stewart Friesen will try to keep his Super DIRTcar Series winning streak in tact from the 10th starting position
  • Tonight’s event will be 66 green flag laps here at the famed 1/4 mile.
  • Lots of chassis changes in the pit area before tonight’s feature event looking to hook up to the 1/4 mile surface
  • Flat Right Rear tire for the 98h of Jimmy Phelps
  • Flat Right Rear tire for front running Billy Decker
  • Brett Hearn pulls high out of the 3rd position with a flat tire
  • 22 cars finish all 66 laps of tonight’s feature.
  • Matt Sheppard started 8th and conserved just enough right rear tire to make it to the checkered flag for the victory.
  • Frank Cozze put up a strong battle taking the lead from Billy Decker early on in the event and held on for a great second place finish
  • Stewart Friesen moved up from his tenth starting position to finish third.
  • In victory lane, Matt Sheppard celebrated another Super DIRTcar Series victory, his right rear tire may not have made it to the checkered if it was any longer of a race.
  • Kevin Bates and Brad Szulewski had solid showings for the local guys finishing in the 12th and 14th positions respectively


The Finish:

1) 9s Matt Sheppard

2) 35 Frank Cozze

3) 44 Stewart Friesen

4) 27j Danny Johnson

5) 19 Tim Fuller

6) 98h Jimmy Phelps

7) 99L Larry Wight

8) 6h Max McLaughlin

9) 43 Keith Flach

10) 11s Tim Hindley

11) 33m Mike Mahaney

12) 42b Kevin Bates

13) 18h Peter Britten

14) 14z Brad Szulewski

15) 8 Rich Scagliotta

16) 42p Pat Ward

17) 20 Brett Hearn

18) 151 Joey Colsten

19) 28p Eldon Payne

20) 6m Mat Williamson

21) 28j Jordan Siri

22) 91 Billy Decker

23) 30r Jeff Crambo

24) X Chad Phelps

25) 25r Erick Rudolph

26) 21w Shaun Walker

27) 29j Chris Ostrowski

28) 22 Brandon Walters

29) 16b Alan Barker

30) 34r Rusty Smith


What Won the Race:

Tire conservation seems to be a key player at most every Super DIRTcar Series event. In victory lane, the right rear tire of Matt Sheppard was noticeably bald, that tire would not have lasted more than a few extra laps.  Flat right rear tires took contenders such as Jimmy Phelps, Billy Decker, and Brett Hearn all out of contention for the win.


The Skinny:

Fantastic weather and a nice field of cars greeted an excellent crowd at the Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, NY for the Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified 66-lap event.  DIRTcar veterans Brett Hearn and Billy Decker would lead the field to the green flag to get the action started.  Decker jumped out top the early lead, but would soon be taken over by Larry Wight in the 99L.  Wight was on rails early in the event, but may have gone too hard too early, as he shortly began to fade back to a 7th place finish.  Lap traffic would become a key player through the middle of the event tightening up the top 6 into a great battle for the lead.

Frank Cozze began to come on strong at the mid point of the event as he took the lead and looked like the guy to beat, until “Super” Matt Sheppard worked his way into the second spot from his eighth starting position.  Sheppard was on a mission and Cozze could not hold him off, Sheppard would complete the pass for the lead and never look back.  Sheppard would go on to take the victory in the Five Mile Point 66, followed by Cozze, Stewart Friesen, Danny Johnson, and Tim Fuller.


Winning Quote:

Matt Sheppard:

“It seemed like slow and steady there, one car at a time. I felt like I needed longer runs for a lot of the time.  We finally got up to the front and was able to get around Frank (Cozze), I really didn’t want to see all the cautions at the end, I really like the longer runs better, but this car was so good tonight and we were able to hold on and it was an awesome night for us.


Winning Chassis:

Bicknell Chassis


Winning Engine:

C.C. Performance Engines


On the Move:

Five Mile Point multi-time winner Kevin Bates was the man on the move in tonight’s event starting 26th and finishing 12th.


Biggest Loser:

Billy Decker wound up the biggest loser of the event after suffering a flat right rear tire late in the race knocking him out of a top 5 position, Decker came home with a 22nd place finish, 20 positions below where he started the event.


Starting Lineup:

1) 20 Brett Hearn

2) 91 Billy Decker

3) 98h Jimmy Phelps

4) 99L Larry Wight

5) 19 Tim Fuller

6) 35 Frank Cozze

7) 33m Mike Mahaney

8) 9s Matt Sheppard

9) 27j Danny Johnson

10) 44 Stewart Friesen

11) 6m Mat Williamson

12) 18h Peter Britten

13) 25r Erick Rudolph

14) X Chad Phelps

15) 6h Max McLaughlin

16) 11s Tim Hindley

17) 21w Shaun Walker

18) 43 Keith Flach

19) 34r Rusty Smith

20) 28j Jordan Siri

21) 42p Pat Ward

22) 30r Jeff Crambo

23) 16b Alan Barker

24) 151 Joey Colsten

25) 14z Brad Szulewski

26) 42b Kevin Bates

27) 22 Brandon Walters

28) 28p Eldon Payne

29) 29j Chris Ostrowsky

30) 8 Rich Scagliotta


Qualifying Format: 

Group time trial will set the starting lineups for the Super DIRTcar Modified heat races. Four heat races will set the field for tonight’s Super DIRTcar Series event here at the Five Mile Point Speedway.  A redraw for the top 12 starting spots for tonight’s event will take place prior to feature time.


Heat Race Results:


Heat Race #1 Results:

1) 18h Peter Britten

2) 20 Brett Hearn

3) 19 Tim Fuller

4) 25r Erick Rudolph

5) 21w Shaun Walker

6) 42p Pat Ward

7) 14z Brad Szulewski

8) 29j Chris Ostrowsky


Heat Race #2 Results:

1) 33m Mike Mahaney

2) 44 Stewart Friesen

3) 99L Larry Wight

4) X Chad Phelps

5) 43 Keith Flach

6) 30r Jeff Crambo

7) 42b Kevin Bates

8) 8 Rich Scagliotta


Heat Race #3 Results:

1) 27j Danny Johnson

2) 91 Billy Decker

3) 6m Mat Williamson

4) 6h MMax McLaughlin

5) 34r Rusty Smith

6) 16b Alan Barker

7) 22 Brandon Walters


Heat Race # 4 Results:

1) 9s Matt Sheppard

2) 35 Frank Cozze

3) 98h Jimmy Phelps

4) 11s Tim Hindley

5) 28j Jordan Siri

6) 151 Joey Colsten

7) 28p Eldon Payne


Heat Race Lineups:


Heat Race #1 Lineup:

1) 18h Peter Britten

2) 19 Tim Fuller

3) 20 Brett Hearn

4) 25r Erick Rudolph

5) 42p Pat Ward

6) 21w Shaun Walker

7) 14z Brad Szulewski

8) 29j Chris Ostrowsky


Heat Race #2 Lineup:

1) 33m Mike Mahaney

2) 44 Stewart Friesen

3) 99L Larry Wight

4) X Chad Phelps

5) 43 Keith Flach

6) 42b Kevin Bates

7) 8 Rich Scagliotta

8) 30r Jeff Crambo


Heat Race #3 Lineup:

1) 91 Billy Decker

2) 27j Danny Johnson

3) 6m Mat Williamson

4) 34r Rusty Smith

5) 16b Alan Barker

6) 6h Max McLaughlin

7) 22 Brandon Walters

8) 55 Anthony Perrego


Heat Race #4 Lineup:

1) 35 Frank Cozze

2) 98h Jimmy Phelps

3) 9s Matt Sheppard

4) 11s Tim Hindley

5) 28j Jordan Siri

6) 151 Joey Colsten

7) 28p Eldon Payne


Time Trial Results:


Group 1 Results:

1) 18h Peter Britten 15.487

2) 19 Tim Fuller 15.652

3) 20 Brett Hearn 15.774

4) 25r Erick Rudolph 15.798

5) 42p Pat Ward 15.923

6) 21w Shaun Walker 16.084

7) 14z Brad Szulewski 16.092

8) 29j Chris Ostrowsky 16.977


Group 2 Results:

1) 33m Mike Mahaney 15.320

2) 44 Stewart Friesen 15.384

3) 99L Larry Wight 15.473

4) X Chad Phelps 15.595

5) 43 Keith Flach 15.609

6) 42b Kevin Bates 15.975

7) 8 Rich Scagliotta 16.018

8) 30r Jeff Crambo 16.173


Group 3 Results:

1) 91 Billy Decker 15.559

2) 27j Danny Johnson 15.668

3) 6m Mat Williamson 15.695

4) 34r Rusty Smith 15.748

5) 16b Alan Barker 15.916

6) 6h Max McLaughlin 15.955

7) 22 Brandon Walters 16.789

8) 55 Anthony Perrego No Time


Group 4 Results:

1) 35 Frank Cozze 15.437

2) 98h Jimmy Phelps 15.553

3) 9s Matt Sheppard 15.672

4) 11s Tim Hindley 15.698

5) 28j Jordan Siri 15.860

6) 151 Joey Colsten 16.146

7) 28p Eldon Payne 16.450


Car Count:

31 Super DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds are here to do battle at the .25 mile Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, NY


Title Fight:

Top ten points drivers as of July 7, 2016

1) 9s Matt Sheppard 559

2) 44 Stewart Friesen 531

3) 91 Billy Decker 524

4) 19 Tim Fuller 464

5) 99L Larry Wight 445

6) 27j Danny Johnson 420

7) 18h Peter Britten 398

8) 20 Brett Hearn 393

9) 98h Jimmy Phelps 389

10) 42p Pat Ward 347


Entry List:

5 Tyler Siri

6h Max McLaughlin

6m Mat Williamson

8 Rich Scagliotta

9s Matt Sheppard

11s Tim Hindley

14z Brad Szulewski

16b Alan Barker

16x Danny Creeden

18h Peter Britten

19 Tim Fuller

20 Brett Hearn

21w Shaun Walker

22 Brandon Walters

25r Erick Rudolph

27j Danny Johnson

28j Jordan Siri

28p Eldon Payne

29 Chris Ostowsky

30r Jeff Crambo

34r Rusty Smith

35 Frank Cozze

42b Kevin Bates

42p Pat Ward

43 Keith Flach

44 Stewart Friesen

55 Anthony Perrego

91 Billy Decker

98h Jimmy Phelps

99L Larry Wight

151 Joey Colsten

X Chad Phelps



Who To Watch For:

Can anybody stop Stewart Friesen and the momentum he has right now on the Super DIRTcar Tour?  Friesen is hot off victories last week at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway and the Mohawk International Speedway.  Who is going to be the next winner?


The Track: 

Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, NY is a historic facility in Central New York running it’s 66th season at the famed 1/4 mile clay oval.



Warm and Sunny with temperatures in the mid 80’s


Next Series Race:

The next Super DIRTcar Series race is Thursday July 14th at the Grandview Speedway located in Bechtelsville, PA.








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