Southern Modified Racing Series – Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) – 9/30/17

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What Won the Race: Burt Myers passed Brandon Ward with 20 laps to go.


The Finish: 

1 Burt Myers 75 Laps

2 Danny Bohn 75

3 Brandon Ward 75

4 Andy Seuss 75

5 Jason Myers 75

6 Jeremy Gerstner 75

7 John Smith 75

8 Tim Brown 75

9 Gary Putnam 75

10 Kodie Conner 75

11 Tom Buzze 75

12 Daniel Yates 74

13 Mike Norman 74

14 William Smith 73

15 James Civali 53

16 Brian Loftin 45

17 Bobby Measmer Jr 8

The Skinny: Burt Myers  charges to his fourth win of the season.

Winning Quote: “It always seems like I am they guy they pass at lap 75 when we run Hickory.  Tonight with the shorter race we had the right strategy and it won us the race.”

Winning Crew Chief: Marty Edwards

Winning Chassis: Fury Race Cars

Winning Engine: NASCAR Technical Institute

On the Move: Andy Seuss started 11th and finished fourth.

Biggest Loser: Bobby Measmer Jr finished 17th after started seventh.

Feature Notebook: Jeremy Gerstner led the opening laps before Brandon Ward made his way to the front.  Ward held the lead until the final 20 laps when Burt Myers and Danny Bohn snuck by to battle for the win among themselves.  Myers held off Bohn for the win in the 75-lap shootout.


Pre-Feature Notebook:  To no surprise the man who won the last race at Concord, Brandon Ward was the fastest in the first practice session.  Tom Buzze and July Hickory SMRS winner Jeremy Gerstner were second and third. Tonight’s feature will be a 75-lap dash.  In practice two Gerstner topped the field with the fastest lap of the day at 14.512. Brandon Ward was second and Andy Seuss was third.   Tim Brown ran some 51 laps in the first two practice rounds and was fifth quick in the second round. He told us he was just looking to get the car right for the race tonight. In the third round Ward lower the time to 14.446.

In Time Trials Danny Bohn was the surprise pole sitter as he beat out the faster cars from practice. Point leader Jeremy Gerstner was second quick.


Starting Lineup:

1 Jeremy Gerstner

2 Tim Brown

3 Danny Bohn

4 John Smith

5 Burt Myers

6 Brandon Ward

7 Bobby Meamser Jr.

8 Jason Myers

9 Mike Norman

10 Kodie Conner

11 Andy Seuss

12 Brian Loftin

13 James Civali

14 Gary Putnam

15 Tom Buzze

16 Daniel Yates

17 William Smith

Time Trial Results: 

1 Danny Bohn 14.249

2 Jeremy Gerstner 14.276

3 Brandon Ward 14.324

4 Burt Myers 14.403

5 Tim Brown 14.422

6 John Smith 14.424

7 Bobby Meamser Jr. 14.431

8 Jason Myers 14.458

9 Mike Norman 14.481

10 Kodie Conner 14.521

11 Andy Seuss 14.530

12 Brian Loftin 14.532

13 James Civali 14.567

14 Gary Putnam 14.613

15 Tom Buzze 14.866

16 Daniel Yates 14.869

17 William Smith 15.683

Car Count: 17


Entry List: 

1 Burt Myers

4 Jason Myers

5 Tom Buzze

12 Mike Norman

14 Bobby Measmer Jr.

15 Jeremy Gerstner

16 William Smith

17 Danny Bohn

18 Daniel Yates

19 Brandon Ward

23 Brian Loftin

25 John Smith

77 Gary Putnam

78 Kodie Conner

79 James Civali

83 Tim Brown

97 Andy Seuss

Qualifying Format:  The lineup will be set by two laps of time trials.


Event Schedule: 

Rotating Practice 2:45pm to 4pm

Time Trials 5:15pm

On-track autograph session 6:20pm

Racing 7pm:

Allison Legacy 35 laps

Chargers 40 Laps

Vintage 40 laps

Sportsman 75 laps

SMRS 75 laps

Who to Watch For:   Burt Myers has been on the podium in nine of his last 10 starts at Hickory. Kodie Conner, a Super Late Model standout, with try open-wheel modified for the first time this weekend. Brandon Ward come sin to Hickory seeking a fifth win this season as he looks to rebound in the points battle.  John Smith returns to the track looking to add another win.  Smith won four times last season.  Former NASCAR Southern Modified champion Andy Seuss will make a rare start today for the Bryan Dauzat team.

Title Fight:  Jeremy Gerstner leads Brandon Ward by a slim six points with two races to go.  Gerstner won a rain shortened event at Hickory in

The Track:  Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory North Carolina is a historic flat 1/3 of a mile track. The worn out surface is hard on tires.  The track has been tagged as the “Birthplace of NASCAR stars”

Weather: Perfect September day in the 70’s and cooling off before feature time.

Next Series Race:  SMRS will close out the 2017 season at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina on October the 14th. 




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