PASS South – South Boston Speedway (VA) – 8/13/16

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What Won the Race: Jeff Fultz got the lead after Preston Peltier had issues on a late-race start.  Fultz then held off Tate Fugleman for his first PASS South win.


The Finish: 

1. Jeff Fultz

2.Tate Fogleman

3. Dalton Sargeant

4. Jared Fryar

5. Jeremie Whorff

6. Joey Padgett

7. Dead McCaskill

8. Matt Craig

9. Hannah Newhouse

10. Ron Young

11. Preston Peltier

12. Spencer Davis

13. Chase Purdy

14. Tyler Ankrum

15. Trey Jarrell

16. Kodie Conner

17. John Michael Shenette

18. Blake Jones

19. Peyton Sellers

20. Vinnie Miller

21. Jimmy Doyle

22. Brandon Setzer

The Skinny: Jeff Fultz became the 50th different PASS South winner.

Winning Quote: “I feel like I had the lead like three times with a lap to go in a PASS event,” said Fultz.  “Now I can put this on on the shelf and I am a PASS South winner.”

Winning Crew Chief: Jeff Fultz 

Winning Chassis: LFR

Winning Shocks: Penske

Winning Engine: Hamner Racing Engines

On the Move: Jared Fryar started 20th and finished fourth.

Biggest Loser: Brandon Setzer started 11th and finished 22nd.

Feature Notebook: 

Jeff Fultz won tonight’s PASS 150 at SoBo. Felt took the lead after Preston Peltier didn’t come up to speed and he took advantage and got the lead. With the win Fultz becomes the 50th different winner in the PASS South Series.

A big wreck with 25 laps remaining took out several drivers.  Peltier had a battery problem so we heard from the track and that helped trigger the wreck as drivers behind got impatient.

Matt Craig rebounded to finish eighth and added to his PASS South point lead.

Matt Bowling swept the Late Model Stock events.

Pre-Feature Notebook:  Tate Fogleman and Vinnie Miller led the practice rounds here on Friday at South Boston. Preston Peltier is the only former winners at SoBo in the field today.  Only one driver, Ross Kenseth has won here more then once. He is not in the lineup today. 

In practice Peyton Sellers had smoke pouring out of the back of his 99. He went to the pits without a yellow flag. He would return for practice two.

Of the information we have Tate Fogleman led the first practice over Spencer Davis.  Some crafty veterans have made the trip for this race, they include Jeff Fultz, Jeff Scofield and former Oxford 250 winner Jeramie Whorff.  Sellers is not the only Late Model Stock guy making a change today as Deac McCaskill is here running for Coulter Motorsports looking to get a win at SoBo. 

Matt Craig led the second practice over Spencer Davis and Dalton Sergeant.

In Late Model Stock action Josh Oakley led practice one and Matt Bowling led the second practice.

Preston Peltier sets fas time for the feature event for tonight.  The top 10 will redraw for starting spots.


Time Trial Results: 

1 33 Preston Peltier 15.607
2 8 Tate Fogleman 15.618
3 2 Deac McCaskill 15.639
4 54 Matt Craig 15.688
5 19 Jeff Fultz 15.724
6 29 Spencer Davis 15.754
7 58 Tyler Ankrum 15.758
8 99 Peyton Sellers 15.772
9 45 Kodie Conner 15.777
10 55 Dalton Sargeant 15.780
11 6 Brandon Setzer 15.813
12 97 Chase Purdy 15.852
13 96 Blake Jones 15.890
14 98 Hannah Newhouse 15.890
15 15 Ron Young 15.900
16 83 Joey Padgett 15.908
17 12 Trey Jarrell 15.949
18 71 Jimmy Doyle 15.987
19 4 Jeramie Whorff 15.993
20 116 Jared Fryar 16.025
21 16 Vinnie Miller 16.045
22 82 John Michael Shenette 16.145
23 57 Jeff Scofield No time

Car Count: 23 Super Late Models are on the grounds.


Entry List: 

2 Deac McCaskill
4 Jeramie Whorff
6 Brandon Setzer
8 Tate Fogleman
12 Trey Jarrell
15 Ron Young
16 Vinnie Miller
19 Jeff Fultz
29 Spencer Davis
33 Preston Peltier
45 Kodie Conner
54 Matt Craig
55 Dalton Sargeant
57 Jeff Scofield
58 Tyler Ankrum
71 Jimmy Doyle
82 John Michael Shenette
83 Joey Padgett
96 Blake Jones
97 Chase Purdy
98 Hannah Newhouse
99 Peyton Sellers
116 Jared Fryar


Qualifying Format: The PASS South Super Late Models will qualify by time trials today.


Event Schedule: 

1:15pm – PASS South Tech

2:00pm – 2:30pm – PASS South Practice

2:30pm – 3:00pm – NASCAR Late Model Practice

3:00pm – 3:30pm – PASS South Final Practice

3:30pm – 4:00pm – NASCAR Late Model Final Practice

4:15pm – Drivers Meeting

5:00pm – Time Trials – Late Models (Euro) – PASS South (2 laps)

6:00pm Fan Appreciation

7:00pm – Racing Starts

Late Model Stock Cars Race One 75-laps

PASS South 150 Laps

Late Model Stock Cars Race Two 75-laps

Who to Watch For: Dalton Sergeant won the pole for the spring race before the event was washed out.  Chase Purdy is running for the TRD team for the first time this weekend. He’s won nearly a dozen Late Model Stock races already this season. Former track champion Peyton Sellers will be running all three races today.  Brandon Setzer is always one you have to contend with around the southeast tracks.


Title Fight: Matt Craig leads Kodie Conner by four points heading into South Boston.  Craig has a win this season, but Conner has more top five finishes.


The Track: South Boston Speedway is a semi-banked 4/10th’s of a mile oval that first opened in 1957.  


Weather: Warm, but dry. We have highs in the 90’s today in at South Boston Speedway.


Next Series Race: The series will be back in action on Saturday, September 24th at Hickory Motor Speedway.  This will be the next to the last race of the 2016 season. The streak of first time champions will continue with 11 this year as the title will likley go to Matt Craig or Kodie Conner


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