Pro All Stars Series North – Speedway 95 (ME) – 6/17/17

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Derek Griffith climbs out a winner at Speedway 95. ( photo)
























What Won the Race: Derek Griffith took the lead from Garrett Hall just after the halfway mark and pulled away late to win the Hight Chevrolet Buick GMC 150 at Speedway 95 (ME).


The Finish: 

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 7 Travis Benjamin
3 94 Garrett Hall
4 60 DJ Shaw
5 15 Mike Hopkins
6 77 Cassius Clark
7 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
8 7L Glen Luce
9 01 Andy Saunders
10 18 Bobby Seger
11 54 Johnny Clark
12 2 Chad Dow
13 4 Ben Rowe
14 32 Nick Jenkins
15 75 Gary Smith
16 26 Andrew McLaughlin
17 54x Ryan Deane
18 29 Trevor Sanborn


The Skinny: The first half of Sunday’s race featured a handful of lead changes with Travis Benjamin, Garrett Hall, Mike Hopkins and Cassius Clark all swapping the lead.  Derek Griffith joined that battle near they halfway mark before eventually taking over the lead from Garrett Hall on lap 78. The win is just the second PASS win of Griffith’s career.


Winning Quote: “I actually think it paid off a lot.  The whole atmosphere of this place, the mounds with the telephone poles in the middle and how rough it is, it’s just like Hudson Speedway.  I’m excited to knock one off here.” – Derek Griffith on winning at Speedway 95, a track very similar to his home track of Hudson (NH).


Winning Crew Chief: Louie Mechalides


Winning Chassis: Lefthander/Hanley


Winning Engine: 604 Crate


Winning Shocks: Penske


On the Move: Defending PASS champion DJ Shaw started 12th and charged to a fourth-place finish, a gain of eight positions.


Biggest Loser: Johnny Clark started from the fourth position, but faded to 11th at the finish, a loss of seven positions.


Feature Notebook:

-Austin Teras won the 20-lap Legends feature.

-Ben Tinker took the win in the PASS Modified feature after Andy Shaw drifted high in turn four coming to the white flag.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Cassius Clark is here today with the Hight Motorsports team. It is just his second race of the year with the team.

-Garrett Hall enters today’s race after winning last night’s Pro Series feature at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).

-Andrew McLaughlin, a stout competitor at Speedway 95, has entered today’s race in his Late Model transformed into a Super Late Model.

-Garrett Hall was fastest in the final round of practice.


Starting Lineup:

1 7 Travis Benjamin
2 15 Mike Hopkins
3 12G Derek Griffith
4 54 Johnny Clark
5 77 Cassius Clark
6 4 Ben Rowe
7 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
8 94 Garrett Hall
9 01 Andy Saunders
10 2 Chad Dow
11 7L Glen Luce
12 60 DJ Shaw
13 29 Trevor Sanborn
14 26 Andrew McLaughlin
15 18 Bobby Seger
16 32 Nick Jenkins
17 54x Ryan Deane
18 75 Gary Smith


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1 Unofficial Results

1 7 Travis Benjamin
2 12G Derek Griffith
3 54 Johnny Clark
4 4 Ben Rowe
5 60 DJ Shaw
6 01 Andy Saunders
7 29 Trevor Sanborn
8 18 Bobby Seger
9 54X Ryan Deane


Heat 2 Unofficial Results

1 15 Mike Hopkins
2 7L Glen Luce
3 77 Cassius Clark
4 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
5 94 Garrett Hall
6 2 Chad Dow
7 26 Andrew McLaughlin
8 32 Nick Jenkins
9 75 Gary Smith


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 12G Derek Griffith
2 4 Ben Rowe
3 54 Johnny Clark
4 7 Travis Benjamin
5 01 Andy Saunders
6 29 Trevor Sanborn
7 54X Ryan Deane
8 60 DJ Shaw
9 18 Bobby Seger


Heat 2

1 7L Glen Luce
2 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
3 15 Mike Hopkins
4 77 Cassius Clark
5 2 Chad Dow
6 26 Andrew McLaughlin
7 94 Garrett Hall
8 75 Gary Smith
9 32 Nick Jenkins


Car Count: 18 PASS North Super Late Models


Entry List: 

# Driver
01 Andy Saunders
2 Chad Dow
4 Ben Rowe
7 Travis Benjamin
7L Glen Luce
12G Derek Griffith
15 Mike Hopkins
18 Bobby Seger
23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
26 Andrew McLaughlin
29 Trevor Sanborn
32 Nick Jenkins
54 Johnny Clark
54x Ryan Deane
60 DJ Shaw
75 Gary Smith
77 Cassius Clark
94 Garrett Hall


Qualifying Format: There will be two qualifying heats to set the field for today’s 150-lap race. Any driver who has won a PASS North race this season may not start better than 11th.


Event Schedule: 

Heats Begin at 2 p.m. ET




Short Intermission

Legend Feature

PASS Mod Feature 

PASS 150


Who to Watch For: Garrett Hall enters today’s race fresh off a victory in the Pro Series at Beech Ridge last night. He’s also the defending winner of this race. Cassius Clark also returns to action today and is always a threat at Speedway 95.


Title Fight: With seven races in the books already this season, Glen Luce leads Ben Rowe by just 13 points in the standings. DJ Shaw sits just 17 points back in third.


The Track: Speedway 95 is 1/3-mile paved oval located in Hermon, ME.


Weather: Temperatures are in the high 60s with mostly cloudy skies above the race track.


Next Series Race: PASS heads to Lee USA Speedway next Friday, June 23.


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