Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North – Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) – 7/8/17

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Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. in PASS North victory lane at Beech Ridge. ( photo)



























What Won the Race: Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. took the lead from Ben Rowe on lap 105 and fended off a handful of efforts from both Mike Hopkins and Curtis Gerry to win the PASS 150 at Beech Ridge.


The Finish: 

1 97 Joey Polewarczyk
2 7G Curtis Gerry
3 15 Mike Hopkins
4 4 Ben Rowe
5 48 Bobby Timmons
6 4me Brad Babb
7 7L Glen Luce
8 7 Travis Benjamin
9 94 Garrett Hall
10 60 DJ Shaw
11 88 Brandon Barker
12 59 Reid Lanpher
13 12 Corey Bubar
14 72 Scott Robbins
15 11 Dalton Gagnon
16 12G Derek Griffith
17 54 Johnny Clark
18 51 John Peters
19 24 Mike Rowe
20 73M Adam Polvinen
21 16c Donnie Colpritt
22 63 John Salemi
23 90 Craig Weinstein
24 41 Tracy Gordon
25 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
26 73 Joey Doiron


The Skinny: Ben Rowe jumped out to the early lead after starting on the outside of the front row and led the first 104 laps.  Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. made a move by Rowe on a lap 105 restart and never relinquished the lead; however, the box score doesn’t tell the story.  “Joey Pole” had to fight off fierce challenges from both Mike Hopkins and Curtis Gerry over the final 50 laps to claim the win.


Winning Quote: “We’ve been through some rough races here recently and it feels good to get a win.” – Joey Polewarczyk, Jr, who has suffered two blown engines and two rear end failure in 2017.


Winning Crew Chief: Joe Polewarczyk, Sr.


Winning Chassis: Distance


Winning Shocks: Advanced


Winning Engine: Ilmor


On the Move: Curtis Gerry started 19th and charged to a runner-up finish, a gain of 17 spots.


Biggest Loser: Donnie Colpritt, Jr. started from the pole position and finished 21st after going off the track late, a loss of 20 positions.


Feature Notebook:

-Ryan Villacci won the 35-lap Sports Series feature.

-Andy Shaw took over the lead from Matty Sanborn on lap 5 and never looked back in the 40-lap PASS Modified race.

-Travis Lovejoy visited victory lane after the 30-lap Wildcat feature.


Pre-Feature Notebook: 

-Brad Babb is here with his Super Late Model tonight after spending much of this season competing in a 350 Supermodified at Star Speedway. He led the final round of PASS North practice.


-A handful of weekly warriors from both Beech Ridge and Oxford are here tonight.  Beech Ridge will be represented by Curtis Gerry, Reid Lanpher, Mike Rowe, Garrett Hall and Brandon Barker, while Oxford is represented by TJ Brackett and Scott Robbins.


-Craig Weinstein is driving the No. 90 car that DJ Shaw won last weekend’s PASS Open at Oxford with.


Starting Lineup:

1 16c Donnie Colpritt
2 4 Ben Rowe
3 24 Mike Rowe
4 88 Brandon Barker
5 97 Joey Polewarczyk
6 54 Johnny Clark
7 4me Brad Babb
8 94 Garrett Hall
9 48 Bobby Timmons
10 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
11 59 Reid Lanpher
12 73me Adam Polvinen
13 7L Glen Luce
14 15 Mike Hopkins
15 12 Corey Bubar
16 73 Joey Doiron
17 12G Derek Griffith
18 51 John Peters
19 7G Curtis Gerry
20 41 Tracy Gordon
21 90 Craig Weinstein
22 7 Travis Benjamin
23 63 John Salemi
24 11 Dalton Gagnon
25 60 DJ Shaw
26 61 TJ Brackett
27 72x Scott Robbins


Heat Race Results:

Heat 1 Unofficial Results

1 16c Donnie Colpritt
2 24 Mike Rowe
3 54 Johnny Clark
4 48 Bobby Timmons
5 7L Glen Luce
6 73 Joey Doiron
7 7G Curtis Gerry
8 7 Travis Benjamin
9 60 DJ Shaw


Heat 2 Unofficial Results

1 59 Reid Lanpher
2 88 Brandon Barker
3 4me Brad Babb
4 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
5 15 Mike Hopkins
6 12G Derek Griffith
7 41 Tracy Gordon
8 63 John Salemi
9 61 TJ Brackett


Heat 3 Unofficial Results

1 4 Ben Rowe
2 97 Joey Polewarczyk
3 94 Garrett Hall
4 73me Adam Polvinen
5 12 Corey Bubar
6 51 John Peters
7 90 Craig Weinstein
8 11 Dalton Gagnon
9 72 Scott Robbins


Heat Race Lineups:

Heat 1

1 16c Donnie Colpritt
2 24 Mike Rowe
3 54 Johnny Clark
4 73 Joey Doiron
5 48 Bobby Timmons
6 60 DJ Shaw
7 7G Curtis Gerry
8 7L Glen Luce
9 7 Travis Benjamin


Heat 2

1 88 Brandon Barker
2 59 Reid Lanpher
3 61 TJ Brackett
4 63 John Salemi
5 41 Tracy Gordon
6 23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
7 15 Mike Hopkins
8 4me Brad Babb
9 12G Derek Griffith


Heat 3

1 90 Craig Weinstein
2 72x Scott Robbins
3 4 Ben Rowe
4 12 Corey Bubar
5 73me Adam Polvinen
6 94 Garrett Hall
7 97 Joey Polewarczyk
8 51 John Peters


Car Count: 27 PASS North Super Late Models


Entry List: 

4 Ben Rowe
4me Brad Babb
7 Travis Benjamin
7G Curtis Gerry
7L Glen Luce
11 Dalton Gagnon
12 Corey Bubar
12G Derek Griffith
15 Mike Hopkins
16c Donnie Colpritt
23 Dave Farrington, Jr.
24 Mike Rowe
41 Tracy Gordon
48 Bobby Timmons
51 John Peters
54 Johnny Clark
59 Reid Lanpher
60 DJ Shaw
61 TJ Brackett
63 John Salemi
72 Scott Robbins
73 Joey Doiron
73m Adam Polvinen
88 Gary Drew
90 Craig Weinstein
94 Garrett Hall
97 Joey Polewarczyk


Qualifying Format: There will be three 15-lap qualifying heat races to set tonight’s field. Any driver who has won a PASS North race this year may not start better than 11th.


Event Schedule: Racing starts at 7 p.m. with qualifying heats for the PASS Modifieds, PASS North Super Late Models and Wildcats.  There will then be a Sports Series feature, PASS Modified feature and Wildcat feature before intermission. The PASS Super Late Model 150 will end the night.


Who to Watch For: We’ll give you one local and one touring driver to keep an eye on. First off, lets go with Joey Doiron to represent the touring drivers. Doiron won in his most recent PASS start at Oxford Plains (ME) and also has one Beech Ridge Pro Series win this season.  Picking a local driver is more difficult with both Reid Lanpher and Curtis Gerry having tremendous seasons thus far. We’re going to go with Gerry tonight as he seems to have a tad bit more momentum on his side after a win last week.


Title Fight: Glen Luce leads DJ Shaw by 12 points in the PASS North point standings.


The Track: Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is a 1/3-mile oval located in Scarborough, Maine.


Weather: Temperatures will drop just below 70s when the green flag flies later tonight. A brief shower hit the area earlier, but no further showers are expected this evening.


Next Series Race: The PASS North Super Late Models visit Star Speedway on Thursday, July 13.


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