Southeast Limited Late Model Series at Greenville – 4/23/16

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Luke Sorrow































What Won the Race: In the Pro race Dylan Hall had a late charge to get the lead on lap 92 from Anthony Alfredo who dominated most of the event.  Alfredo ended up the winner after Hall was DQ’ed for a carburetor infraction.  Colby Howard won the 40-lap Challenger race over Anthony Miller. 


The Finish:

Pro Results 

1 5 Anthony Alfredo 100
2 29R Ryan Walker 100
3 16H Colby Howard 100
4 21R Emilee Riley 100
5 1A Blair Addis 100
6 74M Mitchell Mote 100
7 9S Luke Sorrow 100
8 77B Travis Byrd 99
9 44H Ron Hall 98
10 15J Omar Jurado 98
11 33 Andrew Cordell 27
12 46M Thad Mofitt 27
DQ 4H Dylan Hall 100


1 16 Colby Howard 40
2 56 Anthony Miller 40
3 29 Bob Root 40
4 33 Andrew Cordell 40
5 30 Adam Satterfield 40
6 46 Thad Moffitt 40
7 23 Shon Gibson 40
8 2 Amber Lynn 30

Challenger Race Results

The Skinny: Dylan Hall won the race, but was DQ’ed in the tech line.


Pre-Race Notebook:  At all Southeast Limited Late Model events there are two races. The first will be a 30-lap race for non-winners on old tires. Those drivers can then run the main event 100-lap race.  Anthony Alfredo has finishes of third and fourth this season in the first two races.  Dylan Hall is another former winner in the field today.  Chase Purdy won the race at Greenville in February, but is not here today. .  Luke Sorrow won both races for the series at Anderson Motor Speedway (SC) back in March.  Colby Howard was second in time trials and was the winner here in the local Limited race last week.  Former track champion Blair Addis is running tonight’s race and perhaps has the most experience of those in the field. For Omar Jurado tonight is his first time on an oval.  Travis Byrd comes to Greenville after winning double digest races at Hickory last season in the Limited.  Shefflon Clay hit the wall at the end of his first lap in time trials and is done for the day.  

Post-Race Notebook: Colby Howard won the 40-lap Challenger Limited Late Model race. 

CJ Lebare won the GPS 4cyl FWD race.

The vintage race went to Greg Porter.

TJ Lawless won the Super Stock race.

The final race of the night saw Anthony Anders win the truck feature.

Car Count: 20 Limited Late Models are on the grounds today.


Title Fight: This is the third races of the 2016 season for the Southeast Limited Late Models. Sorrow leads the points by four points over Alfredo.

1.   Luke Sorrow         194
2.   Anthony Alfredo    190
3.   Dylan Hall              184
4.   Andrew Cordell      174
5.   Colby Howard        164
      Shon Gibson          164

On the Move: Emilee Riley finished fifth after starting eighth.


Biggest Loser: Travis Byrd finished ninth after starting sixth.


Starting Line-Up: Pro Race Starting Lineup (Unofficial)

1 4H Dylan Hall
2 16H Colby Howard
3 5 Anthony Alfredo
4 1A Blair Addis
5 29R Ryan Walker
6 77B Travis Byrd
7 9S Luke Sorrow
8 21R Emilee Riley
9 74M Mitchell Mote
10 46M Thad Mofitt
11 44H Ron Hall
12 33 Andrew Cordell
13 15J Omar Jurado
14 15C Shefflon Clay
15 56 Anthony Miller
16 29 Bob Root
17 2 Amber Lynn
18 30 Adam Satterfield
19 23 Shon Gibson

Last-Chance Race Results: There will be no-last chance race today.


Heat Race Results: Heats will not be run today.


Qualifying Results: Dylan Hall set fast time for the Pro race with a 21.152 over Colby Howard. Anthony Alfredo, and Blair Addis.  

1 4H Dylan Hall 21.152
2 16H Colby Howard 21.181
3 5 Anthony Alfredo 21.227
4 1A Blair Addis 21.260
5 29R Ryan Walker 21.288
6 77B Travis Byrd 21.301
7 9S Luke Sorrow 21.309
8 21R Emilee Riley 21.368
9 74M Mitchell Mote 21.467
10 46M Thad Mofitt 21.531
11 44H Ron Hall 21.809
12 33 Andrew Cordell 21.860
13 15J Omar Jurado 22.138
14 15C Shefflon Clay 22.302

Challenger cars will lineup behind the Pro’s after this race if they opt to run both races. Colby Howard won the pole for the 30-lap Challenge Race.

1 16 Colby Howard 21.706
2 56 Anthony Miller 21.786
3 29 Bob Root 22.092
4 33 Andrew Cordell 22.170
5 2 Amber Lynn 22.326
6 30 Adam Satterfield 22.381
7 46 Thad Moffitt 22.521
8 23 Shon Gibson 22.666

Qualifying Events: Cars will get two laps on the clock after a dead lap.


Practice Results: Colby Howard led the first practice over Dylan Hall and Blair Addis. The second practice went to Hall over Howard and Luke Sorrow.


Event Schedule:

Pits 9am

Practice 1pm

Time Trials 5pm

Features 7pm

SELLM Challenger – 40 lap feature

GPS 4cyl FWD – 15 lap feature

Vintage cars – 30 lap feature

SELLM Pro – 100 lap feature Intermission

Super Stock – 30 lap feature

SEST – 60 lap feature


Who To Watch For: Chase Purdy won the race at Greenville in February.  Luke Sorrow won both races for the series at Anderson Motor Speedway (SC) back in March.  Sorrow also won the most recent race at Greenville. Dylan Hall won the big race at Myrtle Beach Speedway last fall.


Entry List: Limited Late Models 

2 Amber Lynn
2 Don Morgan
16 Colby Howard
21 Emilee Riley
23 Shon Gibson
30 Adam Satterfield
44 Ron Hall
46 Thad Moffitt
56 Anthony Miller
74 Mitchell Mote
77 Travis Byrd
92 Taylor Sorrow
15C Shelton Clay
1A Blair Addis
4 Dylan Hall
44B Brad Burns
5 Anthony Alfredo
9 Luke Sorrow
33 Andrew Cordell
15 Omar Jurado

The Track: Greenville is a flat half-mile track that has been open since 1940.  The track is rich in tradition as it’s hosted 29 NASCAR Sprint Cup races in the past.


Weather: Mostly sunny with temps in the lower 80’s.  When the sun goes down the temp will fall to the lower 70’s with some posable 60’s after 9pm.


Next Series Race: The series will return to Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) for another round on May 14th. There will be five other races leading up to the season finale at Myrtle Beach Speedway (SC) on November 10th.

Speed Central: Southeast Limited Late Models at Greenville