Sunoco Challenge Series Auburndale 3/12/16 

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What Won the Race: A lap 71 pass around Anthony Sergi in turn three.


The Finish: Joe Boyd drove around Anthony Sergi on lap 71 and never looked back.


The Skinny: In a race that started out full of wrecked race cars early, Joe Boyd took home the victory after Jesse Dutilly spun late.


Winning Quote: “It took patience. I talked to dad (crew chief) on the radio and calmed everybody down on the team and put it in the winners circle.”



Lap 1: Mike Franklin leads Joe Boyd, Joe Winchell, Jesse Dutilly, and Anthony Sergi to the green flag. Boyd Comes out with the lead out of turn two.

Lap 3: Collin Allman and John Coffman get together in turn two to bring out the first caution of the night.  Allman is reported to have a flat right rear tire. Couffman has gone back to the garage with front end damage.

Red Flag for oil on the racing surface.

Lap 7: The green flag flies again. David King spins in turn one and the caution flies once more.

Lap 9: Joe Boyd and Jesse Dutilly lead the field back to green and Brandon Duchscherer spins across the front stretch.

Lap 13: Pileup in turn four. Dylan Bigley and Anthony Sergi get together and the rest of the field piled into them. Many cars are damaged. Paul White and Brandon Duchscherer are in the garage with damage. Colin Allman and David King have severe damage, but remain on the track.

Lap 15: Jesse Dutilly gets the lead off the restart. Joe Boyd is second, Mike Franklin and Joe Winchell battle for third.

Lap 20: Dutilly and Boyd have puleld away from the rest of the field. Franklin is now third, Jonathan Guy is fourth, and Joe Winchell is fifth.

Lap 25: Boyd is on Dutilly’s back bumper and battling hard to take back the top spot.

Lap 32: The caution flies again as Charles Kopach and Sean Lemaster get together and spin in turn one directly in front of the leaders. Everyone drives away clean. Anthony Sergi drives back into the pits.

Lap 35: Dutilly leads the field back to green. Joe Boyd races aggressively to stay on his rear bumper.

Lap 40: The current top five are Dutilly, Boyd, Winchell, Franklin, and Guy.

Lap 41: Jamie King and Becca Monopoli get together in turn two, and the caution flies once again.

Lap 45: Jonathan Guy takes second on the restart after choosing the high line on the cone rule. Guy agressively moves down to protect his position and hits the rear end of Dutilly. No harm no foul. The field races on.

Lap 50: Joe Boyd spins in turn two to bring out the caution after the lapped car of Anthony Sergi forced him up high on the racetrack. Boyd is now restarting eighth.

Lap 56:Becca Monopoli gets spun by Mike Franklin in turn two. John Coffman and Sean Lemaster are collected. The speedway is now under the red flag as the track works to clear the heavily damaged No. 58 of Coffman.

Red Flag: John Coffman is currently receiving medical attention after his hard hit. He is awake, alert, and talking with race officials. He is being transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

Lap 62: Jesse Dutilly leads Anthony Sergi and Jonathan guy back to green. Dutilly gets spun in turn two. Caution is back out.

Lap 65: Anthony Sergi takes over command of the field as they come to green. Jesse Dutilly will start back in nineth.

Lap 71: Joe Boyd takes over the lead from Anthony Sergi. Mike Franklin is third, Joe Winchell is fourth, Jesse Dutilly is fifth.

Lap 80: Joe Boyd is out to a comfortable lead now. The rest of the top five remains the same.

Lap 92: Jesse Dutilly is all over the rear end of Joe Winchell’s car for fourth, but battles a broken left rear suspension at the same time.

Lap 100: Joe Boyd takes the checkered flag at Auburndale Speedway.


Car Count: 18 cars will start tonight’s 100 lap event.


Title Fight: Jesse Dutilly leads the point standings over Anthony Sergi and Collin Allman.


Winning Chassis: Port City Racecars

Winning Engine: Progressive Racing Engines

Winning Shocks: Proline Shocks

Winning Crew Chief: Brady Boyd


On the Move: Mike Franklin started seventh and ended up third.


Biggest Loser: Jesse Dutilly. This was his race to lose. After leading most of the laps he brought home his car fifth.


Starting Line-Up

1.) (12D) Mike Franklin

2.) (5) Joe Boyd

3.) (15w) Joe Winchell

4.) (30) Jesse Dutilly

5.) (20) Anthony Sergi

6.) (42) Jonathan Guy

7.) (57) Brandon Duchscherer

8.) (59x) Becca Monopoli

9.) (128) Dylan Bigley

10.) (28) Billy Bigley

11.) (25) Paul White

12.) (24) Jamie King

13.) (53) Charles Kopach

14.) (22) David King

15.) (15L) Sean Lemaster

16.) (58) John Coffman

17.) (14) Mario Maresca

18.) (67) Colin Allman


Last-Chance Race Results: There will be no last chance race today.


Heat Race Results: There will be no heat races today.


Qualifying Results:

1.) (42) Jonathan Guy

2.) (20) Anthony Sergi

3.) (30) Jesse Dutilly

4.) (15W) Joe Winchell

5.) (5) Joe Boyd

6.) (12D) Mike Franklin

7.) (57) Brandon Duchscherer

8.) (59x) Becca Monopoli

9.) (128) Dylan Bigley

10.) (28) Billy Bigley

11.) (25) Paul White

12.) (24) Jamie King

13.) (53) Charles Kopach

14.) (22) David King

15.) (15L) Sean Lemaster

16.) (58) John Coffman

17.) (14) Mario Maresca

18.) (67) Colin Allman

Matt Thomas did not attempt to qualify.

Qualifying Events: The field will be set by time trials.


Practice Results: Auburndale Speedway does not record practice times.


Event Schedule:

3:00pm Super Late Model Practice Begins

4:00pm Super Late Model Practice Ends

4:15pm Super Late Model Drivers Meeting

4:30pm Rotation Practice Begins For Local Classes

5:30pm Super Late Model Tires Released and Qualifying Tech Begins

6:00pm Practice Ends

6:15pm Local Drivers Meeting

6:30pm Sunoco Challenge Series 100 Qualifying

7:00pm Racing Begins

  • Scramblers 20 laps
  • Street Stock 25 laps
  • V-8 Bombers 25 laps
  • Mod Mini 25 laps

Intermission (Sunoco 100 Autograph Session)

  • Sunoco Challenge Series 100 lap race
  • Mini Cup 15 laps
  • Mini Stock 20 laps

Who To Watch For: Jesse Dutilly is the previous track champion and is already off to a fast start to the 2016 season winning all three of the Sunoco Triple 50’s January 17th at Auburndale.


Entry List:

(64) Matt Thomas

(58) John Koffman

(15) Joe Winchell

(14) Mario Maresca

(59x) Becca Monopoli

(42) John Guy

(25 Paul White

(5) Joe Boyd

(30) Jesse Dutilly

(57) Brandon Duchscherer

(15) Sean Lemaster

(128) Dylan Bigley

(28) Bill Bigley Jr.

(24) Jamie King

(22) David King

(53) Charles Kopach

(20D) Anthony Sergi

(12) Mike Franklin

(67) Colin Allman

The Track: Auburndale Speedway is a .25 mile “Bull Ring” style short track in Winter Haven, Florida.


Weather: It’s currently 75 degrees. A slight breeze is blowing out of the Southwest.


Next Series Race: April 23rd at Desoto Speedway in Bradenton, Florida.

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Speed Central: Sunoco Challenge SLMs at Auburndale