PASS South SLM – Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) – 6/18/16

Final Update: 9:30 PM. Post-race video will appear later this weekend on the 51 Network


Notebook: The series raced Friday night at Anderson Motor Speedway (SC) with a controversial finish. Leader Dalton Sargeant went around after contact from Matt Craig on the last lap with series officials electing to penalize Craig for the contact. That handed the win to Roger Lee Newton…Jared Irvan was very happy to finish 2nd at Anderson and made the last-minute decision to make the trip up to Hickory…Timing and scoring went down early in practice and times were not made available…Kaylee Stukas crashed early in the first practice, knocking the decklid off. However, she was able to repair the damage quickly and completed the practice session. She’s driving a 2007 Howe chassis.


Title Fight: Kodie Conner entered the doubleheader Anderson-Hickory weekend with a ten point lead on Matt Craig and should expand his lead entering Hickory following a third place finish at Anderson compared to Craig’s 10th.


Qualifying Results: 

1 8 Tate Fogleman 14.783
2 57 Jeff Scofield 14.906
3 98 Jody Measamer 14.912
4 12 Trey Jarrell 14.918
5 55 Dalton Sargeant 14.933
6 54 Matt Craig 14.969
7 9 Chris Dilbeck 14.971
8 28 Jared Irvan 15.009
9 17 Tanner Berryhill 15.020
10 58 Tyler Ankrum 15.046
11 6 Brandon Setzer 15.063
12 33 Roger Lee Newton 15.108
13 45 Kodie Conner 15.130
14 5 Wes Burton 15.138
15 40 Tanner Gray 15.143
16 11 Will Martin 15.237
17 71 Jimmy Doyle 15.289
18 07 Tyler Scofield 15.334
19 7 Kaylee Stukas 15.920
20 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching 99.999

The top ten drivers redrew for starting position. Chris Dilbeck and Jared Irvan will lead the field to green while Fogleman starts 6th.


Event Schedule: Practice will run from 2:30 to 4:30. Qualifying is at 5 PM. An autograph session will be at 6 with the features beginning at 7. The feature order is the USAC Eastern Midgets, the Mid-Atlantic Limited Late Models, and then the PASS South Super Late Models.


Who To Watch For: Keep an eye on Dalton Sargeant and Matt Craig to see if any bad blood is left over from the Friday Night Fight at Anderson. Florida legend Jeff Scofield has never competed before at Hickory Motor Speedway but will be a dark horse for the victory. And CARS Tour interloper Brandon Setzer figures to be a contender at his home track.


Entry List:

6 Brandon Setzer
9 Chris Dilbeck
55 Dalton Sargeant
28 Jared Irvan
57 Jeff Scofield
71 Jimmy Doyle
98 Jody Measamer
7 Kaylee Stukas
45 Kodie Conner
54 Matt Craig
33 Roger Lee Newton
2 Sarah Cornett-Ching
17 Tanner Berryhill
40 Tanner Gray
8 Tate Fogleman
12 Trey Jarrell
58 Tyler Ankrum
07 Tyler Scofield
5 Wes Burton
11 Will Martin


The Track: Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. 0.363 miles, with three distinct racing grooves, Hickory is famous as the “Birthplace of NASCAR stars” and its abrasive surface encourages tire conservation.


Weather: Lower 80s with scattered clouds. No rain in the forecast or on the radar.


Next Series Race: July 30th at East Carolina Motor Speedway (NC).


What Won the Race: Chris Dilbeck qualified 7th, putting him in the redraw for the top ten positions. Dilbeck drew first and, with the exception of the first lap, led the rest of the way.


The Finish:

1 9 Chris Dilbeck 150
2 54 Matt Craig 150
3 55 Dalton Sargeant 150
4 12 Trey Jarrell 150
5 6 Brandon Setzer 150
6 57 Jeff Scofield 150
7 33 Roger Lee Newton 150
8 40 Tanner Gray 150
9 58 Tyler Ankrum 150
10 11 Will Martin 150
11 8F Tate Fogleman 150
12 98 Jody Measamer 150
13 28 Jared Irvan 150
14 7 Tyler Scofield 150
15 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching 149
16 45 Kodie Conner 149
17 5X Wes Burton 148
18 17 Tanner Berryhill 118
19 7 Kaylee Stukas 105
20 71 Jimmy Doyle 50

The Skinny: Jared Irvan got the jump on the start of the race on lap 1, but pole sitter Chris Dilbeck came back to P1 on the second lap and began to stretch out to a big lead. A number of cautions for minor spins bunched the field up for the first hundred laps, but neither Dalton Sargeant nor Trey Jarrell could get any closer than within a few carlengths of Dilbeck following a restart. A number of cars began to move up after lap 100 thanks to saving their tires, most notably hometown hero Brandon Setzer. Setzer stalled out though after reaching fifth position and Dilbeck never faded, giving the former Georgia Outlaw Late Model shoe his first career PASS South victory.

Winning Quote: “This is unreal. I can’t believe we just won at Hickory. I don’t get to race much, but when I do I just want to be competitive. The Sprint Cup guys were off this week, so this was my chance. This is my golf game. Simply unbelieveable.” – Chris Dilbeck

Winning Brakes: PFC


Winning Crew Chief: Chris Dilbeck


Winning Shocks:: RE Performance


On the Move: Brandon Setzer (+6)


Biggest Loser: Jared Irvan (-11)



Speed Central: PASS South Super LM at Hickory (NC)