SEDMS at Golden Isles (GA) – Super Bowl Sunday 

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Nick Hoffman scores his third win in four races at Golden Isles. ( photo)

Nick Hoffman scores his third win in four races at Golden Isles. ( photo)

What Won the Race:

Hoffman got a great restart after the last caution with about eight laps complete and drove away from the rest of the field. After that he just had to be patient as he worked his way through lapped traffic. He got stuck behind Shon Flanary, but his lead was big enough that he was able to score the victory anyway.

The Finish:

Pos. No. Driver
1 20G Nick Hoffman
2 45 Nick Stroupe
3 X Chris Parker
4 101 Jesse Wisecarver
5 17X Rich Michael Jr.
6 91 Derrick Ramey
7 99W Chris Arnold
8 13 Jacob Hawkins
9 21 Taylor Cook
10 98 Shon Flanary
11 54 Larry Burkins
12 20G Michael Grantham
13 11G Michael Lloyd
14 12 David Hittle
15 67 Garrett Stewart

The Skinny: Nick Hoffman beat Nick Stroupe by 0.907 seconds to score his third win in four races at Golden Isles Speedway. Hoffman was almost untouchable on Sunday afternoon. In fact, the only driver that was ever close to Hoffman was Shon Flanary as he was able to keep Hoffman from lapping him.


While Hoffman may have scored three wins this week, that wasn’t good enough to claim him the Super Bowl of Racing SEDMS championship. That honor went to Rich Michael Jr. who finished fifth on Sunday.

Winning Quote: “We’ve had a little bit of bad blood in the past,” said Hoffman on the contact with Flanary.  “I was just trying to be careful. I hit the water in three and four and slid up into him with just a few to go. I had a big enough lead so I decided to just ride behind him instead of taking anymore chances.”



Sunday, February 7

Several teams have packed up on Super Bowl Sunday and have begun their travel home.  Among the big names that won’t take part in today’s racing action will be Kyle Stickler (won Friday’s race), David Stremme and Greg Brown.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will run its whole program to completion beginning at 12:30 p.m. ET. After that, the Southeast Dirt Modified Series will run two heat races, followed by the NeSmith Crate Late Model feature. At the conclusion of that feature, the SEDMS will run its 40-lap feature for full purse money. Every Modified here will transfer into the 40-lap A-Main.

Chris Arnold and Nick Stroupe will lead the first eight-lap heat race to the green flag today. Chris Arnold dominates the first heat race and holds off Nick Stroupe, Shon Flanary, and Derrick Ramey. 

Rich Michael Jr., will lead the second heat race of the day to the green flag. Jacob Hawkins was a late addition to the third heat race. He powered his way to the front of the field and then blew a tire. He’s now behind the wall as we ride under caution. Michael Jr. holds off Larry Burkins and Chris Parker in the final heat race.

Midget hot laps are up next followed by the feature for the NeSmith Crate Late Models. Then the 40-lap SEDMS feature.

Nick Hoffman took the lead early from Michael Jr. and never looked back. He claimed his third win in four races at Golden Isles Speedway on Sunday, beating Nick Stroupe to the checkered flag by just under one second.


Saturday, February 6

David Stremme is packing up his No. 35 Lethal Chassis Modified and is leaving Golden Isles Speedway. Stremme said he is leaving because in his opinion he said “The track is terrible.”

Qualifying is complete and it was Friday night’s winner Kyle Strickler setting fast time with a lap of 17.605 seconds. Chris Arnold, Patrick Lyon, Nick Hoffman, and Nick Stroupe rounded out the top five.

Kyle Strickler leads the first heat race to the green flag with Cody Parker outside. These are eight-lap races and the top-four drivers transfer to the A-Main. Hoffman and Strickler go door-to-door into turn three, make contact, and Strickler spins around to bring out the caution. Nick Hoffman wins the first heat race over Taylor Cook, Cody Parker, and Jesse Wisecarver. Strickler will go to the B-Main.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series went back out to run their two B-Mains after the first heat race for the Southeast Dirt Modified Series. The rain came at the conclusion of the second LOLMDS B-Main, so right now we are currently in a holding pattern at Golden Isles Speedway.


Car Count: 35 Modifieds were on hand Saturday, but several left overnight to travel back home.  We are effecting the information on how many cars are on site.


Title Fight: Kyle Stickler leads the points after last night’s victory at Golden Isles Speedway in Georgia.  That event was the first point-paying event of the year.  Both of Nick Hoffman’s victories (Wednesday and Saturday afternoon) were non-point events.  Sunday’s race will count toward the championship.


Winning Chassis: Elite

Winning Engine: PME Engines

Winning Shocks: Fox Shocks


Starting Line-Up:

Pos. No. Driver
1 17X Rich Michael Jr.
2 2 Nick Hoffman
3 99W Chris Arnold
4 21 Taylor Cook
5 45 Nick Stroupe
6 54 Larry Burkins
7 101 Jesse Wisecarver
8 98 Shon Flanary
9 X Chris Parker
10 67 Garrett Stewart
11 91 Derrick Ramey
12 13 Jacob Hawkins
13 12 David Hittle
14 11G Michael Lloyd
15 20G Michael Grantham

Heat Racing Line-ups/Results:

Heat Race Results:

Heat #1
Pos. No Driver
1 2 Nick Hoffman
2 21 Taylor Cook
3 42 Cody Parker
4 101 Jesse Wisecarver
5 8K Kyle Strickler
6 71D Dan Davies
7 67 Garrett Stewart
8 8H Austin Holcombe
9 12 David Hittle
10 M33 Eric Hickerson


Heat Race #2
Pos. No. Driver
1 99W Chris Arnold
2 45 Nick Stroupe
3 98 Shon Flanary
4 91 Derrick Ramey
5 11G Michael Lloyd
6 20G Michael Grantham


Heat Race #3
Pos. No. Driver
1 17X Rich Michael Jr.
2 54 Larry Burkins
3 X Chris Parker
4 13 Jacob Hawkins

Heat Race Starting Lineups

Pos. No Driver
1 8K Kyle Strickler
2 2 Nick Hoffman
3 101 Jesse Wisecarver
4 42 Cody Parker
5 71D Dan Davies
6 21 Taylor Cook
7 67 Garrett Stewart
8 8H Austin Holcombe
9 12 David Hittle
10 M33 Eric Hickerson


1 99W Chris Arnold
2 45 Nick Stroupe
3 11G Michael Lloyd
4 98 Shon Flanary
5 20G Michael Grantham
6 91 Derrick Ramey


1 17X Rich Michael Jr.
2 X Chris Parker
3 54 Larry Burkins


Qualifying Results:

Pos. No. Driver Time
1 8K Kyle Strickler 17.605
2 99w Chris Arnold 17.644
3 01 Patrick Lyon 17.653
4 2 Nick Hoffman 17.691
5 45 Nick Stroupe 17.754
6 17X Rich Michael Jr. 17.781
7 101 Jesse Wisecarver 17.795
8 90 Jason Beaulieu 17.799
9 1S Brian Shaw 17.844
10 42 Cody Parker 17.854
11 98 Shon Flanary 17.876
12 X Chris Parker 17.913
13 71D Dan Davies 17.918
14 35 David Stremme 17.953
15 13 Jacob Hawkins 17.973
16 21 Taylor Cook 18.071
17 11B Eric Bentley 18.075
18 M20 Mike Potosky 18.106
19 67 Garrett Stewart 18.21
20 11G Michael Lloyd 18.257
21 84 Ryan Toole 18.274
22 8H Austin Holcombe 18.319
23 91 Derrick Ramey 18.337
24 54 Larry Burkins 18.342
25 12 David Hittle 18.392
26 20G Michael Grantham 18.476
27 312 Greg Brown 18.608
28 M33 Eric Hickerson 18.799

Fast Qualifier: Kyle Strickler – 17.605 seconds (Saturday Racing Program)


Qualifying Events: The Southeast Dirt Modified Series will have a two-lap time-trial session to determine the heat race lineups.  The starting lineups will be determined by the results of the heat races. The four heat races are eight (8) laps long with the top four transferring to the 30-lap feature.  There will be two consolation races that are 10 laps each with the top three transferring to the feature.  Sunday’s feature event is a make-up from Saturday night’s washout and will pay $4,000 to the winner.


Who To Watch ForNick Hoffman has two wins this weekend at Golden Isles Speedway with one of those wins coming earlier today in the make-up race after Thursday’s rain-out. Kyle Strickler won on Friday night and finished second on Saturday afternoon to Hoffman. He also set fast-time in qualifying for Saturday’s racing card. Nick Stroupe and Chris Arnold have been fast all weekend long but just haven’t been able to top Hoffman or Strickler. The same can be said for Jesse Wisecarver who finished second on Friday night to Strickler. One surprise in qualifying was Patrick Lyon who put up the third fastest lap. Lyon crashed twice in Saturday afternoon’s race and hasn’t shown much speed all week.


Super Bowl of Racing (Golden Isles) Winners: 


Wednesday, February 3 ($1,500 to win) – Nick Hoffman

Thursday, February 4 ($2,000 to win) – Nick Hoffman (Run on Saturday afternoon)

Friday, February 5 ($3,000 to win) – Kyle Strickler

Saturday, February 6 ($4,000 to win) – Nick Hoffman


Green Flag: Golden Isles track officials began preparing the track at 10am Sunday morning.  The schedule is unknown at this point, but we know hot laps for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is slated for 12:30pm ET.


The Track: Golden Isles Speedway has made plenty of improvements over the course of the last two years.  Speedway management has made changes to the surface itself to try to improve the racing, as well as upgrades to the lighting and grandstands.  In fact, the grandstands are all new to Golden Isles Speedway as they have been transferred here from the Daytona International Speedway in Florida. Golden Isles’ racing surface is 80-90 feet wide all the way around, with six degrees of banking in the turns.


Weather: At 11:30am it is 46-degrees with partly sunny skies overhead.  The forecast calls for a high today of 56-degrees with a zero-percent chance of precipitation.


Next Series Race: The Southeast Dirt Modified Series takes more than a month break after the Super Bowl of Dirt.  The series will next visit County Line Raceway in Elm City, NC on Saturday, March 19th.


This Week’s Finishes

Saturday, February 6 (Run on Sunday, Feb. 7)

Pos. No. Driver
1 20G Nick Hoffman
2 45 Nick Stroupe
3 X Chris Parker
4 101 Jesse Wisecarver
5 17X Rich Michael Jr.
6 91 Derrick Ramey
7 99W Chris Arnold
8 13 Jacob Hawkins
9 21 Taylor Cook
10 98 Shon Flanary
11 54 Larry Burkins
12 20G Michael Grantham
13 11G Michael Lloyd
14 12 David Hittle
15 67 Garrett Stewart

Friday, February 5

Pos. No. Driver
1 8K Kyle Strickler
2 101 Jesse Wisecarver
3 17X Rich Michael Jr.
4 90 Jason Beaulieu
5 99w Chris Arnold
6 35 David Stremme
7 45 Nick Stroupe
8 21 Taylor Cook
9 42 Cody Parker
10 91 Derrick Ramey
11 96 Cory Daugherty
12 17T Tyler Evans
13 6 Ryan Ayers
14 71D Dan Davies
15 01 Patrick Lyon
16 2 Nick Hoffman
17 4Dice John Burdette
18 84 Ryan Toole
19 11B Eric Bentley
20 13 Jacob Hawkins
21 98 Shon Flanary
22 M20 Mike Potosky


Thursday, February 4 (Run on Saturday, February 6)

Pos. No. Driver
1 2 Nick Hoffman
2 8K Kyle Strickler
3 17X Rich Michael Jr.
4 45 Nick Stroupe
5 91 Derrick Ramey
6 21 Taylor Cook
7 42 Cody Parker
8 M20 Mike Potosky
9 1S Brian Shaw
10 8H Austin Holcombe
11 98 Shon Flanary
12 01 Patrick Lyon
13 71D Dan Davies
14 312 Greg Brown
15 99w Chris Arnold
16 X Chris Parker
17 101 Jesse Wisecarver
18 35 David Stremme
19 17T Tyler Evans
20 90 Jason Beaulieu
21 84 Ryan Toole
22 4Dice John Burdette

Wednesday, February 3

1) Nick Hoffman
2) Jason Beaulieu
3) Rich Michael, Jr.
4) Derrick Ramey
5) Jacob Hawkins
6) Jesse Wisecarver
7)  Chris Arnold
8) Cody Parker
9) Dan Davies
10) Garrett Stewart
11) Tyler Evans
12) Mike Potosky
13) Jordan Taylor
14) KC Burette
15) Eric Bentley
16) Kyle Strickler
17) Brian Shaw
18) Chris Parker
19) John Burette
20) Rick Culpepper
21) Garrett Lloyd
22) Ryan Toole



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Speed Central: SEDMS Super Bowl Sunday in GA