Southern Modified Racing Series- Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) – 10/1/2016

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What Won the Race:  John Smith took the lead after all the leaders pitted shortly after the 100-lap mark.


The Finish: 

1 25 John Smith
2 4 Jason Myers
3 1 Burt Myers
4 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr.
5 37 Andy Jankowiak
6 5 Tom Buzze Jr.
7 54 Scott Hall
8 19 Brandon Ward
9 O8 Dan Speeney
10 17 Darren Shaw
11 70 John Barilka
12 75 Ron Souders

The Skinny: Win number four on the 2016 season for Smith.  Burt Myers overcame a broken shock mount to get it repaired under a red flag and to rebound to finish third.  The points between John Smith and Burt Myers are tied heading to Caraway. 

Winning Quote: “It feels good to win,” said Smith. “We can only go to Caraway and try to win.  We will have to let the chips fall where they will for the championship.”

Winning Crew Chief: Team Effort

Winning Chassis: In-house

Winning Shocks: JRi

Winning Engine: Roush Yates Engines

On the Move: Andy Jankowiak started last and finished fifth.

Biggest Loser: Brandon Ward broken in the final 10 laps and the fast time award winner finished eighth.


Feature Notebook: John Smith wins his fourth Southern Modified feature of the year.

There were over 20 lead changes during the race.

Jason Myers finished second for the third time this season to Smith.


Pre-Feature Notebook: Brandon Ward led the first practice over Tom Buzze Jr.  John Smith has three wins this season coming into the second Hickory race.  The first Hickory race was won by Jon McKennedy who is not in attendance today.  This is the first track that will have been raced at twice by the Southern Modified Racing Series. Tom Buzze Jr. Led Brandon Ward and John Smith in the second and final practice.

Brandon Ward sets fast time for the fourth time this season.  The top six drivers will re-draw to set the front three rows.

Bobby Measmer, Jr. redrew the pole and will start first.

Starting Lineup:

1 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr.
2 1 Burt Myers
3 5 Tom Buzze Jr.
4 4 Jason Myers
5 19 Brandon Ward
6 25 John Smith
7 17 Darren Shaw
8 54 Scott Hall
9 70 John Barilka
10 75 Ron Souders
11 O8 Dan Speeney
12 37 Andy Jankowiak

Time Trial Results: 

1 19 Brandon Ward 14.371
2 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr. 14.396
3 4 Jason Myers 14.504
4 25 John Smith 14.518
5 1 Burt Myers 14.544
6 5 Tom Buzze Jr. 14.654
7 17 Darren Shaw 14.746
8 54 Scott Hall 14.746
9 70 John Barilka 15.432
10 75 Ron Souders 15.789
11 O8 Dan Speeney 16.593
12 37 Andy Jankowiak 20.345

Car Count: 12 Modifieds are on Hand


Entry List: 

1 Burt Myers
4 Jason Myers
5 Tom Buzze Jr.
17 Darren Shaw
19 Brandon Ward
25 John Smith
37 Andy Jankowiak
54 Scott Hall
70 John Barilka
74 Bobby Measmer, Jr.
75 Ron Souders
O8 Dan Speeney

Qualifying Format: Each driver will get two laps on the clock.


Event Schedule: Practice 2-4:45, Time trials at 5pm, Racing at 7pm 

Feature Order

Classic Sportsman 25 laps
Trucks 35 laps
4 Cylinders 25 laps
Modifieds 125 laps
East Coast Flatheads 20
Allison Legacy 35 laps


Who to Watch For: Burt Myers and John Smith have been the class of the series so far.  Bobby Measmer, Jr. is also a series winner this year.


Title Fight: Burt Myers holds a slim four point lead over John Smith.  Jason Myers is third within striking distance, but there are only two races remaining


The Track:  Hickory Motor Speedway is the “Birthplace of NASCAR Stars.”  The track measures at 0.363 with turns one and two banked at 14 degrees and three and four are baked at 12 degrees.


Weather: Temps in the 80’s to start the day and then mid 70’s come race time with a dry forecast.


Next Series Race: Will be at Caraway Speedway on October 22nd.


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