Southern Modified Racing Series Twin 50s – Caraway Speedway (NC) – 9/9/17

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Jason Myers and Bobby Measmer battled for a win earlier this year at Caraway. ( photo)
























Feature One Notebook: Tim Brown started on the pole and led all 50 laps. The race went the whole length without a caution. There will be a invert of eight cars to start the second feature.


Feature Two Notebook: Burt Myers started fifth and battled it out with his brother Jason Myers to the very end. This is B. Myers fourth win in five races at Caraway Speedway for the SMRS Modifieds.


Pre-Feature Notebook: Brandon Ward was fastest in the first two practice sessions

-Tim Brown led the final practice time and had the overall fastest lap of a 16.132

-The first race will start directly off of time trial results. The starting lineup for race two will be based on the finish of race one with an invert on the top eight finishers.


Race One Starting Lineup: 

Pos # Driver
1 83 Tim Brown
2 19 Brandon Ward
3 1 Burt Myers
4 15 Jeremy Gerstner
5 77 Gary Putnam
6 14 Bobby Measmer Jr
7 11 Trey Hutchens
8 4 Jason Myers
9 5 Tom Buzze
10 12 Mike Norman
11 18 Daniel Yates
12 25 Doug Jackson


Race Two Starting Lineup: 

Pos # Driver
1 4 Jason Myers
2 11 Trey Hutchens
3 77 Gary Putnam
4 14 Bobby Measmer Jr
5 1 Burt Myers
6 19 Brandon Ward
7 15 Jeremy Gerstner
8 83 Tim Brown
9 5 Tom Buzze
10 12 Mike Norman
11 18 Daniel Yates
12 25 Doug Jackson


Time Trial Results: 

1 83 Tim Brown 15.894
2 19 Brandon Ward 15.899
3 1 Burt Myers 15.927
4 15 Jeremy Gerstner 15.931
5 77 Gary Putnam 15.987
6 14 Bobby Measmer Jr 15.991
7 11 Trey Hutchens 16.063
8 4 Jason Myers 16.096
9 5 Tom Buzze 16.244
10 12 Mike Norman 16.480
11 18 Daniel Yates 16.835
12 25 Doug Jackson 16.848


Car Count: There are 12 SMRS Modifieds on hand tonight.


Entry List: 

Car # Driver
1 Burt Myers
4 Jason Myers
5 Tom Buzze
11 Trey Hutchens
12 Mike Norman
14 Bobby Measmer Jr
15 Jeremy Gerstner
18 Daniel Yates
19 Brandon Ward
25 Doug Jackson
77 Gary Putnam
83 Tim Brown


Qualifying Format: Single car qualifying, each car gets two laps.


Event Schedule: 

5:45 SMRS Qualifying – 2 Laps
6:10 On-Track Autograph Session
6:45 Start Clearing Track
6:50 Pole Award Presentation
6:55 Pre-Race Ceremonies
7:00 Racing Begins
40 Lap Chargers Main
50 Lap SMRS Main #1
40 Lap Sportsman Main
40 Lap Limited LM Main
50 Lap SMRS Main #2
15 Lap Mini Stock Main
10 Lap U-Car Main


Who to Watch For: Burt Myers swept both 50 lap mains back on July 21st, and also won the last time SMRS was here at Caraway. He has won three in a row, and is looking to make it four.


Title Fight: Jeremy Gerstner holds a seven point lead over Bobby Measmer Jr. coming into tonight. Brandon Ward is in third, 20 points back.


The Track: Caraway Speedway is a .455 mile abrasive track, with tight corners. Tire management is the key to success.


Weather: It’s a picture perfect day for racing in Sophia, NC. A high of 73 degrees and a low of 61. Zero chance of rain.


Next Series Race: Concord Speedway, September 16th


What Won the First Race: Tim Brown led all 50 laps. Jeremy Gerstner challenged for the lead early in the race but faded towards the end.


What Won the Second Race: On a late race restart, Burt Myers chose the high side on the front row with Jason Myers. B. Myers was able to clear himself to the lead off turn two and drove to the victory.


The Finish of Race One: 

Pos # Driver
1 83 Tim Brown
2 15 Jeremy Gerstner
3 19 Brandon Ward
4 1 Burt Myers
5 14 Bobby Measmer Jr
6 77 Gary Putnam
7 11 Trey Hutchens
8 4 Jason Myers
9 5 Tom Buzze
10 12 Mike Norman
11 18 Daniel Yates
12 25 Doug Jackson


The Finish of Race Two: 

Pos # Driver
1 1 Burt Myers
2 4 Jason Myers
3 83 Tim Brown
4 77 Gary Putnam
5 19 Brandon Ward
6 15 Jeremy Gerstner
7 11 Trey Hutchens
8 14 Bobby Measmer Jr
9 18 Daniel Yates
10 25 Doug Jackson
11 12 Mike Norman
12 5 Tom Buzze


The Skinny: In the first race, the story was all Tim Brown. He led flag-to-flag and drove into victory lane. In the second race, the top eight were inverted from the finish of race one. Burt Myers started fifth and had the lead within the first 15 laps. He was able to hang on to the lead for the rest of the race and picked up another win in the in the SMRS Modifieds.


Winning Quote: “We come to win and that’s what we’re going to try to do from here on out.” – Burt Myers


Winning Crew Chief:  Race One – Mark Rhumann, Race Two – Marty Edwards


Winning Chassis: Race One – Troyer Race Cars, Race Two – Fury Race Cars


Winning Engine: Race One – Raymac Racing Engines, Race Two – NASCAR Technical Institute


On the Move: After an invert of eight in the second race, Tim Brown started eighth and drove up to the third spot.


Biggest Loser: Bobby Measmer Jr. started fourth in the second race and fell back to eight.


Speed Central: Brown and Myers Reign Supreme in SMRS at Caraway