PASS South – Concord Speedway (NC) – 5/25/18

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Matt Wallace climbs out of his winning Super Late Model following his first career PASS South victory ( photo).


















Feature Notebook:

Lap 1:  Peltier holds off a charging Matt Wallace to lead the way following the green flag.
Lap 5:  Burton slowly working his way up, under Conner for seventh.
Lap 10:  Frontrunners settle in to a single file formation for the moment.  Jones, Irvan, and Fultz round out the top five behind the aforementioned leaders.
Lap 13:  Top three begin to break away.  Burton dives below Craig to take sixth.  Fultz moves into fourth.
Lap 15:  Burton continues his run toward the front and moves into fifth, relegating Irvan back to sixth.
Lap 20:  Jones has begun to lose a few car lengths on the front two.  Wallace sticking right with Peltier for the top spot.
Lap 23:  A spirited battle taking place for the eighth position between Moore, Cooner, and Butcher.
Lap 24:  Lead change – Wallace scoots under Peltier heading into turn one and makes it stick going toward the dogleg.
Lap 29:  Wallace stretches his advantage out front.  Jones accelerates into second position, with Burton and Fultz catching Peltier.
Lap 33:  Jones currently less than a second behind Wallace.  Peltier, Burton, and Fultz run nose to tail for third.
Lap 37:  Irvan sliding back as Moore, Conner, Butcher, and Trotter all go by.
Lap 40:  First caution of the evening flies as Wes Burton slows on the speedway.
Lap 41:  Jones gets a good run on the outside lane and takes the top spot.  Burton tries to follow through, but Wallace is able to hold him for second.
Lap 45:  After a stellar restart, Craig is up to fourth position.
Lap 48:  Wallace slides under Jones in an attempt to retake the lead and makes it successful through turn three.
Lap 50:  Wallace leads Jones, Burton, Craig, Peltier, Fultz, Conner, Moore, Butcher, and Heim with 75 circuits remaining.
Lap 55:  Wallace has opened up a couple car lengths on Jones.  Burton in third only a car length behind.
Lap 60:  Top 10 run single file at the moment but are within four seconds of each other.
Lap 62:  Moore switches his line and takes seventh from Conner.
Lap 65:  Speeney pulls off the track and joins Wes Burton out of the race.
Lap 68:  Wallace has stretched his lead to more than a second as some of the other leaders have trouble lapping by Josiasse.
Lap 70:  Burton and Craig have gotten around Jones for second and third.  Fultz under Peltier for fifth.
Lap 72:  Peltier continues to backtrack as Moore and Conner find their way by.
Lap 75:  With 50 to go, Peltier loops his car out of turn four and the yellow flag flies.
Lap 76:  On this restart, Burton gets the advantage and Wallace slips high in turn two, losing second to Craig in the process.
Lap 79:  Moore has moved into the top five for the first time tonight.
Lap 82:  Irvan beginning to march toward the front after falling back earlier.  Up to eighth.
Lap 85:  Burton holds approximately a second advantage as Wallace and Craig battle for second.  Moore takes fourth from Fultz.
Lap 87:  Conner, Irvan, and Butcher freight train their way by Butcher for sixth, seventh, and eighth.
Lap 90:  Wallace running faster laps than Burton now that he has cleared Craig.
Lap 93:  Moore is not done yet as he pressures and then passes Craig for third.
Lap 97:  Wallace appears to be on a mission to catch Burton.  Lead has shrunk to about three-quarters of a second.
Lap 100:  With 50 to go, Burton begins to close in on slower traffic, but the field slows for another caution as Heim makes heavy contact with the right front coming out of the dogleg.  The right front catches fire, but Heim escaped from the car beforehand.  Red flag gets displayed for cleanup.
Lap 101:  Wallace ends up with a run on the outside this time, but Burton holds him off.  Further back Hayes ends up around and made some contact with the inside wall.
Lap 102:  Wallace gets the advantage on this restart and retakes the lead.
Lap 107:  Burton stays with Wallace, with Moore a few car lengths back in third.  Irvan has move up to fourth.
Lap 110:  Craig tries not to backslide with Conner, Fultz, and Butcher all on his heels.
Lap 112:  Burton peeks below Wallace for the lead.  Wallace battles back and keeps the top spot.  Meanwhile, Moore reels them both in.
Lap 115:  With 10 laps to go, Wallace continues to have to fight off challenges from Burton and Moore.
Lap 120:  Wallace and Burton run nose to tail.  Burton searching high and low.
Lap 122:  Burton nearly makes contact with Wallace in the corner and has to back and loses a little bit of ground.
Lap 125:  Matt Wallace holds off Harrison Burton and Ryan Moore for his first career Super Late Model touring series victory.

Pre-Feature Notebook:

  • Fifth in points, Tate Fogleman, is not on hand tonight because he is graduating high school tonight.
  • Local favorite from years past Lance Moss shook down the Mark Reedy owned entry yesterday, but mechanical issues sidelined them from returning.
  • Preston Peltier was fastest in final practice with a best time of 15.895 seconds and will be the first car to go out to qualify in the Roger Lee Newton owned Chevrolet.
  • Harrison Burton’s fast time was a new track record and is his first career pole award in the Pro All Stars Series.
  • A crew member for Peltier redraw the pole for tonight’s 125-lap race.  Peltier will fly to Colorado after tonight’s race to help out with a Modified team’s effort at Colorado National Speedway this weekend.  Lucas Jones, making his first PASS South start of 2018, will start alongside.


Starting Lineup:

1 Preston Peltier
2 Lucas Jones
3 Matt Wallace
4 Jeff Fultz
5 Jared Irvan
6 Kodie Conner
7 Matt Craig
8 Harrison Burton
9 Bronson Butcher
10 Ryan Moore
11 Corey Heim
12 Gracie Trotter
13 Joe Graf Jr.
14 Dustin Dunn
15 Roy Hayes III
16 Dan Speeney
17 J.P. Josiasse
18 Wes Burton



Time Trial Results: 

1 12 Harrison Burton 15.703
2 33 Preston Peltier 15.740
3 54 Matt Craig 15.745
4 28 Jared Irvan 15.762
5 6 Matt Wallace 15.763
6 54x Jeff Fultz 15.792
7 45 Kodie Conner 15.828
8 16 Lucas Jones 15.871
9 23 Bronson Butcher 15.875
10 74 Ryan Moore 15.925
11 78 Corey Heim 15.925
12 2 Gracie Trotter 16.062
13 12x Joe Graf Jr. 16.164
14 59 Dustin Dunn 16.226
15 15 Roy Hayes III 16.232
16 37 Dan Speeney 16.472
17 24 J.P. Josiasse 16.496


Car Count: There are 18 PASS Super Late Models in attendance tonight.


Entry List: 

2 Gracie Trotter
6 Matt Wallace
12 Harrison Burton
12x Joe Graf Jr.
13 Wes Burton
15 Roy Hayes III
16 Lucas Jones
23 Bronson Butcher
24 J.P. Josiasse
28 Jared Irvan
33 Preston Peltier
37 Dan Speeney
45 Kodie Conner
54 Matt Craig
54x Jeff Fultz
59 Dustin Dunn
74 Ryan Moore
78 Corey Heim


Qualifying Format:  Single-car time trials with the fastest 10 qualifiers redrawing for their starting position.


Event Schedule: 

1:30 – 4:25 – Practice
5:00 – Qualifying
7:00 – Old Glory 125 (following Challengers feature)


Who to Watch For:  2017 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East champion Harrison Burton makes a surprise appearance (his first PASS South start since 2014) here at Concord Speedway.  Ryan Moore is also a threat any time he shows up with the Super Late Model.  Veteran racer Jeff Fultz brings the Walker Motorsports SLM in which he won a CARS Tour race and finished top five in the Easter Bunny 150.  Matt WallaceJared Irvan, and Preston Peltier will also be ones to look out for, joining series regulars two-time defending champion Matt Craig and Kodie Conner.

Title Fight:  Matt Craig has picked up where he left off last season in defense of his title effort, with a feature win and lead J.P. Josiasse by 34 markers with Kodie Conner only two behind him.


The Track:  Concord Speedway started off as a dirt track but was paved in the late 1980s.  It now features a unique 1/2-mile tri-oval layout featuring dogleg coming out of turn two.


Weather:  The weather in Concord, North Carolina continues to be muggy with high temperatures in the low 80s but only a 30 percent chance of scattered storms.  Temperature will continue to hover around 80 degrees at the expected time of the green flag.


Next Series Race:  The PASS South Series gets a little time off before Saturday, July 21 for the Orange Blossom Special at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina; however, that race will be a Road to Oxford and Road to Richmond qualifier in which the top five finishers will earn guaranteed spots in either the Oxford 250 or the Inaugural Commonwealth Classic.


What Won the Race:  Matt Wallace used the outside lane and a late restart to hold off numerous challenges from Harrison Burton for his first career PASS South victory.


The Finish: 

1 6 Matt Wallace 125
2 12 Harrison Burton 125
3 74 Ryan Moore 125
4 28 Jared Irvan 125
5 54x Jeff Fultz 125
6 45 Kodie Conner 125
7 23 Bronson Butcher 125
8 16 Lucas Jones 125
9 59 Dustin Dunn 125
10 15 Roy Hayes III 125
11 2 Gracie Trotter 125
12 54 Matt Craig 124
13 12x Joe Graf Jr. 123
14 24 J.P. Josiasse 121
15 78 Corey Heim 99
16 33 Preston Peltier 84
17 37 Dan Speeney 61
18 13 Wes Burton 42


The Skinny: Matt Wallace was in command for a majority of the 125 green flag lap distance, but a couple restarts would appear to be his kryptonite as Harrison Burton muscled his way to the top spot.  Nevertheless, Wallace would not give up and took the advantage during the final restart of the race for the somewhat unexpected victory.


Winning Quote:  “It’s a huge honor.  Those guys are full time racers and I just do it when I can afford it.”


Winning Crew Chief: Robbie Hamke


Winning Chassis: Hamke Race Cars


Winning Engine: Hamner Racing with PME


On the Move:  Ryan Moore started 10th but steadily moved his way through the field to finish third.


Biggest Loser:  After starting from the pole Preston Peltier pulled behind the wall on lap 84 shortly after looping his car to bring out a yellow flag.


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