Victoria 200 – RoC Dirt Modified Series – Utica-Rome Speedway (NY) – 10/4/16

Last updated: October 5, 2016 at 21:13 pm
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Matt Sheppard picks up the $5,500 Victoria 200 check in Victory Lane. ( Photos)


























What Won the Race: Matt Sheppard took the lead for the final time on lap 27 and pulled away on a restart with 15 laps to go to win the Victoria 200.


The (Unofficial) Finish: 

1 9s Matt Sheppard
2 32c Vic Coffey
3 76 Bobby Varin
4 93 Danny Varin
5 33 Mike Mahaney
6 42p Pat Ward
7 14j Alan Johnson
8 35 Alan Barker
9 3j Marc Johnson
10 96 Jeff Corriveau
11 34p Shaun Pangman
12 84 Claude Hutchings, Jr.
13 3e Tim Schneider
14 37a Jack Miller
15 88 Dave Allen
16 8m Tim Mayne
17 51 Dave Moyer
18 22 Brandon Walters
19 33a Ryan Arbuthnot
20 91 Billy Decker
21 27s Steve Way
22 8r Rob Bellinger
23 63 Adam Roberts
24 16 Aaron Jacobs
25 55 Mario Clair
26 10 Jim Nagle


The Skinny: Vic Coffey had control of the lead early on before Matt Sheppard made a pass for the lead on lap 9. Coffey retook the lead on lap 19, only to give it back up to Sheppard in lapped traffic on lap 27. From there it was all Sheppard on his way to a $5,500 win.


Winning Quote: “There was a lot of bite out there, it was hammer down fast. It was a lot of fun racing with Vic out there. I can’t say enough about the night, the track and everybody who showed up here tonight.” – Matt Sheppard


Winning Crew Chief: Randy Kisacky


Winning Chassis: Bicknell


Winning Shocks: Integra


Winning Engine: CC Performance


On the Move: Claude Hutchings, Jr. started on the last row in 25th and charged to a 12th-place finish, a gain of 13 positions.


Biggest Loser: Rob Bellinger started 17th but retired early and finished 22nd, a loss of 15 positions.


Feature Notebook: 

-Four cautions slowed the pace of the 55-lap feature.

-Matt Sheppard kept his No. 9s primarily on the bottom of the race track, while Vic Coffey kept the No. 32c on the high side.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-The Victoria 200 was originally scheduled for May 22, but was postponed after qualifying due to rain. A make-up attempt on August 14 was also a victim of Mother Nature. With a much better forecast this time around, track and series officials are hopeful that the race will finally see its conclusion on Tuesday night.


-Qualifying for the 55-lap race has already been completed, but there will be a chance for new participants to make the field through a qualifying race tonight. Currently, 26 drivers are on the starting grid for the race.


-Larry Wight and Tim Fuller are among the drivers who have not returned for the third attempt at the Victoria 200. Unofficially, there are 10 new participants hoping to qualify into the show tonight.


-All 10 cars in the qualifying race will qualify to the main event.


Starting Lineup (Updated):

1 33m Mike Mahaney
2 32c Vic Coffey
3 9s Matt Sheppard
4 35 Alan Barker
5 93 Danny Varin
6 3j Marc Johnson
7 8r  Rob Bellinger
8 33a Ryan Arbuthnot
9 91 Billy Decker
10 42p Pat Ward
11 14j Alan Johnson
12 76 Bobby Varin
13 63 Adam Roberts
14 51 Dave Moyer
15 88 Dave Allen
16 8m Tim Mayne
17 96 Jeff Corriveau
18 34p Shaun Pangman
19 3e Tim Schneider
20 22 Brandon Walters
21 55 Mario Clair
22 27s Steve Way
23 37a Jack Miller
24 16 Aaron Jacobs
25 84 Claude Hutchings Jr.
26 10 Jim Nagle

Qualifying Race Results

1 96 Jeff Corriveau
2 34p Shaun Pangman
3 3e Tim Schneider
4 22 Brandon Walters
5 55 Mario Clair
6 27s Steve Way
7 37a Jack Miller
8 16 Aaron Jacobs
9 84 Claude Hutchings Jr.
10 10 Jim Nagle


Qualifying Race Lineups:

1 27s Steve Way
2 96 Jeff Corriveau
3 3e Tim Schneider
4 34p Shaun Pangman
5 22 Brandon Walters
6 37a Jack Miller
7 16 Aaron Jacobs
8 55 Mario Clair
9 84 Claude Hutchings Jr.
10 10 Jim Nagle


Hot Laps Results: 

1 42p Pat Ward 19.086
2 14j Alan Johnson 19.181
3 8m Tim Mayne 19.231
4 9s Matt Sheppard 19.350
5 8r Rob Bellinger 19.479
6 91 Billy Decker 19.502
7 76 Bobby Varin 19.534
8 96 Jeff Corriveau 19.705
9 22 Brandon Walters 19.761
10 63 Adam Roberts 19.785
11 55 Matt Hulsizer 19.866
12 33 Pat Ward 20.051
13 34p Shaun Pangman 20.104
14 37a Jack Miller 20.142
15 3j Marc Johnson 20.156
16 3e Tim Schneider 20.219
17 88 Dave Allen 20.343
18 84 Claude Hutchings Jr. 20.637
19 51 Dave Moyer 20.920
20 16 Aaron Jacobs 21.840
21 56 Dave Moyer No Time
22 35 Alan Barker No Time
23 93 Colten Wilson No Time


Car Count: 26 Dirt Modifieds originally qualified for the race. Seventeen of those cars have returned, while unofficially there are 10 additional competitors attempting to qualify for the race through a qualifying race. That gives us a field of 26 cars to start tonight’s 55-lap main event.


Qualifying Format: The first 26 spots on the grid were set back in May, but there will be a qualifying race for any drivers hoping to race their way into the Victoria 200.


Event Schedule: Racing gets underway at 7 p.m. ET. Joining the RoC Dirt Modifieds will be a 360 Sprint Car open race and Mod Lites.


Who to Watch For: Matt Sheppard will be the man to beat tonight as he looks to continue his impressive 2016 season. Sheppard has six wins at Utica-Rome this season including the RoC New Yorker 40 in September and a Super DIRTcar Series win in July.


Title Fight: Matt Sheppard leads Vic Coffey by 65 markers in the RoC Dirt Modified Series standings.


The Track: Utica-Rome Speedway is a semi-banked, half-mile oval located in Vernon, New York.


Weather: The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the lows 60s.


Next Series Race: This is the final scheduled event for the RoC Dirt Modifieds this season.


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