Sunoco Super 8 Super Late Models – Auburndale Speedway (FL) – 5/12/18

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Chris Fontaine climbs from his No.47 victorious in Auburndale, Florida. ( photo)


Feature Notebook:

Lap 1: Joe Boyd leads the field to green.

Lap 20: Fontaine to the lead on from pole sitter Joe Boyd.

Lap 34: George Gorham Jr. brings out the first caution of the night spinning in turn two.

Lap 34: Daniel Webster out of the race after slipping back

Lap 67: Duscherer passes Fontaine for the lead on the outside of turn three.

Lap 81: Caution comes out for debris.

Lap 82: Brandon Duscherer did not get a good restart going into turn one, Fontaine and Gorham catch him, they go three wide into turn No.3 and get together to bring out the yellow.

Lap 84: On the restart Matt McCreary spins in turn two collecting Joe Boyd and Brian Dorer in the process.

Lap 85: Chris Fontaine takes the lead on the restart and is challenged for the remainder of the race by Josh Todd.

Lap 125: Chris Fontaine takes the checkered flag.

Pre-Feature Notebook: 

Daniel Webster came into the night as the Car Chief for Chris Fontaine. His father, the car owner of the No.3 had come to the track with another driver at the helm, but fate was meant to be when Daniel got the go ahead to night off to race instead. Webster has seen some success at Auburndale Speedway and should be a contender if he can get reacquainted with the family machine.

George Gorham Jr. arrived at the track with two racecars this afternoon as he could not decide which one would be faster. After selecting the older of his two cars, he was able to win the pole in time trials even with a slipping clutch.

This will be Mark Wilkins first race at Auburndale Speedway.

Josh Todd is typically a modified driver. Though he has come across a deal to run with the No.0 team at the Sunoco Super 8 Series races. This is not his first time racing a Super Late Model, he has shown proven results before.


Starting Lineup:

1 5 Joe Boyd
2 54 Matt McCrary
3 47 Chris Fontaine
4 23 Brandon Duscherer
5 50 Jett Noland
6 3 Daniel Webster
7 0 Josh Todd
8 03 George Gorham Jr.
9 24 Jamie King
10 97 Brian Dorer
11 22 David King
12 56 Mark Wilkins

Time Trial Results: 

Pos # Driver Time
1 03 George Gorham Jr. 13.410
2 0 Josh Todd 13.424
3 3 Daniel Webster 13.455
4 50 Jett Noland 13.484
5 23 Brandon Duscherer 13.512
6 47 Chris Fontaine 13.525
7 54 Matt McCrary 13.561
8 5 Joe Boyd 13.566
9 24 Jamie King 13.749
10 97 Brian Dorer 13.780
11 22 David King 13.891
12 56 Mark Wilkins 14.589


Car Count: 

13 Super Late Models are in the pits for tonight’s Solute To Mom’s 125 at Aburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida.


Entry List: 

3 Daniel Webster

47 Chris Fontaine

50 Jett Noland

97 Brian Dorer

24 Jaime King

22 David King

03 George Gorham Jr.

23 Brandon Duscherer

5 Joe Boyd

54 Matt McCrary

0 Josh Todd

56 Mark Wilkins


Qualifying Format: 

A dead lap to start the run followed by 2 laps timed.

Event Schedule: 

6:30 PM Super Late ModelQualifying

7:00 PM Local Heat Racing

7:30 PM Autograph Session

Salute to Mom’s Super Late Model 125

Who to Watch For:

George Gorham Jr. comes into the weekend known as the “Second Best Driver in the State of Florida” after finishing second to Jesse Dutilly at 417 Southern Speedway two weeks ago. He comes into tonight looking to improve his position tonight.

Title Fight:

Brandon Duscherer currently leads the track point standings as he has been the most consistent driver through two races thus far. Joe Boyd has won the first race of the series and George Gorham Jr. has won the second, though neither has been able to complete both races.

The Track:

Auburndale Speedway located in Winter Haven, Florida is a 3/8 mile bullring that draws teams from all across the state to compete.


Currently overcast and humid with a high of 79 degrees.

Next Series Race:

Saturday June 30th, 2018 at 7:00 PM the Super Late Models will go for 125 laps.

What Won the Race:

Chris Fontaine took the lead on the lap 85 restart and was only challenged by second place finisher Josh Todd for the remainder of the race.

The Finish: 

Pos # Driver
1 47 Chris Fontaine
2 0 Josh Todd
3 50 Jett Noland
4 03 George Gorham Jr.
5 23 Brandon Duscherer
6 54 Matt McCrary
7 97 Brian Dorer
8 22 David King
9 5 Joe Boyd
10 56 Mark Wilkins
11 24 Jamie King
12 3 Daniel Webster

The Skinny: 

Chris Fontaine found Victory lane in Auburndale, Florida in a fairly clean race, beating Josh Todd, Jett Noland, George Gorham Jr., and Brandon Duscherer.

Winning Quote:

“Well it’s a shame we didn’t win the last one, but maybe we can come out next time and go two for two.” – Chris Fontaine

Winning Crew Chief: 

Kevin Ingram

Winning Chassis: 

Port City

Winning Shocks: 

Penske Racing Shocks

Winning Engine: 

Progressive Racing Engines

On the Move:

Josh Todd stated seventh and finished second on the night after the field inversion.

Biggest Loser:

Joe Boyd dropped out a second race in a row with a part failure putting him ninth on the field.

Speed Central: Super 8 Super Late Models at Auburndale (FL)